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LNN GROUP MAN POWER SUPPLY COMPANY PROFILE. CONTENTS 1.Company Policy and ObjectiveCompany Policy and Objective 2.Company profileCompany profile 3.LNN.

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2 CONTENTS 1.Company Policy and ObjectiveCompany Policy and Objective 2.Company profileCompany profile 3.LNN Group of CompaniesLNN Group of Companies 4.Profile of Key PersonnelProfile of Key Personnel 5.What is the Competitive Edge in Human Capital OperationWhat is the Competitive Edge in Human Capital Operation 6.Benefits of Outsource EmployeesBenefits of Outsource Employees 7.Rules and regulationsRules and regulations 8.Time FrameTime Frame

3 POLICY & OBJECTIVE To be a LEADER in Outsource Management To create a NEW CONCEPT of using the core business as a bridge to move towards manufacturing business Objective: Target: Policy: LINKING NEW NETWORK Return to Contents

4 COMPANYS PROFILE Established:October 2000 Located3C, Tingkat 3, Plaza MPK, Jalan Pos Baru, Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan No. of Employees800 workers Paid up capitalRM550,000 ordinary share of RM1.00 each Core businessOutsourcing Agent (Local and Foreign) Managing DirectorMr. Ng Cheng Ho Company SecretaryMiss Lim Puay Chuan Micro Management Services Sdn Bhd Return to Contents


6 LNN Group of Companies Total number of employee: Return to Contents

7 Profile of Key Personnel Ng Cheng Ho Managing Director of LNN Group of Company Co-founder of LNN Group 12 years experience in labour supply line Ng Lay Leng Marketing Division Director Founder of LNN Group 17 years experience in labour supply line

8 Profile of Key Personnel (Cont) Lee Shian Li Business Development and Planning of LNN Group 5 years experience in Corporate Finance with one of the listed company in Malaysia 3 years experience in outsourcing Company and build up the automotive industry network for LNN System Sdn Bhd

9 Profile of Key Personnel (Cont) Darren Chong Shook Fui Business Adviser of LNN Group more then 5 years experience in retail and manufacturing local and overseas business. Human Resource Training and development

10 Profile of Key Personnel (Cont) Raja Ahzian HR Coordinator of LNN Group 31 years HR experience with Multinational Company Currently in charge of Companys administrative procedure and interview candidates

11 Profile of Key Personnel (Cont) Ong Soo Yeak Head Supervisor of the Group more then 10 years experience with Multinational Company as production planner Expert in planning and set up the factory procedure for factory workers Return to Contents

12 Group Financial Highlight The decrease of the revenue from 2007 compare with 2006 is due to decrease the order/requisition from the existing Company which affect by economy slow down. Return to Contents

13 Company History LNN Trade Wind (9/1999) LNN Trade Wind Sdn Bhd (10/2000) Agensi Pekerjaan LNN Sdn Bhd (9/2003) LNN System Sdn Bhd (4/2005) Nada Persada Sdn Bhd (7/2006)

14 LNN Group of Companies Corporate Clients from 2000 till up to date Panasonic HA Air-Conditioning (M) Sdn Bhd Panasonic AVC Networks Kuala Lumpur Sdn Bhd Matsushita Compressor and Motor Sdn Bhd Matsushita Electronic Motor (M) Sdn Bhd (SP-Kedah) Matsushita Display Device Malaysia Sdn Bhd Matsushita Industrial Corpn Sdn Bhd Sony Technology (M) Sdn Bhd PHN Industry Sdn Bhd (Automotive Industry) Maxell Electronic (M) Sdn Bhd Flextronic Technology (Shah Alam) Sdn Bhd Magnificient Diagraph Sdn Bhd (Carrefour Malaysia) Sanden Air Conditioning Sdn Bhd Autem Sdn Bhd

15 What is the Competitive Edge in Human Capital Operation Attendance Benefits Retaining Customers needs

16 What is the Competitive Edge in Human Capital Operation AttendanceReviewLNN TransportControl Transport / focusProvide transport to workers LocationLocation constraintsProvide accommodation within the factory areas CommitmentFrequent staying away due to family commitment Our workers are from different states, e.g. Sabah, Sarawak, etc

17 What is the Competitive Edge in Human Capital Operation RetainingReviewLNN Administration flaws Due to administrative flaws e.g. Salary not in time, lack of communication, accommodation not conducive Salary according to the agreement with our staff Management Office near to factory Salary inequality -No standard salary -Based on discretion Salary according to agreement No favoritism on gender discrimination Return to Contents

18 Benefit of Outsource Employee CompanyLNN Human CapitalNo able to adhere to human capital requirement e.g. EPF, Socso, etc LNN pays to all employees after 6 months duration AllowanceNot all competitors pay the attendance allowance Attendance allowances incentive to workers Return to Contents

19 Customers Needs ProblemLNN Service AttendanceHR are busy due to inability e.g. Attendance, discipline and etc Provide supervisors without cost incur to the Company DisciplineCustomers needs are not capture pm regular basic Our supervisors also act as coordinator between the company and the staff CoordinationAttendance flaws create downtime Buffer system Immediate replacement, terms required

20 Benefits of Men and Women in our Employment Medical treatment EPF and SOCSO Free transport Uniforms and safety shoes Accommodation Basic salary (attendance+ allowance) Benefit of Outsource Workers

21 Comparison of permanent and contract workers (Local worker) No.Particulars Permanent workers Casual worker 1.SalaryRM 550/monthRM ??/ per day 2.Overtime work (%)1.5 3.Bonus (assumption)2 months- Nil - 4.EPF12%- Nil - 5.SOCSO1.5%- Nil - 6.Personal insurance- Nil - 7.Medical checking- Nil - 8.Medical benefitYes- Nil - 9.Accommodation (estimate)RM 80/month- Nil - 10.Transportation (estimate)RM 125/month- Nil - 11.Worker replacement period2 weeks- Nil - 12.Production cost planning- No -Efficiency

22 Advantages of the Casual Workers 1.More cost effective – can be adjusted according to production plan 2.Supporting the production with a much effective and efficient ways of recruitment 3.Company management is free from tedious works i.e. payroll, management of the workers, long term workers benefit plan and etc.

23 Rules and Regulations Company Procedures and System Implement in the Factory Return to Contents

24 Supervisor responsibility Overseeing the operation of contract workers Monitor the daily attendance and report to HR Department Monitor workers discipline in the factory Attend meeting with production/ HR Department as and when needed Liaise with line leader on workers situation in line Weekly report to the company manager Return to Contents

25 Recruitment System Recruitment 1.Fill in application form and brief interview in LNN office 2.Successful candidates will be given a short briefing on rules and regulations of the company and salary 3.Application form will be sent to factory for comments and short listing. 4.Short listed candidates will be sent to factory for interview 5.Successful candidates will be sent for urine test and one day training

26 Operation System (Factory) Arrangement Supervisor – LNN (full time in factory) Manager (Office) Leader LNN Line A Leader LNN Line B Leader LNN Line C

27 Buffer System Stand by buffer to replace worker absent/ MC number of buffer depend on the average attendance percentage (estimate 3-4%) Immediate replacement of worker into line Monthly report will be sent to HR Department for verification Return to Contents

28 Training System Successful candidates will be sent for urine test Workers will be given uniform and safety equipments General training on the safety rules and regulations will be conducted by the supervisor Workers are required to undergo the training for 2 days before reporting for duty Return to Contents

29 Time Frame for Local workers Day 1Day 2Day 5 & 6Day 3Day 4 Order from HR Interview in Factory Recruitment Time Frame On going interview in office Urine test & Training

30 Time Frame for Foreign workers 1 week 2 weeks1 week2 weeks Confirm from Co. Interview and selection Applying and buying of calling visa Foreign agent to prepare passport and medical report Recruitment Time Frame Touch down of foreign workers Receiving the calling visa and VDR 2 weeks Return to Contents

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