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Garnet Valley School District Student Assistance

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1 Garnet Valley School District Student Assistance

2 What is Student Assistance?
The Pennsylvania Student Assistance Program ( SAP) is an evidence-based process to provide prevention, intervention, and support services for students experiencing barriers to being successful in school. 29 year history of success across Pennsylvania Meant to be prevention for all, support for more vulnerable, intervention and additional support for those at highest risk. Builds on strengths within the student and family while lowering risks and overcoming barriers

3 Which students and families can receive services from SAP?
All students can receive services from SAP regardless of current services Students can be referred from many sources – school staff, parents, other students, and community members Administrative teams on the elementary level prescreen referrals Parents/guardians decide if they wish to accept SAP services

4 Student Assistance is……
Confidential Concerned with eliminating barriers to school success Evidence Based Supported by Pennsylvania’s Department of Education Creative A team process Supporting all students and families Systematic, student centered, caring

5 Student Assistance is not….
Emergency service Replacement for Special Education, 504 plan, or IST. (SAP works with all support services) Time limited, with parent/guardian permission SAP support can continue through school building transitions

6 Elementary SAP Completes the Continuum of SAP Services in Garnet Valley Elementary Student Assistance Bethel Springs Elementary SAP Team Garnet Valley Elementary SAP Team Middle School Student Assistance Middle School SAP Team High School Student Assistance 9th and 10th SAP Team 11th and 12th SAP Team

7 GVES eSAP Team

8 “Students who are hungry, sick, troubled, or depressed cannot function well in the classroom, no matter how good the school.” Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development

9 Who is our Student Assistance Team at GVES?
We have a trained SAP core team whose members are: Allegra Deeney Carla D’Olio Carolyn Falcone Sheila Frederick Caitlin Jones Cathy Mink Kristin Smeins Lin Wesolowski Additional SAP Committee members are: Mandi Barimani Liza Boyd Chris Iacovelli Jason Kotch Terry Steger

10 What we’ve done so far: Attended three day PDE certified Student Assistance Training presented by Holcomb Behavioral Health Completed individual on site competency assignments as part of SAP training Met as a team to apply what we learned including assessing needs and resources. Meeting monthly to establish program procedures and processes to build sustainability. Added eSAP information to the website under “Student Support Services”

11 Some possible reasons to refer a student to SAP
A change in a student’s behavior that is concerning Such as…unexpected emotions, appearance, grades, attendance, tardiness, talk or actions indicating risky behavior A concerning behavior that continues despite student support services Such as….bully/victim problems, problems with peer interactions, emotional management, changes and/or losses in a student’s life

12 Student One Externalizing Behaviors

13 Fourth Grade Male Student
Exhibiting behaviors that are impeding his educational performance Strengths-good math skills, grasps concepts with ease, has a sense of humor, and critical thinking and problem solving when he applies himself. Needs- homework completion, keeping hands and feet to himself, following directions, the need to be respectful and cooperative, and organizational skills.

14 Fourth Grade Male Student
Teachers report: misses instruction due to his behavior, he consistently distracts everyone around him, he invades others’ personal space, and has difficulty staying seated and being cooperative. History: Attended five different schools prior to current placement, and suspended at least once in all schools. Academics: range from below to on level. Interventions: Instructional Support Team, one on one paraprofessional on a trial basis.

15 Student Two Internalizing Behaviors

16 Fifth Grade Male Student
Inconsistent academics, emotional concerns, motivation, and reading comprehension difficulties Strengths-gets along with peers, easy going, reading decoding. Needs-motivation, self-esteem, reading comprehension.

17 Fifth Grade Male Student
Teacher Reports: Doing poorly in most areas due to emotional issues, lethargic, does not appear interested, has emotional breakdowns (crying, pulling his hair, hitting himself), will fall asleep in school sometimes, does not look forward to anything or proclaim any interests. Academics: grades range from Below Basic to Proficient. Class Assessments are below grade level. History: No developmental issues, no known trauma Parent Input: He is lonely and has no friends. He was more carefree in the younger grades, but as the grades progressed, he became more stressed. Interventions: Instructional Support Team, work with Reading Specialist, extra conference time with teachers, social skills group

18 Student Three Not that simple…

19 5th Grade Female Student
Grades are inconsistent, student skips portions of assessments, refusal to complete written work.  Grades have also declined due to loss of instructional time. Strengths: Well liked by peers, can communicate well with adults, talented athlete Needs: Following adult directions, being respectful to adults and peers, completing tasks, appears non responsive to disciplinary action.

20 5th Grade Female Student
Teachers report: She consistently distracts everyone around her, she can be verbally and physically aggressive to others, has difficulty being cooperative when working in groups. History: New to Garnet Valley, parents divorced. Academics: range from below to on level, difficulty with writing tasks Interventions: Instructional Support Team, behavior modification charts, check ins with counselor

21 How To Refer a Student to our SAP
Teachers and GVES Staff: Referral forms can be found in guidance office Community: Call Guidance Counselor or Administrator Completed forms should be placed in an envelope addressed to SAP Team, and given to an administrator, guidance counselor, or IST. We are currently working on electronic submission options Talk about how to handle confidentially. Talk about what not to do.

22 Then what happens? The teacher or community member refers student.
PPS Team reviews the Initial Referral paperwork. If SAP is deemed appropriate, SAP confidentially collects relevant data from staff, the student, school records. Parents are contacted and asked to be involved in the SAP process. If they approve, the SAP uses a problem-solving process to determine what actions should be taken. Interventions and recommendations are made and can include a SAP assessment by the SAP Coordinator which provides referrals for in school and community resources. The SAP monitors the student’s progress. Confidentiality is the cornerstone of SAP.

23 eSAP GVSD Stop Follow up and Support continue for the School Year
SAP Referral form is completed by a teacher, student, parent/guardian, GVSD staff, or community member and submitted to administration for prescreen to determine best pupil support service for each referral If SAP is the best pupil support service, the referral is presented at SAP meeting and the SAP Case Manager is assigned to begin gathering objective information through BAFs Thank yous and BAFs sent by Case Manager/BAF xls is completed **Two outcomes are possible pending parent/guardian consent Data is reviewed SAP Team decides to accept case and decides on a plan of action 3. The parent/guardian refuses help at this time Data from the BAFS is reviewed (student’s teacher may present concerns and receive suggestions from the SAP Team) SAP team makes the decision to accept the case SAP team decides if an assessment or other plan of action will be pursued Parent is contacted and written permission is obtained for Assessment and/or group and/or mentoring Stop eSAP Student Support Groups , mentors, check ins with Case Managers are also options Assessment is conducted by SAP Coordinator and/or GVSD Follow up and Support continue for the School Year



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