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WTF IR-Coach Joint Training Camp for London 2012 Olympic Games June 11, 2012 WTF Sport Department.

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1 WTF IR-Coach Joint Training Camp for London 2012 Olympic Games June 11, 2012 WTF Sport Department

2 Taekwondo competitions Dates: August 8-11, 2012 (four day competition) Venue: ExCel London (6 other sports in ExCel are boxing, fencing, judo, table tennis, weightlifting and wrestling) Rules: WTF Competition Rules, Standing Procedure for Olympic Games and the IOC Olympic Charter 2

3 Entry (LOCOG) Entry submitted from NOC directly to LOCOG Minimum requirements All athletes who have not qualified through any of qualification tournaments must meet at least any of following requirements in order to compete at the London 2012 Olympic Games: - Medal winners (1st or 2nd or 3rd places) at any of the competitions enlisted on the WTF event calendar on between May 2010 and April The athletes ranked within 20th place at least once in the WTF World Ranking on between May 2010 and April The athletes who advanced to round of 16 or higher at either WTF World Taekwondo Championships ( 2011) or World Taekwondo Qualification Tournament - The athletes who advanced to quarter-finals or higher at either Continental Taekwondo Championships held on between May 2010 and April 2012 or Continental Taekwondo Qualification Tournament - Winner of national taekwondo championships held on between May 2010 and April 2012 Deadline: July 9, 2012 Late replacement (see next page) 3

4 Late Replacement Where urgent medical problems arise, or in other exceptional circumstances that are assessed on a case-by-case basis, the IOC may permit the permanent replacement of one athlete by another only in the same weight division after consultation with the relevant IF and, when deemed necessary by the IOC, an IOC medical expert. The replacement of athletes after 9 July 2012 is possible providing: - No doping offence - The NOC of the replacement athlete had applied for accreditation Please see Team Leaders Guide provided by LOCOG for details on follow-up procedures As a general rule, it is possible to make athlete replacements only up to the time of the Technical Meeting. 4

5 Key dates 9 July 2012Sport entries final deadline (GMT +1) 16 July 2012 Olympic Village official opening Start of official training at Langdon School (09:00) 27 July 2012 (Day 0)Olympic Games Opening Ceremony 6 August 2012 (Day 10) Training moves to ExCeL from Langdon School Taekwondo Team Leaders Meeting (14:00) Competition draw 8 August 2012 (Day 12)Start of Taekwondo competition 11 August (Day 15)End of Taekwondo competition 12 August 2012 (Day 16)Olympic Games Closing Ceremony 15 August 2012Olympic Village closes 5

6 Bib Number Each contestant will be assigned a unique bib number. Upon arrival to London, each Team Leader must submit their athletes competition dobok(s) to the Taekwondo desk at the Sport Information Centre (SIC) in the Olympic Village. Team Leaders/Athletes will receive a ticket that they must present in order to collect their dobok at ExCeL. Athlete bibs will be attached and the dobok will be available for collection on the day of competition in the warm-up area. For more information: Mr. Andrew Link, Competition Manager 6

7 Team Leaders Meeting The Team Leader Meeting and Draw will take place in the Draw Space at ExCeL at on 6 August 2012 at 14:00. One representative from each NOC must attend this meeting, attendance is limited to two members per NOC: the Team Leader and head coach are advised to attend. The meeting will incorporate the Taekwondo technical meeting and the drawing of lots. 7

8 Seeding / drawing 50% seeding principle World Ranking and Olympic Ranking; yearly deduction principles Host country seeding (4 th place or above) Seeding based on Olympic Ranking July 1, 2012 version Final list of the seeded athletes to be confirmed after closing of entry (July 9) In case of non-participation of the seeded athletes (subject to change until 2 hours before Team Leaders Meeting) Drawing of lots: random draw for rest of athletes 8

9 Weigh-In The weigh-ins for the Taekwondo competition will be conducted at ExCel in the changing areas of the Taekwondo Training Hall the day before each medal event, as per the timetable below, from 11:00 to 13:00. A set of calibrated test scales will be available from 09:00 to 11:00. Date Test ScalesOfficial Weigh-in Categories 7 August :00 to 11:0011:00 to 13:00 Male: Under 58kg; Female: Under 49kg 8 August :00 to 11:0011:00 to 13:00 Male: Under 68kg; Female: Under 57kg 9 August :00 to 11:0011:00 to 13:00 Male: Under 80kg; Female: Under 67kg 10 August :00 to 11:0011:00 to 13:00 Male: Over 80kg; Female: Over 67kg 9

10 Pre-Competition Procedures Athletes will be called to warm up to contest by the following procedure, athletes must show their accreditation cards to verify their identity and get equipment issued. Athletes are allowed to be accompanied onto the FOP by a 1 coach and 1 doctor/medic only. Where the NOC does not have a medic and would like one to be in attendance fro the athlete this can be provided by LOCOG if the NOC requests at least 30 minutes in advance of the contest. No second coach will be allowed onto the Field of Play. 10

11 Call to Contest Time before start of matchLocationAction 30 minutesWarm-up areaContestants first call: The athlete and attending staff members, including the coach and te am medical attendants, must be in the warm-up area at least 30 min utes before the scheduled start time of their match. The athlete will be identified by an attending staff member. 10 minutesCall RoomEquipment issue: Ten minutes before the match start time, the athlete will be escorted to the Call Room. Once in the Call Room, the athlete will be issued b y LOCOG with PSS, a headguard and socks (on first attendance). As equipment is issuedCall RoomNTO inspection: An attending NTO will supervise the issuing and inspection of all athl ete equipment and ensure it complies with IOC rules. 8 minutesCall RoomITO inspection: An ITO will conduct the official athlete inspection. Coaches will not be permitted to take radios or mobile devises onto t he Field of Play. 5 minutesCall Room, registration areaPSS registration: Once the athlete has been inspected, the PSS equipment will be regi stered and tested before the athlete is called to the field of play. Designated match timeCall Room/ field of play Call to field of play 11

12 Call to Contest Athletes / Coaches must not carry the following items to the field of play Extra sensing socks other than the one provided by LOCOG for official use at the Olympic Games Communication devices (mobile phones, radios, etc) Any devices that may be harmful to anyone or competition management The items will be inspected by ITO and the prohibited items will be kept by the ITO during the match. If those items are found during the match in the field of play, the pertinent athlete may be penalized by the referee. 12

13 Competition system Olympic Games taekwondo classified as G-10 Single elimination + repechage 2 bronze medals: no repechage final to decide one 3 rd place Ranking classification rules - 1 st place (Gold medalist): winner of the final contest - 2 nd place (Silver medalist): loser of the final contest - 3 rd place (Bronze medalists): winners of the finals of repechage (bronze medal contest) - 5 th place: losers to the bronze medalists at the repechage final (bronze medal contest) - 7 th place: losers to the 5 th placed contestant at the repechage - 9 th place: quarterfinalists who fail to advance either to semi-finals or repechage - 11 th place: contestants who lost at the preliminary phase and fail to advance to repechage - Next position after 11 th places athletes: Contestants who have not passed weigh-in or have been disqualified from the tournament. 13

14 14

15 Competition schedule Taekwondo competition schedule (3 sessions per day) 15 minutes per match; each match begins on time; broadcasting schedule very strict and important 15

16 Aug 8: Womens -49kg, Mens -58kg Aug 9: Womens -57kg, Mens -68kg Aug 10: Womens -67kg, Mens -80kg Aug 11: Womens +67kg, Mens +80kg TK01 09:00 – 13:00 Womens division: preliminary round, contests 1–8 Mens division: preliminary round, contests 1–8 TK02 15:00 – 18:00 15:00 – 17:00 Womens division: quarter-finals, contests 1–4 Mens division: quarter-finals, contests 1–4 17:00 – 18:00 Womens division: semi-finals, contests 1 and 2 Mens division: semi-finals, contests 1 and 2 TK03 20:00 – 23:15 20:00 – 21:00 Womens division: repechage contests 1 and 2 Mens division: repechage contests 1 and 2 21:00 – 22:00 Womens division: bronze medal contests 1 and 2 Mens division: bronze medal contests 1 and 2 22:15 – 22:30Womens division: gold medal contest 22:30 – 22:45Mens division: gold medal contest 22:50Womens division: victory ceremony 23:05Mens division: victory ceremony Competition schedule 16

17 Guidelines on uniforms Rule 50 and its Bylaw (Olympic Charter effective as of 8 July 2011): Manufacturers identification Victory ceremony uniform protocol: new IOC guideline (NOC tracksuit instead of taekwondo uniform) 17

18 Guidelines on uniforms WTF guidelines on position of NOC code and size BackFront N O C * 30cm x 12cm 5cm or Higher from bottom line of the upper garment in black The font of the letters shall be in bold Verdana. National flag 10cm x 7cm 3~3.5cm Location of Company logo: One (1) in top, one (1) in trouser allowed. Size of logo within 20 Belt must be 10cm above the knee or higher 18

19 Sanctions and disqualification Definition of disqualification: no show or failure in weigh-in or disqualification from tournament WTF rules on sanctions (revised at General Assembly in Egypt on April 3, 2012) In case of double-disqualification (disqualification of both contestants in a match) 19

20 International Technical Officials / National Technical Officials Roles of ITO and NTO - Technical Delegate (1) - Technical Controller (2) - Competition Supervisory Board (4 + TD) - Referees (30) - National Technical Officials (10) 20

21 International Referee Assignment Principles: Center Referee / Corner Judge / Review Jury / TA Random assignment by computer system Same nationality with athletes cannot be assigned Referee/Judge group Review Jury: same nationality with athlete cannot be assigned; 1 review jury making a decision while another 1 performing TA; rotational basis 21

22 Anti-doping 22

23 Roles and Responsibilities of Coaches To understand and comply with anti-doping policies To cooperate with athlete testing programs To use their influence on athletes values and behaviour to foster a nti-doping attitudes General Presentations – Overview of Anti-Doping ELITE - ©WADA – Version 2.1 – March

24 Doping Violations Presence or Use Refusing, or failing to submit to sample collection Violation of requirements regarding whereabouts Tampering with the doping control process Possession, trafficking Administration or any other type of complicity General Presentations – Overview of Anti-Doping ELITE - ©WADA – Version 2.1 – March

25 Prohibited List Single List Revised every year Current version: or WTF web site /01_anti_doping_rules.htmlwww.wada-ama.org /01_anti_doping_rules.html Out-of-competition vs. in-competition Substances prohibited in particular sports General Presentations – Overview of Anti-Doping ELITE - ©WADA – Version 2.1 – March

26 Principle of Strict Liability The athlete is ultimately responsible for what goes into his/her body General Presentations – Overview of Anti-Doping ELITE - ©WADA – Version 2.1 – March

27 Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) Use of prohibited substance or method for a legiti mate medical condition Managed by NADO or WTF Athlete should update TUE information on the ADA MS or application form to WTF At least 30 days before next competition Wait for TUE to be granted Recognition of an athletes right to best medical treatment General Presentations – Overview of Anti-Doping ELITE - ©WADA – Version 2.1 – March

28 Prohibited List Not Prohibited Athlete can take Prohibited Notice to WTF TUE Committee Review Denied WTF TUE PROCESS – RTP Athletes Approved 28

29 Registered Testing Pool (RTP) Athletes identified by the WTF Becoming part of a testing pool: Receive notification Can be tested at any time anywhere Submit whereabouts information General Presentations – Overview of Anti-Doping ELITE - ©WADA – Version 2.1 – March

30 Whereabouts Information Allows doping control officers to find athletes for out-of-competition testing Athletes in registered testing pools must submit: Usual locations, dates and times Travel plans One hour a day for which they are accountable Regular updates as plans change If your athlete doesnt understand the process and requirements for submitting whereabouts information, JUST ASK! the WTF S port Department at General Presentations – Overview of Anti-Doping ELITE - ©WADA – Version 2.1 – March

31 Athlete Whereabouts Missing information General Presentations – Overview of Anti-Doping ELITE - ©WADA – Version 2.1 – March 2010

32 Athlete Notified Athlete response JanFeb Athlete Whereabouts General Presentations – Overview of Anti-Doping ELITE - ©WADA – Version 2.1 – March 2010

33 Athlete Whereabouts: Filing Failures and Missed Tests Jan 2012 Feb 2012 Apr 2012 Sep 2012 Oct 2012 Feb 2013 June 2013 Aug 2013 Month Test completed Missed Test Filing Failure ANTI-DOPING RULE VIOLAT ION General Presentations – Overview of Anti-Doping ELITE - ©WADA – Version 2.1 – March 2010

34 Q & A Please contact to WTF Anti-Doping Manager at 34

35 Coach-True User Guide 35

36 36

37 37

38 38

39 39

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