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Achieving the Lowest Cost of Equipment Ownership and Building Operation.

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1 Achieving the Lowest Cost of Equipment Ownership and Building Operation.

2 Purpose Before a building is built, those involved debate the color of the bathroom paint. 5 years later, all anyone cares about is the roof, the HVAC system and the dock equipment. The following presentation will illustrate how choosing the right dock and door products, for the right application, can insure the lowest overall cost of equipment ownership, and building value.

3 Objective – To Save Money in 3 areas 1) Equipment – Increase longevity with proper application and Preventative Maintenance (STP) 2) Building – Lower cost of operation/ Green Buildings 3) Repairs and Replacement – Lower ongoing maintenance costs and building operation

4 Equipment - Leveler Maintenance Problem – Maintenance on mechanical levelers can cost upwards of $700/yr per position* Solution – Push button Technology (Air Docks or Hydraulic) can be as low as $41/year per position* R.O.I. to upgrade to Push Button from mechanical will average 2-3 years depending on usage * Denotes actual client case studies

5 Illustration – Leveler Maintenance 90% of all leveler failure is in the front or rear hinge Levelers can last from 1 to 20+ years Note: cracked hinge on 7 year old leveler Note: Only 2 rear hinges. Unstable and weak

6 Solution – Nordock 20 Year Warranty - front and rear hinge Longer lasting open lug front hinge with header plate gives 33% more weld, more support and no place for debris to catch Full width rear hinge is very stable

7 Preventative Maintenance – STP Problem – Lease renewals or Move-outs miss equipment damage (Due to tenant neglect or abuse) negatively affecting capital budgets. Solution – American STP (Preventative Maintenance) – Insures maximum equipment longevity – Catches tenant neglect or abuse – Annual Inspection insures an accurate inventory of equipment condition for capital budgets – Provides tenants with discounts, warranty extensions, and dock safety training

8 Problem – Compression Seals Compression seals have a shorter life span due to over compression resulting in blow-out. Over compression can also lead to very expensive building damage. 6 year old seal showing damage due to over compression. *This was on a sloped dock and resulted in a cracked header (Big $)

9 Solution – L-Pads Note: Trailer backs into the L-Pad to get sealed to building and NOT into Compression Seal (apologies for the poor diagram)

10 Problem – Energy Loss Missing Weather Stripping A 9X10 standard Sectional Overhead Door and Leveler with just a ¼ gap around the perimeter equals a 13X13 square of OPEN space. Installing weather stripping has a 2-3 MONTH payback on reduced utility costs.

11 Problem – Energy Loss through poorly insulated Overhead Doors R-Value on traditional Overhead Doors ranges from 0 to 16. The higher the number, the Greener the building Solution - Insulated doors. Energy Savings - 2 to 4 year payback on installing – CHI 3216 with a True R-14 – Or MxV Breakaway with True R-16 Benefit – Green buildings command better resale, are easier to market, and are environmentally friendly

12 Problem - Repairing Hit Doors 70% of all door hits affect the bottom panel Solution – Breakaway doors or bottom panels

13 Problem – Restraints using dated Impact design wear over time. Note: Top Wear Note: Rust and front wear which jambs ICC bar, necessitating replacement

14 Solution – Nordock Non-Impact Design Non-Impact design Push button activation Sensor bar notifies Dock Operator for safety Zinc Plated - nearly rust proof Virtually maintenance free Housing encloses working parts from inclement weather and debris Self cleaning guide track

15 Problem – Poor Installation Improper installation of spring wore on shaft – Door Collapsed! Normal overhead door shaft for springs. Mismatched panels, end stiles and incorrectly installed hinges.

16 Problem – Incorrect Installation Note: Worthless Seals - Truck bumper touching But top of Seal wide open Note the cupped Leveler Lip. The Leveler Rating, and piano hinge Style, was not enough to handle the application.

17 Solution – Great Service and Proper Installation American Door and Dock – 35 Years in Business – Longest Tenured Service Technicians in the Chicago area – Full range of Commercial Entry and Exit Services - Service. Trust. Partner.

18 Questions? Craig Herriges, CPMR Solutions Specialist. American Door and Dock Cell 847-815-5922 888-SOS-DOOR (888-767-3667)

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