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ENGINEERED COMPOSITE RAILROAD TIES. Technology Infrastructure Green!

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2 Technology Infrastructure Green!

3 Rail Ties Patent-Protected Engineered Composite Technology Made from 100% Recycled Materials No Toxic Preservatives Non-Porous- will not rot or absorb moisture Non-Corrosive Does not Conduct Electricity Long Lasting Standard installation techniques Fire Retardants available

4 Over 200,000 Axion Formula Ties installed in-line

5 Up to Ten Years In-Line Service Performance

6 Elevated Track

7 Bridge Timbers

8 Switch Sets

9 Economics: RR Ties Standard Ties Standard Turnout Bridge Timbers TieInstallationTotal LifeCost Wood$ 48 $53$101 5-8 Yrs$10,000$400 Concrete$ 98 $70$16810-18 Yrs$12,500N/A Axion$115 $53$16840+ Yrs$ 9,500$375

10 Cost (Per Mile) Long Term Economics: RR Ties

11 Cost Comparison The cost of installation of wood and Axion ties is identical AXION TIES PAY FOR THEMSELVES IN ONE REPLACEMENT CYCLE The performance of Axion Ties remains consistent across all environments Axion Ties are most cost effective in areas of severe climate stresses- high moisture, rain, insect infestation Increased disposal costs for creosote-treated ties make Axion Ties more cost efficient (Axion Ties can be recycled at the end of their useful life) Positive greenhouse gas impact could lead to carbon credits Versus Wood Ties





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