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By Pioneer Biomedical. HP &Philips GE Other monitor equipment.

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1 By Pioneer Biomedical

2 HP &Philips

3 GE

4 Other monitor equipment

5 Introduction Thank you KAMI for letting us host your meeting! Mike Corum Dan Chapman Brendan Healy

6 Dedicate website for Anesthetic Gas Monitoring,

7 M1026A support

8 M1026A & M1026B


10 Inside look

11 M1026A Insides



14 Flow Diagram

15 Major Problems

16 Problem Hierarchy

17 Unit without errors

18 Common Problem #1

19 Agent ID replacement

20 Common Problem # 2

21 Common Problem # 3

22 Other IR Bench errors Measurement Optic Path shows failure and Main board failure Noisy Baseline on CO 2, N 2 O, or Agent Gas Analyzer Equipment Malfunction or communication problem

23 Replacing the IR Bench

24 Transferring Data

25 Check out procedure 1 Perform Mechanical/Visual Checks 2 Check Error Contents 3 Check System Ventilator Fan Operation 4 Perform Pump Test 5 Replace Internal Nafion Tubing 6 Replace Manifold Seals 7 Replace Room Air Filter 8 Replace Pump Filter 9 Pump Hours: 10 Check Pneumatic System Leakage 11 Check/Calibrate Pneumatic System Flow rates and set (150 and 310 ml/min) 12 Perform Zero Calibration 13 Perform Barometric Pressure Check/Calibration 14 Perform another Zero Calibration 15 Perform Span Calibration Check on all gas channels and agents 16 Repeat Zero Calibration, check displayed values 17 Perform Electrical Safety Check

26 Quality assurance- what customers get from us

27 Checking Nafion Tubing

28 Leak Check

29 Checking flows Need: Flow meter Tubing

30 Adjusting flows Normal Flow AdjustmentPurge Flow Adjustment

31 Barometric Pressure Check

32 SPAN calibration of all gases

33 GE

34 Other monitor equipment

35 HP &Philips

36 Conclusion For parts, tech help, PM kits, Pioneer Biomedical Air Liquide, , x1235, for combined M1026A & M1026B cal gas Part # 47068SR 3% isoflurane, 5% C0 2, 40% Nitrous Oxide, Bal O 2 works for both M1026A and M1026B

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