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Novel ingredients in Free-From Food manufacturing Dale Whiteman Technical Development Manager Daymer Ingredients.

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1 Novel ingredients in Free-From Food manufacturing Dale Whiteman Technical Development Manager Daymer Ingredients

2 Who are ? Food Ingredient distributor established 2003 based in Atherstone on Stour, Warwickshire providing:- stabiliser systems texturiser blends starches and modified starches maltodextrins, dextrose & glucose proteins and emulsifiers yeast extracts and HVPs natural savoury flavours gums and hydrocolloids dairy ingredients

3 An ever growing area Can even lead to nut free nuts Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients Nutricorn Nuts Announced beginning of September Maize based toasted corn germ Nutty texture, flavour and aroma Free From Ingredients

4 Gluten free Is Xanthan the only answer? Dairy Free Completely dairy free Lactose free dairy ingredients Egg free Free From Ingredients

5 Gluten free Function of gluten Different products have different requirements Bread and cakes Provides an elastic network controlling air cell size during formation of dough and cooking On cooking gluten coagulates interacting with other proteins and fat to control toughness and elasticity of structure Pasta Elasticity Al dente texture/chewability

6 Gluten free bakery Flour replacement Typically combinations of corn and potato starch, rice flour, tapioca flour and occasionally include other flours e.g. Buckwheat Ratios depend on end application Bread flour Assorted blends used, all need additional gluten replacers to function Pasta Primarily corn flour Occasionally rice based but can become gummy on cooking Frying batter Usually rice flour based

7 Gluten free bakery Common options to replace gluten Xanthan, Can lead to crumb hardening & gummy mouthfeel Xanthan alone can control air cell size but volume often restricted May not be suitable for all Egg proteins Currently unstable pricing Brings another allergen issue Guar gum Availability Cost!!

8 Gluten free bakery HPMC (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose) Used successfully with corn starch/rice flour blend Can be tricky to disperse in water better if premixed with other materials Typical application rate 2% Enhances volume Controls air cell size and distribution Reduces staling Current research Food Hydrocolloids Issue 30 Vol 1 (Jan 2013) p Clear demonstration of improvement to commercial gluten free flours using HPMC with or without buckwheat flour

9 Gluten free bakery Other cellulose based materials Wellence TM Combination of HPMC and CMC specially modified for application Gives excellent volume increase and air cell control Relatively low addition rate Without Wellence TM With Wellence TM

10 Gluten free bakery Vegetable proteins Combinations of potato or pea proteins with a blend of corn starch, rice flour and potato starch More even air cell distribution, enhances volume, improves surface browning Control With 1.6% Solanic potato protein isolate

11 Gluten free bakery Vegetable fibre Insoluble pea fibre Proposed as a guar substitute appears to work well with bread and cakes at between 2:1 to 2.5:1substitution level some cost benefit while maintaining dough viscosity on kneading

12 Gluten free bakery Future technology? Sourdough approach (University College Cork) Selected lactic acid bacteria and enzymes used to treat wheat flour to produce fully hydrolysed wheat flour with <10ppm gluten Lactic acid bacteria produce exopolysaccharides i.e. Materials similar to xanthan Small scale studies seem to indicate no toxicity to coeliac patients however much larger studies are required to confirm safety of this approach

13 Gluten free Processed meat Replacement of breadcrumbs and rusk Used as a binder in sausage and burgers Found in over 90% of sausages Usually based on wheat flour Reduce moisture/fat loss on cooking maintaining juiciness Usual GF alternatives Higher fat meat content Soy flour Daymer option for low fat gluten free Blend of potato starches and rice flour

14 Dairy free Basic functions of milk proteins Emulsification Foam stabilisation Structuring e.g. cheese Glazing Typical alternatives Soya Brings another allergen issue GM free requirements of many customers Unless high quality/price can bring flavour or colour problems Egg Another potential allergen Pricing currently very unstable

15 Dairy free emulsification Newer options for emulsifying Non dairy proteins including- Other vegetable proteins (pea, potato, rice) Generally successful although flavour or colour issues can still be found unless high quality ingredients used Animal proteins Gelatin Fish gelatin

16 Dairy free More recent options Modified starch (Starch sodium octenyl succinate) E1450 Some emulsifying capacity Typical addition rate 0.5-1% α –Cyclodextrin Novel Foods approval gained 2008 Can be effective in a range of applications such as sauces, mayonnaise etc Optimum effect at high oil levels Limitations on pH and heat treatment during emulsification

17 Dairy free - foam Current usual stabiliser choices Egg albumen – see earlier issues! Soy protein isolates Gelatin and other animal protein More recent options Potato and pea proteins E1450 Starch octenylsuccinate Emulsifies but may also contribute to aeration α –Cyclodextrin Can double overrun on non protein systems Combinations of cellulose ethers and surface active materials e.g. E481 SSL which is already found in many bread improvers

18 Dairy free Analogue cheese Blends of modified starches Selected to control firmness and melting properties as well as emulsify fat Made using standard processed cheese equipment Other hydrocolloids can be added to improve properties like stretch

19 Lactose free Lactose free milk powders Typical Skim milk powder 50% lactose Lactose removed by a combination of ultrafiltration and enzyme hydrolysis to <0.1% Some conversion to glucose & galactose Overall increase in protein content

20 Dairy & Egg free - glazes Milk and egg wash glazes Seal surface Add sheen Enhance browning Alternatives Based on dextrins and starches Addition of vegetable proteins such as potato can enhance finish Control Milk glaze Egg glaze Images from The Fresh Loaf

21 Egg free - Emulsification Similar solutions to dairy free Egg free mayonnaise dressings Combinations of modified starches can provide the emulsification and viscosity provided by egg at a range of fat levels

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