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System Evaluation Government RFP Document RFP Selection Process Performance Contracting.

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2 System Evaluation Government RFP Document RFP Selection Process Performance Contracting

3 Not well understood by decision makers Vast differences in delivery across country Very few agree upon best practice No excepted national standards What is EMS (fire department or ambulance agency)

4 Tribal warfare (pvt. vs. fire vs. 3 rd vs. Hosp) Complex and conflicting arguments Fire Service Model Changes Changes to healthcare Economy


6 Required by Regulation Fail to Perform Too Expensive Politics No Longer Trust Provider

7 Can you be trusted with Our citizens? Have you had Issues with your personnel? In our way of working, we attach a great deal of importance to humility and honesty; With respect for human values, we promise to serve our customers with integrity. Azim Premji Write one thing you can do to build trust with your stakeholders

8 10 year contract (working hard last year) Plan an annual review of RFP You are as good as your last encounter Well we did 8 of the 10 right Every client you keep, is one less that you need to find. Nigel Sanders Write one good thing you did, that you no longer do and ask why?

9 Underestimate competition Bad math skills (number of votes) Assume you know what the client wants Dont try to tell the customer what he wants. If you want to be smart, be smart in the shower. Then get out, go to work and serve the customer! Gene Buckley, President Sikorsky Aircraft Write one thing that make you better than the competition

10 Relying on yesterday to carry the day Good enough isnt Excellent firms dont believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change. Tom Peters Why should you be allowed to continue providing the services you do?

11 Its the little things that matter RFP submission errors The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing. John Russell, President, Harley Davidson How do you get accurate feed back?

12 Scales of Economy Too Big to Fail Management constantly changing In the end, the customer doesnt know, or care, if you are small or large as an organization. She or he only focuses on the garment hanging on the rail in the store. Giorgio Armani List something you do that give that personal touch.

13 Value in the Eyes of the stakeholder/patient Not a price issue Customers today want the very most and the very best for the very least amount of money, and on the best terms. Only the individuals and companies that provide absolutely excellent products and services at absolutely excellent prices will survive. Brian Tracy How do you determine if you provide a good value?

14 We are the Experts No need for Service Recovery Take our Toys and go home Customers dont expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong. Donald Porter, V.P. British Airways What is your process if something goes wrong?

15 We always find money for the things we feel are important NO HEADLINES High stakes contracts (multi-millions/year) Invisible is the best (it just happens) Can I get something better? Big government not popular today

16 Obsolescence is the state of being which occurs when an object, service or practice is no longer wanted even though it may still be in good working order. Obsolescence frequently occurs because a replacement has become available that is superior in one or more aspects.

17 If patients receive care from other providers within 90 days of a hospital stay, a hospital could get a lower scoreand subsequent lower paymentbased on care they did not provide or even know about. Hospitals thus risk receiving punitive payments that do not accurately reflect the quality of care they provided based on factors beyond their control. (Pay for Performance)

18 Stay Engaged like its the first day Dont ASSUME you cant be replaced Longevity is not a strategy Know your political standing Your successful past will block your visions of the future.

19 Yes you must prove value Read the RFP Respond Like a 3 rd grader Transparency Dont get greedy


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