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CIRCULATION OPEN HOUSE March 25, 2011. Circulation Services Welcome Circulation is a rapidly changing unit within the UNL Libraries. Nature of collection.

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2 Circulation Services Welcome Circulation is a rapidly changing unit within the UNL Libraries. Nature of collection use has changed, but so has the role of the unit. Number of extra-departmental roles, expanding job duties and horizons. Circulation has two primary roles within the UNL Libraries and several secondary ones. –Patron Services –Collections Included today are some highlights presented by various staff.

3 Patron Services Patron Services includes all functions at the Circulation Desk. Also includes searching, fines and billing, and patron database management, to name a few. Patron Services not limited to Love Library or UNL users –Reciprocal Users –Community Users –High School Users

4 Collection Services Collection Services within the Circulation unit –Love Stacks Maintenance Reshelving, shelfreading, shifting of collections –Love Inventory Inventory and barcoding –LDRF –Reserves

5 Other Circulation Functions Delivery Services –Both collection and patron oriented Facilities and Maintenance

6 Patron Services

7 High School Users –Goal is to provide high school students with the resources and knowledge required to research and create/compose a project of high academic standards. –September 1 – May 1 –Primarily students from eastern Nebraska. –Allowed to check out 10 items and renew once. –Students search and download articles through EBSCO. –Participating high schools are responsible for materials and fines. 2011 is the third year in which the program ended with all fines were paid and materials returned.

8 Desk Student Supervision –Student Supervision Train/Schedule 20-24 students (10-25 hours weekly per student) –Patron Maintenance 150-200 per month –Patron Registration ILL 10-35 daily (depending on class assignment) –Schedules –Offline check in/out Spanish Institute Kawaski Reading Room Confucious Institute

9 Evening Supervision Supervise circulation desk from 5 p.m. to close –2-3 student workers Responsible for building security ILL Document Delivery –Search/Scan/Send leftover requests Searches/Claim Returns/Recalls –10% of time –12 searches/recalls a week –Average 10 claim returns a month

10 Fines/Billing –Send out replacement bills at the beginning of each month. Average of 200 items (100 patrons) Prices adjusted from standard replacement cost ($140) –Work with Student Judicial Affairs to place and release registration holds. Average of 100 holds per month. –Process lost and missing books. Books claimed returned will be searched for 4-6 weeks. Withdrawn after 1 year –Reciprocal Institutions Work with other universities to place holds on accounts for fines and unreturned books.

11 Collection Services

12 Reserve Collection Faculty and teaching assistants may place books, journal articles, and other materials on reserve for student use. Over 175 different courses using the reserve service in Spring 2011 E-Reserves vs. Print/Hard CopyE-Reserves vs. Print/Hard Copy Copyright Laws and Fair Use Guidelines

13 Reserve Collection

14 Stacks Maintenance Stacks Maintenance includes: –Shifting/Shelfreading –Reshelving –Signage –Specialized Collections (Periodicals, etc.) –LDRF Transfers Also includes projects for Branches doing some of the above, as needed 2010-2011* Shelf-reading13,511 Shifting21,041 Shelving70,233 Other Assignments223,859 *numbers in minutes

15 Delivery Material needs to be moved around the collection regularly. Not just books, but includes furniture, equipment, supplies, etc. Primary mode of transportation for all LDRF materials. Also includes donations, satellite locations, and special projects. Every branch is scheduled for twice daily deliveries. In 2010, delivery drove 7,979 miles.

16 Barcoding/Inventory –Barcoding Scan books in order to place barcodes on those with only the OCR number. This process also double-checks that all books are checked-in before being put on the shelves. –Inventory Scan a cart of books at a time and checking their records in Millennium. Problem books are sent to either Tech Services or Preservation. 2010-2011 Reshelved Items126,470 Reshelved BPER17,071 Inventory Items114,943 Barcoding Items86,077

17 LDRF –520,000 books in the collection –Archives/Spec books –5,000 archival storage boxes –Summer: 10 requests per day –Academic Year: 24 requests per day –Average 100 pages per day (50 scans two text pages each) –ILL and Internal Requests Prepare requests for printing and distribution. 6-7 ILL requests per day

18 Circulation Staff Listing Deb Pearson – Circulation Librarian and Unit Head Holli Beckmann – Returns Gary Dolan – LDRF Jody Imus – Delivery Robert McCown – Night Supervisor Bob Medcalf – Delivery Melissa Mosier – High School Program/Saturdays Neil Puls - LDRF Chanty Stovall – Reserves Michael Straatmann – System Stacks Sandy Tondreau – Student Desk Barb Turner – Desk Coverage Cory Vogt – Fines and Billing

19 Questions? Presentation assembled by Holli Beckmann and Michael Straatmann. Information from Circulation Staff.

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