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November 2, 2010 General Election

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1 November 2, 2010 General Election
JOE AIELLO Sangamon County Clerk November 2, 2010 General Election Judges School Familiarize You With Procedures Review Voting Machine Operating Instructions Cover Important Things to Know Election Day Answer Questions Pass the Test Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Everything you need to know is in the Judge’s Manual All forms and instructions are in the Judge’s Binder of Election Day Materials Call Election Office if problems or concerns (217) Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

3 CHECK SUPPLIES (refer to listing in Judge’s Manual)
Voting Booths, Ballot Box/Tabulator and one AutoMark (one AutoMark per polling place) Gray Supply Case Judge’s Binder of Election Day Materials Cardboard Ballot Return Box (ballots, ballot box return seal, certificate of ballots form) Privacy Covers Pre-printed Applications with spindle (s) Signage for polling place Provisional Ballot Materials Supply Baggie/American Flag Campaign Free Zone Cones Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

INSIDE FRONT COVER Judge’s Manual BEFORE THE POLLS OPEN Pocket #1 Election Official Badges, Judges’ Oath/Expense Sheet Key Pouch Keys for the Tabulator (yellow), AutoMark (blue) and Ballot Box (green) (Note: Only one precinct per polling place will have a key pouch in their binder) Pocket #2 Instructions for preparing the tabulator and AutoMark, Certificate of Inspection, Specimen Ballots Pocket #3 Envelope #1 Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

DURING VOTING HOURS Pocket #4 List of Persons Who Filed Declaration of Intent to be a Write-In Candidate, Absentee List, Active Voter List, Inactive Voter List Pocket #5 Ballot Entitlement Chart / Voter Qualification, Affidavits: C-2 Military, C-4A Moved within 30 Days, C-6 Fail-Safe (only if Federal Election) Pocket #6 Affidavits: C-3 Pocket #7 Spoiled Envelope #2, Voter Correction Sheet, Polling Place Lists Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

AFTER THE POLLS CLOSE Pocket #8 Defective Ballot Envelope #3, Duplicated Ballot Envelope #5 Pocket #9 Write-in Tally Sheet, Instructions for Printing Election Results, Closing tabulator, removing memory card and closing AutoMark Pocket #10 #4 Bag for Unused Ballots, Pre-Printed Applications Envelope #6 Pocket #11 Green Parking Pass, Election Night Return Envelope, Memory card bag (precinct with key pouch will have this – only one per polling place), Returning Supplies Instructions Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

7 JUDGES OF ELECTION Responsible for ensuring electoral process is administered fairly and in accordance with all laws Equal Authority / Rotate Positions Obligation to Serve Replacement Judge Handling Election Materials Compensation and Working Hours Control of the Polling Place Common Courtesies Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

8 Provide Excellent Service to Voters
ALL voters deserve courteous attention when exercising their right, as citizens, to vote. Greet each and EVERY person with a smile, a “welcome”, and an offer to help with anything they might need Treat EVERY person who comes through the doors as a valued, important and eagerly awaited, PERSONALLY invited guest of yours. Remember the Golden Phrase: “If there is anything I can assist you with, please let me know. I’m here to help.” Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Working for, against, or in the interest of a candidate, party, or proposition. (buttons, literature, clothing, discussions) NOT ALLOWED IN: Polling Room Within Campaign Free Zone (100 feet of polling room entrance) Campaign Free Zone: Area in which no advertising pertaining to any candidate/proposition to be voted upon shall be displayed. Election Judges shall place two cones at a distance of 100 feet from entrance to voting room. Electioneering is prohibited within zone and Judges should monitor zone throughout the day. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

10 Authorized Individuals Allowed in Polling Place
POLLWATCHERS Authorized Individuals Allowed in Polling Place Election Judges assigned to polling place Voters while voting Minor children accompanying parent while voting Authorized pollwatchers (MUST Submit Credentials) Law enforcement officers acting in official capacity Representatives of Election Authority, State Board of Elections, State’s Attorney and Attorney General Offices Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

11 POLLWATCHERS (continued)
Pollwatchers may be appointed by candidates, political parties and other qualified organizations. Pollwatchers must submit credentials to Election Judges. If multiple precincts in the polling place, they should have separate credentials for each precinct they are observing. They may leave and re-enter poll. Credentials are returned in Envelope #1. Pollwatchers present to observe conduct before, during and after polls close. They should be allowed to view all records relating to the election, provided the secrecy of ballot maintained. Pollwatchers should NOT touch election supplies or materials. Pollwatchers may challenge a person’s right to vote or call the judge’s attention to any incorrect procedures. Pollwatchers MAY NOT interfere with orderly conduct of the election. Judges may limit number by drawing lots – ONLY if overcrowded and interfering with conduct of the election. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Located in Pocket #1 of your Judge’s Binder you will find the Election Official Badges and Judge’s Oath/Expense Sheet. Before the polls open, each judge should print name and precinct on a badge and wear throughout the day. All judges must also be sworn in and complete the Judge’s Oath shown here. On the reverse side of the Oath is the Election Expense Form that must be completed at the end of the night. This form is returned in Envelope #1 at the end of the night. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Position #1 - APPLICATION JUDGE Pre-printed applications to vote Pens / Signature Guide Absentee / early voting / grace period voter list Instruction materials Position #2 - VERIFICATION JUDGES (2 Judges – one from each party) Share pre-printed applications book with judge #1 Affidavits (voter assistance, challenged, provisional) Pens Position #3 - BALLOT DISTRIBUTION JUDGE Ballots and privacy covers Pens for initializing ballots Spindle (for applications to vote) Position #4 - BALLOT BOX / TABULATOR JUDGE Positioned a few feet away from the ballot box / tabulator “I Voted” stickers BE SURE TO DISPLAY ALL SIGNAGE AND SPECIMEN BALLOTS Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

The ballots are located in the box labeled “Cardboard Ballot Return Box”. Record the total number of ballots delivered on Line 1 of the Certificate of Ballots form which is also in the “Cardboard Ballot Return Box”. The total number of ballots delivered is listed on a special instruction sheet also located in the “Cardboard Ballot Return Box”. Only open ballot packages as needed. Check the ballots to make sure the precinct designation and the date are correct. Examine the ballots and pay close attention to the Ballot Type number printed on the ballot. This ballot type number will correspond to the ballot type information on each voter’s pre-printed application. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Only one precinct per polling place will have a key pouch in their binder and that precinct will be responsible for returning the Memory Card Bag in their Election Night Return Envelope (green envelope) USE GREEN KEY FOR BALLOT BOX AND YELLOW KEY FOR TABULATOR Using the GREEN KEY, unlock the BALLOT COMPARTMENT of the ballot box (located on the side of the ballot box) and make sure it is empty. Close and lock. Unlock the EMERGENCY BIN (using bottom keyhole located on the front of the ballot box) and open the panel to verify the emergency bin is empty. Close panel and lock. Remove the security lid by first unlocking the ACESS FLAP TO MEMORY CARD. Use the top key hole located on the front of the ballot box and lower the top panel. Lift up front of security lid to remove. Set lid aside until after polls close. Verify that the seal is intact on the MEMORY CARD COMPARTMENT (small front left compartment). SEAL SHOULD REMAIN INTACT THROUGHOUT DAY. Call the Election Office if seal is missing or broken. Close the ACCESS FLAP TO MEMORY CARD (top panel) and lock. If the panel will not close, check that the tabulator is pushed back against the ballot box. Verify that the tabulator is plugged in and if an outlet strip is being used, that it is turned on. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Lift the ACESS PANEL TO KEY, on the left side of the tabulator. Do this by pressing in on the side of the cover at the groove marks and lift up. Using the YELLOW KEY, insert the key into the key switch and turn it to the OPEN / CLOSE position. It will take approximately two minutes for the tabulator to load. An “Initial State Report” will then print. The tabulator will display “S-MODE” in the upper left corner of the LCD screen and the message “ELECTION CARD INSERTED OPEN POLLS NOW?” will appear. Press YES. The message “PLEASE TURN KEY / SWITCH TO VOTE” appears. Turn the tabulator key to the VOTE position. A ZERO TAPE will then begin to print, showing zero totals for each candidate and referendum. Judges should then tear off the ZERO TAPE. If multiple precincts are using the tabulator, separate the zero tapes by precinct. Judges should check that ZERO TAPE shows; all vote totals as “0”, precinct (s) and date of election are correct and that candidate names and races match the specimen ballots. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Judges for each precinct must sign their own precinct ZERO TAPE verifying that the information is correct. Judges should then verify that they have completed all items on the CERTIFICATE OF INSPECTION FORM and place both signed Zero Tape and signed CERTIFICATE OF INSPECTION in Envelope #1 (found in Pocket #3 of the Judge’s Binder). With the tabulator now in the VOTE mode, remove the key and close the KEY ACCESS LID. Tabulator is now ready to accept ballots. The screen should read “INSERT BALLOT”. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

USE BLUE KEY FOR THE AUTOMARK If it is not already plugged in, plug the power cord into the wall outlet. Move the lid latches toward the outer edge to open the lid. Lift the lid flap back until it rests on the top of the lid. Lift the entire lid away from you into a vertical position. The TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR under the lid is now visible. Lift the Touch Screen Monitor towards you into a vertical position. Close the lid, leaving the TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR in the upright position. Pull up on the BALLOT FEED TRAY, then pull it towards you and lower it into position. Adjust the angle of the TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR for viewing comfort. Insert the BLUE key into the keyhole (bottom left side) and turn to the ON position. Once the “INSERT YOUR BALLOT” screen appears, remove the key and place back in pouch. Note: The screen will remain blank for up to 10 minutes after the key is turned to the ON position. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

The “Certificate of Inspection” form is found in Pocket #2 in the Judges’ Binder. Before opening the polls, the judges must certify that all inspections and duties were performed. ALL Judges must sign the “Certificate of Inspection” form and then place the form in Envelope #1. The signed form along with the Zero Tape is to be placed in Envelope #1 and must be hand carried into the County Building. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

20 OPEN THE POLLING PLACE Promptly at 6:00 a.m., one judge must state aloud that the polls are open. No one is allowed to vote prior to 6:00 a.m. On Election Day, if a judge assigned to the precinct fails to appear, one of the remaining judges should contact the Election Office for a replacement. In the event the office cannot provide a replacement, the judges present may appoint a replacement judge. The replacement judge must be a registered voter and should be of the same political affiliation as the judge being replaced. A precinct committeeperson or candidate may NOT serve as an election judge. The replacement may not be appointed until 6:15 a.m. One of the regular judges shall administer the same oath as was required of the originally appointed judge. If you don’t think you will have the polls open by 6:00 am, contact the Election Office immediately! Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Summary of Duties Ask voter to state name, address and for Primary Election their party affiliation. Locate voter’s application. If Primary Election, mark party ballot requested or mark proposition if applicable. Check that voter was not issued an absentee/early or grace period ballot. (Refer to absentee voter list in Pocket #4 of binder) Voter must verify name and address Mark party requested (if primary election) Voter Signs Here Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Summary of Duties (cont.) Make sure voter verifies and signs application. Announce the voter’s name, address and Party (if Primary) in a loud, clear voice. Pass signed application and booklet to judges serving as verification judges in the second position. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

What if’s???? Voter states that there is some clerical error on application Note on Voter Correction Sheet (located in Pocket #7) Voter states their name and/or address on application has changed Find out when the change occurred and where they have moved to, then refer to Ballot Entitlement Chart/Flow Chart (located on back cover of Judge’s Manual). Affidavit may be required. Voter’s application is not found Check to see if voter is on inactive list (located in Pocket #4). They may not be eligible to vote or may only be eligible for Federal Only ballot depending where they moved. Refer to Ballot Entitlement Chart/Flow Chart. Check to see if voter has come to wrong precinct to vote. Call Election Office to verify if voter is registered and their correct polling place. If voter insists they are registered, offer provisional ballot. Call Election Office before issuing provisional ballot. Voter is challenged (judge, pollwatcher or any legal voter believes a person is not qualified) Judges act as board in deciding a challenge, with a majority ruling to sustain or overrule. If majority sustain (agree with challenger), voter may be given a provisional ballot. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Voter Flow Chart (located on back cover of Judge’s Manual and in Pocket #5 of Judge’s Binder) Ballot Entitlement Chart (located on back cover of Judge’s Manual and in Pocket #5 of Judge’s Binder) Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

25 C-3 Affidavit (Located in Pocket #6)
. Use this affidavit when: VOTER MOVED WITHIN THE PRECINCT – use if a registered voter moved within the precinct within 27 days prior to the election NAME CHANGE – use if a voter who has had a name change (occurring anytime) and still resides in the same precinct NAME ON PRECINCT LIST BUT NO PRE-PRINTED APPLICATION – use if a voter’s name is on the poll sheet but does not have a pre-printed application CHANGE OF ADDRESS DUE TO SYSTEM – use if a voter’s address has changed due to implementation of 911 system VOTER REQUESTING TO REVOKE OR CANCEL ABSENTEE BALLOT – use if voter wishes to cancel or revoke their absentee ballot because they never received it or it was not received by the election office. Note: If the voter turns in the absentee ballot, or a portion of it, they do not have to complete an affidavit. VOTER REQUIRES ASSISTANCE – use if voter was assisted with the actual marking of the ballot due to a physical disability or being unable to read and/or write English. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

26 VOTER ASSISTANCE Assistance vs. Instruction
Assistance is given only upon the voter’s request Voter may specify person to assist (friend/relative) or 2 judges, one from each party, should give assistance Both the voter and those giving assistance complete Assisted Voter Affidavit (C-3) Only two groups of voters may receive assistance: 1. The disabled or visually impaired voter 2. The illiterate voter Assistance is ALWAYS given in privacy of voting booth Anyone assisting MUST cast the vote as directed by the voter and shall NOT give information afterward as to how the vote was cast Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

27 C-4A and C-2 Affidavits (located in Pocket #5)
Use the C-4A affidavit when: VOTER MOVED OUTSIDE THE PRECINCT – use if a registered voter moved within the 30 days preceding the election to a residence outside the precinct (but within the State of Illinois) Use the C-2 affidavit when: NON-REGISTERED MILITARY PERSONNEL– use if a non-registered military personnel has maintained a legal residence in the precinct for at least 30 days NON-REGISTERED VETERANS SEPARATED WITHIN 60 DAYS OF ELECTION – use if a non-registered veteran has left active military service within 60 days of the election Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

28 C-6 (Fail-Safe) Affidavit (located in Pocket #5)
This affidavit is used only in Federal Elections (even numbered years) Voters may be INACTIVE or ACTIVE INACTIVE VOTERS will have a pre-printed application in the book of applications with the BLUE cover. These voters will vote a Federal Offices only ballot for the Congressional District in which they reside. The Congressional District number is located on the pre-printed application. A voter must complete the C-6 Affidavit (Address Correction for Fail-Safe Voter). ACTIVE VOTERS must also complete the C-6 Affidavit. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

29 PROVISIONAL VOTING What is provisional voting?
CALL ELECTION OFFICE BEFORE ALLOWING SOMEONE TO VOTE A PROVISIONAL BALLOT What is provisional voting? Voter’s ballot is cast but NOT counted on Election Day. Ballot is NOT put into the tabulator/ballot box, but is sealed in a separate container. After the election, the election office will determine if the provisional ballot should be counted. Who can vote provisionally? Person’s name does not appear on list of eligible voters (no application found) Person’s voting status has been challenged by judge, pollwatcher, or legal voter in the poll and judges agree with the challenge Voter did not provide ID when registered by mail and cannot provide ID on Election Day Federal or state court order extends polling hours and the person is voting during the extended time period. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

30 Procedures for Casting a Provisional Ballot
PROVISIONAL VOTING Procedures for Casting a Provisional Ballot Voter provided an “Application to Vote”, a Provisional Voter Affidavit, a Provisional Ballot Envelope, a ballot card, a privacy sleeve and written instructions. The provisional voter’s application is numbered, “Provisional” box marked and then put on the spindle. Note: If there is no pre-printed application for the provisional voter, complete a blank application found at the end of the application booklet. If the person resides in another precinct, the judge should inform the voter and provide election office phone number for them to call and obtain correct voting location. The Election Judge will sign the affidavit and check a box on the affidavit that states which of the four reasons why the person was given a Provisional Ballot. The original affidavit will be placed in the clear plastic packing “Provisional Ballot Envelope”, and a copy of the affidavit is to be given to the voter. Be sure the provisional code number on the provisional affidavit matches the provisional code number on the sealed provisional ballot envelope. The Election Judge must accept and place in the clear packing area of the “Provisional Ballot Envelope”, any information that the person believes supports his or her claim that he or she is a duly registered voter. The voter has two days after the election to supply the Election Authority with any additional information that may prove they are qualified. The voter will be issued an initialed ballot card in a privacy sleeve and vote in the same manner as other voters. THE VOTED PROVISIONAL BALLOT IS NOT INSERTED INTO THE TABULATOR – IT IS SEALED IN THE PROVISIONAL BALLOT ENVELOPE BY THE VOTER Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

All sealed Provisional Ballot Envelopes are kept in the appropriate container identified and utilized for sealed Provisional Ballots only. The written instructions provided to the voter state how, after the election, the voter may determine if his/her ballot was counted or the reason it was not counted. Upon closing the polls, the sealed envelope containing the sealed provisional ballot envelopes (and corresponding affidavits) MUST be returned in hand to the Election Office at the end of the night. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Summary of Duties 2 Judges – One From Each Party Locate voter’s verification record which is on the LEFT tab of the application. Compare signatures and addresses. Have voter sign any required affidavits. Mark left tab of application to show voter is voting in this election or party affiliation if a Primary. Check ID only for those whose application indicate it is required. Initial application and return it to the voter. Return the application booklet to the judge at the first position. 5 2. ***Identification Required*** 6 Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Summary of Duties Receive voter’s application and make certain it is initialed. Number the applications consecutively as you process voters. Important: From the voter’s application, find the voter’s BALLOT TYPE NUMBER. If a primary, determine which party ballot the voter is to receive. Using the information contained on the voter’s application, determine the correct ballot to give the voter. Voter Code Number consecutively, then place on spindle Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

If you have not already done so, spindle the application and any affidavits that may have been required. Note: Affidavits for provisional ballots are not spindled, but sealed with the provisional ballot. Initial the ballot. Before giving ballot to voter, show the voter how to place the ballot in the privacy cover so the judge’s initials can be seen by the ballot box/tabulator judge. Hand the initialed ballot to the voter with a privacy cover and black ink pen. OFFER INSTRUCTION -Explain to the voter to only use the pen you have provided. -Tell the voter that smudges and stray marks may interfere with the proper counting of the ballot. -Tell the voter that they do not have to vote for every office. -Tell the voter not to vote for more candidates than the number indicated for each office. -Let the voter know if there are candidates/questions on both sides of the ballot. -Tell the voter that they may return the ballot for a new one if they make a mistake. -Instruct the voter on where / how to insert ballot into tabulator when they have completed voting and initials have been verified by ballot box judge. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

35 SPOILED BALLOTS Spoiled Ballots - one that is returned to the judges by the voter because the voter made a mistake The voter may return the ballot and receive a new ballot. The word “spoiled” should be written in ink diagonally across the face of the returned ballot. The spoiled ballot should be placed in Envelope #2. A judge should mark the “Spoiled Ballot” square on the pre-printed application. Under no circumstances should a voter be allowed to vote after his/her ballot is successfully tabulated. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Summary of Duties Make sure no one interferes with the voter and that the voting booths remain clear of campaign literature Judge should be positioned 2-5 feet from tabulator and should only approach if it beeps or if voter asks for assistance. Judge should not sit right next to the tabulator. Verify ballot (by asking) if voter has finished voting and voted both sides of ballot (if applicable). Next, verify ballot has judge’s initials on it without removing from privacy sleeve. If a voted ballot is not initialed, it must be marked “SPOILED” and a new ballot should be issued. Instruct the voter to feed the ballot into the tabulator by allowing it to be pulled from its privacy cover into the entry slot. Offer the voter an “I VOTED” sticker. Do not allow any voter to leave the polling place with their ballot. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Ballots may be returned by the tabulator for the following reasons: UNDERVOTES - If a voter undervotes (not cast a vote for) any State Constitutional Office (Governor/Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller or Treasurer), the tabulator will beep and display a message. OVERVOTES - If a voter overvotes an office, the tabulator will beep and display a message BLANK BALLOT - If a voter has not voted any office or a ballot is unreadable, the tabulator will beep and display a message If the voter receives one of these messages, he/she may need assistance from the ballot box/tabulator judge. This should be done in a discreet manner - only the voter needs to know why the ballot was returned. The judge must NOT look at the ballot. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

38 CLOSING THE POLLS At 6:30 p.m., one of the election judges shall announce in a clear, loud voice that the polls will close in one-half hour. At 7:00 p.m., announce that the polling place is closed. All persons in line at that time must be allowed to vote. Remove the polling place signs and lock the main door. No one is allowed to remain in the polling place without pollwatcher credentials. The election judges are the only persons authorized to handle the ballots. After the last ballot has been cast, only the following are allowed to remain in the polling place: Election Judges Law enforcement officers acting in their official capacity Authorized pollwatchers upon submission of valid credentials Representatives of the election authority Representatives of the State Board of Elections Representatives of the State’s Attorney and the Attorney General’s Office Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Check emergency bin on tabulator Record number of spoiled ballots Record the number of applications on spindle Record number of provisional ballots Open ballot box and count and record (separate by precinct if necessary) Compare number of ballots cast (regular plus provisional) with last number on your spindle (should be the same) Check for Judge’s Initials, Identifying marks and write-in’s Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

BEFORE PRINTING RESULTS, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TABULATED ANY BALLOTS THAT WERE IN THE EMERGENCY BIN IF IT WAS USED. Open the KEY ACCESS PANEL, insert the YELLOW KEY, and turn it to the OPEN / CLOSE POLL position. Press CLOSE POLLS to officially close the polls. The tabulator will print two (2) sets of election results for each precinct that used the tabulator (if applicable). The precinct totals will be printed by precinct on the printed results tape. Carefully separate the precinct total copies. All judges should then sign all copies of the election results tape for their precinct. Note: Total ballots on results tape MUST equal number of ballots hand counted and number of applications on spindle (excluding provisional ballots) Distribute the two (2) copies of the results tape as follows: Copy 1 – Return in the CARDBOARD BALLOT RETURN BOX with the voted ballots. Copy 2 – Return in the MEMORY CARD BAG (which will then be put in the Election Night Return Envelope). Note: There is only one (1) MEMORY CARD BAG per polling place. Note: If pollwatcher requests a copy of results - please print additional copies as needed Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Check each ballot for write-in votes. Set any ballots aside that have write-in votes. In order for a write-in to be valid, an INTENT TO BE A WRITE-IN CANDIDATE form must be filed (found in Pocket #4). If there is no INTENT TO BE A WRITE-IN CANDIDATE form, there will be no need to check for write-in votes. In determining the validity of a write-in vote, the spelling of the candidate’s name need not be exact as long as the intent of the voter can be determined. Go through the write-in ballots and record all VALID write-in votes on the Write-In Tally Sheet (found in Pocket #9). After completing the tally, all judges must sign the tally sheet. If there are no valid write-in votes, write “NONE” across the sheet and sign. Place the white copy of the Write-In Tally Sheet in the Election Night Return Envelope (found in Pocket #11) and place the yellow copy in the CARDBOARD BALLOT RETURN BOX. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Line 1 should already have the ballots received (should have been recorded on the form before you opened the polls) Record the number of absentee ballots returned by voters, if any, on line 2. Add lines 1 and 2 and record the total ballots received on line 3. Record the number of SPOILED BALLOTS (from envelope #2) on line 4. Record the number of signed voter applications (from the spindle) on line 5. Record the number of Provisional Ballots on line 6. Record the number of EXCESS BALLOTS (from Envelope #3) on line 7. Record the number of DEFECTIVE BALLOTS (from Envelope #3) on line 8. Record the number of DUPLICATED BALLOTS (from Envelope #5) on line 9. Record the number of UNUSED BALLOTS (Bag #4) on line 10. Record the number of valid Write-In Votes cast on line 11. Record the number of BALLOTS TABULATED (hand count) on line 12. All Election Judges must sign the form. The top (white) copy will be returned in the Election Night Return Envelope and the bottom (pink) copy will be returned in the Cardboard Ballot Return Box. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Turn the key in the ballot tabulator to the OFF position. REMOVE THE KEY and close the ACCESS PANEL TO KEY. Using the GREEN KEY, unlock the ACCESS FLAP TO MEMORY CARD (top front panel on the ballot box). Lower the flap and break the seal on the MEMORY CARD COMPARTMENT (small left compartment). Open the MEMORY CARD COMPARTMENT and push the eject button next to the MEMORY CARD and remove. PLACE THE MEMORY CARD AND BROKEN SEAL IN THE MEMORY CARD BAG WITH ONE COPY OF RESULTS FOR ALL PRECINCTS THAT USED THE TABULATOR. THE MEMORY CARD BAG SHOULD THEN BE RETURNED IN THE ELECTION NIGHT RETURN ENVELOPE. Place the security lid over the tabulator so the “LIFT UP” label is in the front of the tabulator. Close and lock ACCESS FLAP TO MEMORY CARD (top front panel on the ballot box). Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

44 CLOSING THE AUTOMARK Insert the BLUE KEY into the AutoMARK keyhole and turn to the OFF position. Lift under the front of the ballot feed tray and fold it inwards. Open the lid and fold the Touch Screen Monitor back into the recessed area. Lower the lid over the Touch Screen Monitor. Lower the lid flap over the ballot feed tray. Move the lid latches inward to secure the lid. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Make sure keys have been placed in the Key Pouch in your Judges’ binder. Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Hand carried in to the County Building: Election Night Return Envelope (bright green envelope) includes: Memory Card Bag (one per polling place) – contains MEMORY CARD, Seal from Memory Card Compartment, signed election results from all precincts that shared the tabulator Certificate of Ballot (top white copy) Write-in Tally Sheet (top white copy) Envelope #1 Signed Judge’s Oath/Judge’s Expense Sheet (reverse side of Oath) Zero Report Tape Pollwatcher Credentials Certificate of Inspection Voter Correction Sheet Envelope #6 Used and unused pre-printed applications (and extra spindles) Provisional Ballots Carrier Pouch and voted provisional ballots Cardboard Ballot Return Box – judges must sign ballot box return seal and also seal with red plastic seal Voted ballots with write-in’s on top One (1) signed copy of Election Results tape PINK copy of “Certificate of Ballots” form YELLOW copy of “Write-In Tally Sheet” Envelopes: #2 – Spoiled ballots (returned by voters during voting hours for new ballot) #3 – Defective and Excess Ballots #5 – Damaged Ballot Cards (Duplicated Ballot Cards) Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

Gray Supply Case contains (returned to Adams Street Entrance): Judge’s Binder Privacy Covers Supply Baggie Polling Place Signage #4 plastic bag containing unused ballots (if room) Any other miscellaneous supplies Do not pack Tabulator, AutoMARK or Voting Booths. Be sure the keys are returned in the key pouch and Memory Card is removed and returned in the Memory Card Bag. DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY! Joe Aiello Sangamon County Clerk

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