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UPFRO ASSOCIATES, INC. Insurance Inspections ABCs Insurance Inspectors are the Eyes & Ears of insurance underwriters. They provide the information required.

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1 UPFRO ASSOCIATES, INC. Insurance Inspections ABCs Insurance Inspectors are the Eyes & Ears of insurance underwriters. They provide the information required by an underwriter about a home or property. This allows the underwriter to make an informed decision to issue, reject or cancel an insurance policy. This is a step-by-step overview of the insurance inspectors job.

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS The Three Most Important Things UIRS – UPFRO Information & Retrieval System Receiving Requests Mapping Work Appointments Locations Going to the Home Photo ID & Dress Code Knock or Ring the Doorbell Be Safe! Inspecting the Risk Standard Photos Hazard/Condition Photos Field Sketch/ Diagram Inspection Forms Submitting the Report Uploading Photos Diagrams Web Reports, Templates & Paper Billing the Report Submitting Your Invoice Getting Paid UPFRO ASSOCIATES, INC.

3 The Three Most Important Things 1. Time Service 2. Time Service 3. Time Service Insurance companies are limited with the amount of time they have to underwrite a policy. If they do not make their decisions within the allotted time – normally 30 days for a new policy – they may be forced, depending on each states laws, to issue and maintain the policy. The policy may stay in effect for a full year or even for life. No matter what your inspection may reveal! The clock starts when the underwriter receives the application – not when UPFRO receives the request or when you, the inspector receive the request. And the clock stops when the underwriter gets the report. Your report must be completed & submitted to our office/web site to allow time for us to review, upload, etc. UPFROs current policy is called NOW meaning No Old Work. We look for work to be completed and submitted with 21 days – thats three weeks. So we may complete the handling or your report and get it to the underwriter. But instead of NOW, we would like you to WOW the underwriters with time service that is even better! Inspectors with excellent time service and good quality will find underwriters ordering more reports in their territories in the future. UPFRO ASSOCIATES, INC.

4 UIRS UPFRO INFORMATION & RETREVIAL SYSTEM UIRS U PFRO I NFORMATION & R ETREVIAL S YSTEM The UIRS is our Web Based site allowing you to: Receive your requests for inspections Complete your final reports Bill and invoice for your work Using the UIRS will improve your time service from NOW to WOW!

5 UIRS Bookmark this site: It is your gateway to the UIRS. And has the tools you need just a click away. Request the Operating Manual for the UIRS.

6 Receiving Requests Log onto the UIRS [You will receive a User ID and a Password] Your work is just a step away…….

7 Receiving Requests Click on Search to view your Inventory of assignments. Click on your Inventory Page to view each request. You can print this page for a Simple Request Form.

8 Receiving Requests If you need specific forms to inspect, they are provided using the Inspectors Forms Link. Or you can pick up Generic Field Forms on line or request them directly from UPFRO. And if all else fails – we can email you your request or generic forms.

9 Mapping Work Map out your work. You want your stops to run efficiently and effectively. Choose a hard copy, paper map (Laminated ones are best) or use any mapping program you like! We like Microsofts Street & TripsMicrosofts Street & Trips Street & Trips allows you to copy your entire inventory and map all locations! The Inspectors Page includes links to some standard maps sites.

10 Locations & Appointments Locations If you cannot find the location of a risk on your map, there are many options. White Pages Reverse Phone Lookup Call the Policyholder Call the Agent Call Local Police, Realtors, Post Office Call UPFRO and ask for help! There is an extra fee for locating a home with a bad address – when you fully document it with your report. If you find that the request is no longer in your area – call the UPFRO Office and we will have it re-assigned. Appointments On occasion you may be required to complete an inspection by appointment. There is an extra fee for this as well. A detailed SOP can be found at our Inspectors Corner STANDARD OPERATING PROCEEDURE

11 Going to the Risk (House) Photo ID UPFRO will issue you a Photo ID Clip it to your work or use a lanyard around your neck It must be with you at all times when you are in the field. Dress Code Proper Dress Code is required. Collared Shirts, Slacks, comfortable footwear is good. Tee-shirts, shorts, sandals are not. Ask you manager for specific details. Knock or Ring the Bell before Proceeding Be Safe If you are in an area noted for crime, or if you find any other unsafe condition – just document it and submit your report. Photos, when available, help!

12 Inspecting the Risk (Home) Standard Photos Show front/side Show rear/opposite side Document when you cannot. Hazard – Condition Photos Refer to Your Hazard Guidelines Refer to Your Account Guidelines Document what the hazard photo shows in the Remarks Section

13 Diagram/ Field Sketch This is an overhead view of the home showing the separate sections of the home such as….. Basement/ Slab / Crawl Space 1 Story /1.5 Story / 2 Story, etc. Garages: Built in / Attached / Detached, etc Decks / Balconies Porches: Enclosed / Open And each section should have its own measurements for calculating. Measurements Use a Measuring Wheel or a Tape. Round to the nearest foot. Opposite sides of the home should be balanced. See Sample….

14 Standard Report Our Inspection Forms are a series questions about the home you are inspecting. They provide standard options to the important features of the home. Standard Inspection questions are categorized: General Occupancy Who lives in the home. What the home is used for. Fire Protection Distances to Fire Hydrants & Fire Stations Property Conditions How well is the house maintained. Liability How could someone get hurt? Exposures Surrounding area concerns. Remarks Highlight the problems you found and photographed.

15 Replacement Report The Replacement Cost of the Home is an additional form completed with our Standard Reports. You will provide same basic information on this form and along with your diagram, we will be able to calculate the replacement value of the home. The Replacement value is the amount the home is insured. It is not the market value nor the tax-assessed value. It a building/ reconstruction value. We use MSB/RCT as our primary replacement calculating tool.

16 Riders & Account Specific Forms There may be additional forms as well. Electric, Heating & Plumbing Supplement Wood Burning Stove Supplement Interior Reports Each pays an additional fee when completed. Account Specific Forms Some Accounts want specific forms. The information may be presented differently but is all basically the same.

17 Submitting the Report Once you are done in the field, you will be asked to write up your reports. The old fashion method of writing or typing each report on paper is obsolete. Using the Std Form and the RCT Form links on the UIRS page…. You can complete simple pull-down and fill in sections and click to submit your report. Most pull down answers are defaulted. You only need to change the answers for hazards or conditions youve noted. Occasionally, you may also be asked to use additional sites to complete information for specific accounts.

18 Submitting Photos Photos must be uploaded After you have downloaded your digital photos (we suggest using a Folder named: UPFRO PHOTOS with sub folders named for the day worked i.e. June 27, 2005 Copy and paste the policy number Browse to your UPFRO PHOTO folder/date worked and pick the photo. Click on Add Currently, photos must be uploaded one-at-a- time on the UIRS. The MIS Wide Site works is a similar fashion and you must upload their Account Specific Photos on this site.

19 Submitting Diagrams Diagrams Use the Draw Diagram link on the UIRS to create a diagram! Remember – Time Service! If you are having problems with this program, just call us for help or alternatives solutions!!!

20 Submitting Templates (E-Mail) Account Specific Work - Templates A few Accounts have their own specific forms or programs (unavailable to you). So, for now, we have created an alternative. You may complete a form using an MS Word Template and email it to us. Upload your photos and diagrams on the UIRS for these accounts. Ask for the UIRS Procedure Manual for details and specific information

21 Close Out the Report on the UIRS On the UIRS 1. Change Status 2. Complete your date inspect and fee boxes. 3. Complete the Forms Section. 4. Update the Checklist 5. AND CLICK UPDATE Ask for the UIRS Procedure Manual

22 Invoice for your Reports The UIRS will invoice your reports for you! Just make sure you complete the correct information in the Forms boxes and hit the Set Fees

23 Thank you for reviewing this presentation. And welcome to the UPFRO family of inspectors. We are here to help you succeed. Please contact us at anytime! Again – Thanks! UPFRO ASSOCIATES, INC.

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