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What is. SummitPlus + is a high performance replacement for R-22 refrigerant in R-22 AC systems.

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1 What is

2 SummitPlus + is a high performance replacement for R-22 refrigerant in R-22 AC systems.

3 Oh No…Not Another one!

4 = NOPE! Does

5 All R-400s are blends of refrigerants. Lets take a look at a few… R-410a R-125 (50%) R-32 (50%) R-404aR-125 (44%)R-143a (52%)R-134a (4%) R-407cR-125 (25%)R-32 (23%)R-134a (52%) R-417aR-125 (46.6%)R-600 (3.4%)R-134a (50%) R-421aR-125 (58%)Proprietary OilR-134a (42%) R-422bR-125 (55%)R-600 (3%)R-134a (42%) R-422dR-125 (65.1%)R-600 (3.4%)R-134a (31.5%)

6 But Blends… …must be charged into the system as a liquid, to assure the proper composition. …and while running in a system, ALL blends can fractionate, leaking one component more than the other, changing the composition from the original design. NO WAY!

7 Yes Way Also, when a technician walks up to a system containing a blend, it is impractical for him to KNOW if that blend is in composition or not. Field test equipment, refrigerant identifiers, can identify which blend is present, IF the contractor is willing to purchase a $4500 tester. Even with the refrigerant identifier, the technician cannot be sure if the composition is correct. Gas chromatography is the only way to positively KNOW that the composition is correct in a blend. Gas chromatography is normally done in a lab environment. System sampling and transportation of the sample to a test lab make this task anything but easy.

8 Now A Look At SummitPlus + It is not a blend or hydrocarbon. SummitPlus + is a single component refrigerant. It contains additives to adapt it to R-22 systems. Cool!

9 SummitPlus + is a straight forward replacement for R-22 that consistently demonstrates efficiency improvements over R-22. We have recorded data of systems consuming 30% LESS energy. NONE of the blends claim increases in system efficiency!

10 Where Is SummitPlus + ?

11 SummitPlus + Customer? Who Is A The owner of an R-22 DX (direct expansion) system, roof-top unit, split system, PTAC unit. Future: specific units, chillers etc with detailed retro-fit guidelines. Owners who are: Afraid of R-22 prices and availability. (We have seen residential customers charged $100 per pound for R-22 this year, and the future holds many price increases.) R-22 in 2012 was limited in supply and rationed, this will happen again in the future. Green customers who want to do something good for the environment. Any time we do not spend money on electricity, we are doing something good for the environment. Energy conscious customers. Individuals or companies who want to cut costs of operation for their AC systems.

12 Dont Forget Contractors! Who are looking for a new profit center outside the normal offerings. When a contractor sets up a customer with SummitPlus + it secures loyalty of that customer to their company. Who are progressive and are making plans for the time when R-22 is either impractical or unavailable. Who hate blends!

13 The customer who has an undersized system. My system runs ALL the time and on hot days, it never satisfies the thermostat. Any of the current alternatives may demonstrate a loss in capacity. IF the loss is < 15%, a healthy system will absorb this change simply by running up to 15% longer. A system with a 20 minute cycle could run 23 minutes. This is normally not seen as an issue, and can be seen as a benefit, as the system stays on longer having more time to remove unwanted humidity. A lower % of humidity in the conditioned space can allow for a higher set point while maintaining equal comfort for the occupants. SummitPlus + Customer? Who Is Not A

14 What Are The Required Changes To Retro-fit R-22 systems To SummitPlus + ? Many DX systems have a fixed orifice to meter the refrigerant, this system is a direct application, a simple retro-fit. The process would be as simple as: Recover the R-22 from the system. Change the liquid line drier. (recommended any time the system is open, but not mandatory) Vacuum to a Micron level to remove all the refrigerant and possible moisture. Charge with 90% of the amount removed to have a starting point, Adjust the Superheat and Sub-cooling into range to optimize the operation. A system with a TXV metering device will require changing the power head assembly. Valves with non-replaceable power head assemblies, will need to be changed out. Roland Engineering Services has forms to record the system operation before the retro-fit and post retro-fit. With good operation after the retro-fit it is important to compare the new amperage draw to the original amperage draw. This percentage improvement should be directly proportional to the expected savings, due to the Summit Plus retro-fit.

15 Final Word NEVER PUT SummitPlus + ON TOP OF AN R-22 CHARGE IN A SYSTEM. It can work, BUT you are in uncharted waters. Also, you are making cross contaminated refrigerant and giving it to your customer, a huge disservice!


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