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This is a proposal how a developing nations rural poor might make money… The world donates $300 billion every year… …yet there are 1 billion people living.

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2 This is a proposal how a developing nations rural poor might make money… The world donates $300 billion every year… …yet there are 1 billion people living on a $1 dollar per day… It would be more efficient to mail $300 to each person every year to double their income to $2 per day than use the worlds existing aid system to lift people out of poverty. A poor persons greatest need is a way to make money…

3 Household Electrification Clean Water Electricity for small business activity Rural Development Aid can supply… but a rurally produced diesel fuel replacement is the missing piece in the aid puzzle that can energize rural communities and provide income generation opportunities for the rural poor trapped in the poverty cycle…

4 The M.F.R.F.P. Multi Functional Rural Fuel Platform brings….. …plus brings electricity and clean water to their communities … …a way for rural populations to earn money producing diesel fuel… Renewable Diesel Fuel

5 Multi Functional Platforms - MFP Multi Functional Platforms (MFPs) are used very successfully in countries like Mali as part of rural poverty alleviation programs.

6 The Multi Functional Rural Fuel Platform - MFRFP Adding a rural fuel production capability to other typical Multi Functional Platform sub-systems creates the Multi Functional Rural Fuel Platform (MFRFP)… +

7 The Rural Poverty Trap This dependence on biomass energy in rural areas has led to women dedicating long hours to wood and water gathering activities, ensnaring them and their families in the rural poverty trap... Biomass energy like wood, dung etc. accounts for on average 75% of the total energy consumption in developing regions...

8 …use vegetable oil to power a diesel engine and sell rural fuel for cash… Local villagers collect oil seeds instead of firewood and water… …use diesel power for electricity generation to charge LED lanterns and run the water maker. …process vegetable oil seeds into a diesel fuel… Vegetable Oil can break the Trap?

9 Vegetable Oil is a clean burning, renewable substitute for petroleum based Diesel Fuel…

10 …2. or you can modify the vegetable oil to reduce its viscosity through a chemical conversion process called Transestrification and produce Biodiesel… 1. You can use a conversion kit to modify a vehicle and reduce a vegetable oils viscosity on-board using engine heat…these are commonly known as SVO kits. How can vegetable oil replace diesel fuel?

11 Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) SVO is an acronym for Straight Vegetable Oil when used as a diesel fuel substitute. Suitable oils are commonly found vegetable oils like soy, sunflower & canola…

12 Current Biodiesel Technology Home Brew RefineryContainerized RefineryIndustrial Scale Refinery You have to get the Methanol to the refinery. Biodiesel is a different product from diesel fuel. Small Large The Challenges of a Biodiesel refinery in a remote location:

13 The Rural Fuel Reactor The reactor does not need Methanol and is capable of refining vegetable oil into diesel fuel … …this is not Biodiesel but Renewable Diesel. This renewable diesel fuel meets all the existing specification for petroleum derived diesel fuel – D975.


15 Petroleum DieselBiodieselRenewable Diesel We call it Biodiesel 2.0 The Rural Fuel Reactor produces a diesel fuel replacement with very similar properties to existing petroleum diesel fuel produced from fossil derived crude oil. Producing a vegetable oil derived diesel fuel replacement that is ready to use in any diesel engine overcomes the need to convert the vehicle to Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO). This kind of diesel fuel production technology overcomes the practical issues that plague making biodiesel using transesterification... …and could be the missing piece of the aid puzzle.

16 The M.F.R.F.P. Platform The Multi Functional Rural Fuel Platform enables poor, rural farmers to free themselves from the poverty trap by using vegetable oil seed crops to energize their communities…

17 Water pump for irrigation Components of a Multi Functional Rural Fuel Platform (MFRFP) Oil Seed Processor Skywater water maker Electric generator for lighting Rural Fuel Processor Diesel Engine Flour Mill

18 MFRFPs Oil Seed Processing The prototype MFRFP uses an seed expeller combined with a… …C.S. Bell Flour Mill

19 The Lister Engine produces 24 hp at full power. Fuel consumption is 0.25 gallons per hour at 6 hp power output and 0.5 gallons per hour at full power. Our Lister Engine runs on SVO… MFRFP Diesel Engine Power The Lister Engine is one of the most commonly used engines in developing countries and has proven to be extremely reliable in the field... …The MFRFP uses Old Style Listers version which claims 100,000+ hours of 24/7 continuous operation which is 10+ years without the need for anything more than routine maintenance.

20 The field units will in all likelihood use a regular 12 volt vehicle alternator as these are readily available pretty much anywhere in the world. MFRFP Electricity Generation The generator is connected to a series of outlets, 12, 120 and 220 volt. We can run most of our equipment in our shop from this unit so we gain a lot of experience being off the grid ourselves… The prototype MFRFP uses a 10KVA generator…

21 Rechargeable LED lanterns can be used in community households, brought to be recharged in a Sandal grid network and recharged daily using the MFRFPs generator… Sandal Grid Community Lighting …an electric LED lantern can replace and provide more light than 3 kerosene lanterns... …a small business opportunity is created collecting and recharging the community's electric lanterns daily.

22 Platform Drives a Water Pump The Prototype MFRFP is fitted with a 120 gallon per minute water pump… …for irrigation…

23 MFRFP makes water from the air Clean water is critical to any development effort that seeks to improve the lives of poor, rural communities… The MFRFP Platform is design to use a Skywater system coupled to a series of filters to produce good quality, drinking water without the need for a well…

24 MFRFP drives a Tool Grinder … a stone grinding wheel can easily be connected to a power takeoff shaft on the MFRFP… Manual grind stones require tremendous physical labor and dont do the most efficient job…

25 What does the MFRFP look like?

26 How does a community purchase a Multi Functional Rural Fuel Platform? We wish to create a micro bond finance system for financing community level MFRFP infrastructure… Proceeds from the sales of carbon credits are used to pay off the purchase costs of the MFRFP equipment and fuel sales provide cash to all those individuals in the community providing services and products to the MFRFP enterprise... similar to Muhammad Yunuss microfinance model…and supplemented with carbon credits…

27 The Economics of a Platform

28 MFRFPs Carbon Accounting

29 Cash from fuel sales funds the vegetable oil uplift system Cash from Carbon Credits funds the purchase of the MFRFP equipment

30 By picking oil seeds instead of collecting firewood and water everyday, poor rural people have the opportunity to triple their income. $1 per day or $365 per year to $3 per day or $1,095 per year. In Rwanda, 40,000 unskilled people could hand pick enough oil seeds to replace 50% or 20 million gallons of the countrys imported diesel fuel using 400 MFRFP Platforms… 220,000 acres of vegetable oil plantation or 4% of Rwandas 26,798 sq km of total land area would produce this much vegetable oil… National Economic Implications

31 1 st Deployment - 2010 …Install 1st Platform in Rwanda in 2010 ??? Possible Rwanda Center of Excellence in partnership with Tom Ritchies NGO NGO has already kicked off oil seed cultivation…

32 Sell Carbon Offset Credits for Reactors Partner with NGOs NGOs Roll out Reactors with 1 st Years Supply of Oil Seeds Produce Renewable Diesel Communities Develop Oil Seed Cultivation in their Immediate Area African Deployment Schedule Set up Rwanda Center of Excellence in partnership with Tom Ritchies NGO 2011 - Deploy2010 – Set Up Install 1st Reactor in Rwanda NGO Kick off Oil Seed Cultivation

33 …roll out Carbon Credit program and MFRFP equipment into rural communities… Capital and personnel are needed to establish a Vegetable Oil Uplift System Center of Excellence in the region… R&D Effort needed to investigate crop availability and suitability for area in need of Economic Development… What are the first steps establishing an MFRFP program?

34 Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Peter Bell at: 972-948-8355

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