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Over 1000 End-Users Specify MultiTrode

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1 Over 1000 End-Users Specify MultiTrode
23 Years in the Industry Over 1000 End-Users Specify MultiTrode

2 MultiTrode - Company Specialists in level sensing and control for pump stations USA, UK and Australia 23 years in this market Corporate offices Boca Raton, FL Bristol, UK Brisbane, Australia Supply products to 15 countries through our own sales team or value-added reps & distributors

3 Conductive Level Probes
Reduces maintenance costs No more false readings or burnt-out pumps Simple to install and guaranteed for 10 years Cuts the risk of spills Two Basic Types Multiple measurement points for primary level control 10-sensor probe most common Single point for back-up control

4 The Probe – how does it work?
No electronics or moving parts in the wetwell The control or monitoring device in the wetwell: applies 10v a.c. to each “sensor” looks for current flowing to ground With 10 sensors we get 10% resolution of level Works in spite of fats, oils and grease (FOG)

5 Fat and Grease This probe was installed in a wastewater pit 10 years ago, without being cleaned. The probe still works reliably today. Over 100,000 pump stations installed with probes.

6 Examples Extreme Foam Heavy Sludge Fat and Grease

7 MultiTrode Probe - Installation
Mount near the inflow (turbulence keeps it cleaner) Install bottom of probe a little above the snore point of the pump Ensure 12 inches of clearance around the probe

8 MultiTrode Probe - Installation
Single sensor example - for single pump start/stop application Mounting bracket not included with single sensor probes The extended bracket is shown here

9 Probe comparisons Compared with other level devices, the probe is simpler and more reliable Ultrasonics are complex and hard to troubleshoot Pressure transducers fail and need cleaning Ball floats need constant cleaning Bubblers have mechanical parts

10 Floats / transducer replacement
MTIC Works with a 10-sensor probe 10 relay outputs (corresponding to level) 4-20mA output (stepped) Level indication How is control done? MTIC connects into the existing control system Can be used for simple control but has no pump logic, no alternation, etc

11 Duplex pump control MTDPC How is control done?
Works with a 10-sensor probe Operator interace with level indication, manual/off/auto control, pump fault and level alarm reset Alternation or fixed lead/lag Setpoint adjustment via keypad How is control done? MTDPC is the control system Replaces relay logic or PLC Replaces switches, lights, push buttons

12 Single pump control MTR and MTRA How is control done?
MTR works with 2 single-sensor probes MTRA works with 2 or 3 single sensor probes Simple but effective & economic and always ultra-reliable How is control done? ON/OFF from the 2 sensors With MTRA, alarm from a 3rd sensor, or level stays above ON sensor MTR can do “pump up” or “pump down” MTRA is “pump down” only

13 Level alarm relay SafeSmart, Safe-FS How does the failsafe probe work?
Works with failsafe single-sensor probe Two Relay outputs – level alarm and probe fail How does the failsafe probe work? Two wires connected to the same sensor Checks for continuity every 10 seconds

14 SafeSmart Backup controller
Safe-TL & Safe-FSP Works with failsafe 3-sensor probe (ON, OFF, ALARM) Provides a backup control system for 1 pump in any wastewater pump station Or primary single pump control How does the unit work? Level from backup probe Manual/hand input Won’t run pump if it’s too hot

15 Comparison - SafeSmart controllers & MTR
SAFE-TL SAFE-FSP MTRA Comments One pump control + alarm X Thermal fault input inhibits pump (including thermal FLS from Flygt pumps) Stops pump running when too hot Seal fault input inhibits pump Potential miniCAS replacement Manual (hand) input Allows over-ride which can be inhibited on pump thermal fault Keypad for inner door Works with failsafe probe input LED indication for loss of probe Relay output when loss of probe Control or telemetry system can discriminate between high level and loss of probe

16 Conclusion The MultiTrode probe is the best solution for wastewater level measurement Simple, reliable and low maintenance MTIC – float or transducer replacement MTDPC – duplex pump controller MTR / MTRA – single pump control Safe-FS – failsafe high level alarm Safe-FSP & Safe-TL – backup pump controller (single pump)

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