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Valuing the Tem-5 Replacement Cost Less Depreciation.

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1 Valuing the Tem-5 Replacement Cost Less Depreciation

2 IBM System 360 Mod 75 Purchase price range from $10.6 million to $16.9 million in todays dollars Announced April 22, 1965 and withdrawn March 15, 1977. The Depreciation of Electronic Computers Is Different from the Depreciation of Your Car

3 What Causes Depreciation for Electronic Computers? Very Little Depreciation Due to Aging– those electronic parts can last a very long time. Most of the Depreciation Comes from Obsolescence –Cheaper Computers That Can Perform the Same Function. –Better Computers That Can Do Things The Older Ones Cannot Do.

4 The TEM-5 is Like a Computer Relatively Little Depreciation Due to Aging –The TEM-5 was only a few years old. Most of the Depreciation Comes from Obsolescence –The 2A7 was cheaper and could perform similar functions. –The TEM-5 had a dangerous design. –The TEM-5 was making an obsolete product.

5 The Business Value of the Tem-5 1. Ongoing Production Value 2. Future Production Value 3. Interim Production Value 4. Resale Value, or Parts and Scrap Value

6 4/24/2000 TEM-5 Out of Service 7/24/2000 2A7 Fully Operational Production Timeline 1/1/2002 Demand Exceeds 2A7 Capacity? Interim Production Value Ongoing Production Value Future Production Value

7 The 2A7 and the 2A8 Added a Lot of Capacity

8 There Was No Ongoing Production Value: The 2A7 Alone Had More Than Enough Capacity to Handle Demand in the Fall of 2000

9 An Example of Future Production Value When would it make sense to park your old car in the garage for some future use rather than selling it? –Your daughter is 13 and you want her to have the car when she turns 16. PRO CON You wont have to buy her a car in three years Its not good for the car to sit there idle all that time, It could cost a lot to get it running well again The car will depreciate in value just sitting there. If you sold the car now, you could invest the money in the stock market, and, if things go well, you could use the gain to buy a really great car when your daughter is 16.

10 Important Consideration for SDI Planning The 2A8 Could be Used for Future Production In TRW Rack and Pinion Program for which the 2A8 was planned –Phase in 2000/2001 –Phase out 2002/2003

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