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The Neolithic Revolution

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1 The Neolithic Revolution
From Hunter-Gatherer to Farming Societies

2 “Why was the Neolithic Revolution a major turning point in history?”
Focus question

3 Learning goals: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:
distinguish between the different types of change in world history define the terms ‘revolution’; ‘neolithic’; and ‘agriculture’ explain why the move to farming was a major advantage for the human species describe how farming played a major role in the move toward modern civilization

4 Minds On Activity Create a chart like the one below to determine who would have had a more difficult life – a hunter/gatherer or a farmer Come up with as many points as you can to build a case for each one Hunter/gatherer - Farmer

5 REVOLUTION Definition (according to Key topic:
1. An overthrow and replacement of an established government structure 2. A sudden or complete change in something 3. A radical change in society and the social structure Key topic: If revolution means change, in what ways can things change? Let’s first come up with categories of types of change. Here are some examples: Social change change that affects ordinary people ex. civil rights movement Technological change change that is designed to improve efficiency ex. TV remote control Political change change that affects government/laws ex. French Revolution

6 Industrial Revolution (c.18th century England)
the replacement of hand tools by power driven machines greatly eased the strain of factory work and allowed for large-scale industrialization Type of change: technological

7 The American Revolution (1773-17783)
the war between Great Britain and  its American colonies, by which the colonies won their independence Type of change: political

8 The Russian Revolution (1917)
also called the Bolshevik/October Revolution, the overthrow of the Russian Czar and replacement with a communist government Type of change: political

9 Rock and Roll Revolution
originating in the U.S., it was a marriage of ‘black’ rhythm and blues with ‘white’ country music popularized by such artists as Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis Presley Type of change: social

10 Short Task Look at Appendix 5.1
Read about each ‘transformation’ and it’s explanation Come up with the correct type of change in the box on the right (ex. social, technological, political) You may use initials instead of writing each one out Hint: some transformations may be more than one type of change

11 The Neolithic Revolution
By around 10,000 years ago, Hunter-Gatherers no longer needed to travel long distances to search for food and water. ‘Neolithic’ literally means ‘new stone age’  People could now live in one place and grow enough food throughout the year through newly developed agricultural methods. The ability to stay in one place impacted the food people ate, the animals they raised, and the type of shelter they lived in.   This, in turn, influenced the development of unique cultures.

12 Independent Work Instructions:
Read the comic strip ‘Join the Neolithic Revolution’ Underline any evidence you read that addresses our focus question: “Why was the Neolithic Revolution a major turning point in history?” Place an (*) beside anything you would like to know more about Circle anything you do not understand Using your own judgement, what are the three main positive and negative results of the Neolithic Revolution? Write these on the note you just took.

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