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Origin Storage Ltd Company Overview 2012. About Us Founded in September 2001, with its head office in Basingstoke - since then it has grown to have 2.

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1 Origin Storage Ltd Company Overview 2012

2 About Us Founded in September 2001, with its head office in Basingstoke - since then it has grown to have 2 offices in Europe and 3 across the UK. Core area of business is the manufacturing and distribution of third party matched hard drives solutions for OEM Servers, Notebooks & Desktops. Have been supplying Dell with their legacy spares across EMEA for the past 9 years – in FY 2011 this business grew by 80% in the UK. O rigin Storage Limited originally developed its business around the supply of Hard Drive Solutions to major computer manufacturers. As the business expanded and new products were brought on board, a handpicked team was chosen to bring experience in component knowledge, compatibility, product sourcing and assembly, making it extremely flexible when it comes to the supply of all storage related products. Products from award winning manufacturers

3 Product Summary Brief overview of our primary product portfolio Encrypted SED Laptop HDD solutions External Encrypted USB Hard Drives Replacement Laptop Batteries and AC Adapters – BTI Wave and Safend EMEA distributor - software encryption Current and legacy Dell spares

4 Matched Hard Drive Solutions Replacement & upgrade HDD's for major branded server, notebook & desktop systems Hard Drive Solutions For over a decade Origin Storage has become the number one UK supplier of third party replacement and upgrade hard drives. We offer quality matched HDD solutions for most major brands of servers, notebooks and desktops, such as Dell, Compaq, HP, Toshiba and IBM. DESKTOP NOTEBOOK SERVER All solutions come with a 3 Year Advanced Replacement warranty. (5yr on enterprise solutions Q4 2012) Origin Storage offer 100% matched HDD solutions for all major OEMs. All HDDs come pre-fitted with the correct fitting kit/caddy. Using Origin Storage drives will NOT invalidate the manufacturers warranty.

5 Superior Quality & Performance All drives available: Hard Drives Options We can match any hard drive for any system, simply tell us what you need Hard Drive Solutions Server Drives The pie chart above identifies the split in sales between the top 3 brands – Dell is the largest as we supply direct, however HP & IBM are two fast growing areas we now heavily focus on FY2011 Origin Storage supplied in excess of 23,000 matched HDD solutions. SATA / NLS / Midline SAS SCSI SSD (MLC eMLC SLC) SED / FDE We have strong relationships with all major hard drive manufacturers which means we will only ever supply new, high quality hard drives in our solutions.

6 Interface USB 2.0USB 3.0 Security Password Length 6 - 18Password Length 6 - 32 Numeric OnlyAlpha Numeric Single-Factor Authentication Optional RFID Two-Factor Authentication 256-bit AES Ease of Use Languages English, French, German, Spanish (separate Firmware required for each language) Languages English, French, German, Spanish (user selectable) PIN Encrypted Hard Drives Touch screen PIN protected USB portable hard drives DataLocker Encrypted Hard Drives DataLocker DL3 DataLocker DL2 FIPS 140-2 Certified DataLocker external hard drives are ideal for mobile users who require high-capacity, secure portable storage. Also available with SSD! No software required Platform independent (PC, MAC, Linux) High Capacity (Up to 1TB)

7 Wave Product Portfolio FACT Under new legislation if an organisation loses personal data, they can be find up to £500,000 SATA/SSD Encrypted HDDs SEDs are the most secure, highest performing option for protecting data in laptops Specifications Micron C400 SED. Hardware-based data encryption with no loss of SSD performance in accordance with industry standards. Capacities: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB Compliance: TCG Opal Encryption: 256-bit AES Read Performance: Up to 500 MB/s Write Performance: up to 175 MB/s for 128GB up to 260 MB/s for 256GB, 512GB Capacities: 320GB (Higher Capacities Q4 2012) Compliance: FIPS 140-2 Encryption: 128-bit AES Spin Speed: 7200RPM Interface: SATA 3-Gb/s NCQ Seagate® Momentus. Hardware based encryption eliminates any performance impact, because encryption takes place on the fly. Specifications EnigmaSED Self-Encrypting Hard Drives Using a combination of the latest in hardware and software encryption technology, Enigma SED is a complete start to finish upgrade kit which will convert a standard notebook into a fully hardware encrypted notebook with pre-boot authentication. Zero impact on system performance Always-on AES encryption means all of your data is protected all of the time. We supply everything you need right out of the box Powered by SSD

8 Wave Software Simplified encryption and authentication software from Wave The Technology SEDs TPMs Self-Encrypting Hard Drive Microsoft BitLocker ® Wave Encryption Service Trusted Platform Module Wave Wave Systems is a leading provider of client and server software for hardware-based digital security. Wave's comprehensive suite of client and server tools leverage and manage these capabilities, so any organisation can implement a safer, more trusted computing environment today. Centralised security policies, reporting, user/device management and recovery: ERAS (Embassy Remote Administration Server) Microsoft BitLocker ® Self-Encrypted Drives (SEDs) Wave is the only solution that delivers drive initialisation, user management, drive locking, user recovery and crypto erase for all Opal- based, proprietary and solid-state SEDs. (Origins Enigma SEDs use this technology to allow seamless upgrade from a standard HDD to a fully encrypted SED) Wave provides automated turn-key management for Microsoft BitLocker encryption, which is suitable for organisations that have not yet phased SEDs Search for, initialise, configure and administer a global fleet of computers with SEDs, TPMs and those using Microsoft BitLocker® drive encryption.

9 Safend Discoverer - locate and map sensitive data stored on your organisational endpoints Safend Inspector - inspect, classify, filter and block leakage of your sensitive content and data through email, IM, Web, external storage, printers and more. Safend Encryptor - Protect and encrypt your laptops and PCs. Safend Protector - block or encrypt data transferred to external media and devices (CD/DVD, USB, Firewire, etc.) and block connections to unsecure wireless networks. Safend Auditor - immediately recognise your security risks through a clientless tool that identifies all devices currently or historically connected to your endpoints via USB, Firewire, PCMCIA or WiFi ports. Safend Reporter - easily generate graphical regulatory compliance reports and security log summaries through an intuitive tool. Safend Software Simplified encryption and authentication software from Wave Safend Data Protection Suite Protection against data loss by offering data encryption, port control, device control and content inspection, and compliancy. 60% of corporate data residing on endpoints Over 70% of security breaches/data thefts originate from within DID YOU KNOW?

10 Thecus NAS High Performance, High Capacity Network Attached Storage Thecus NAS Thecus Technology are a global leader in NAS storage systems. Ranking number 6 in the world, Thecus have been rolling out award winning devices year after year. iSCSI, CIFS, AFP, NFS, FTP and more. 2 – 16 Bay Desktop & Rackmount models Up to 64TB of storage space * Supports multiple RAIDs Comprehensive warranty options Support SATA & SAS 6Gbps * High Performance Device Replication Supports 10GbE * Fastest growing NAS company since 2004 Currently ranked 6 th for global NAS sales NAS boxes from Home to Enterprise users First NAS company to utilise HDMI output Thecus Facts * Specific models only

11 BTI Batteries & Adapters The first choice for guaranteed quality 3 rd party replacement power products BTI Batteries & Adapters Battery Technology Inc. (BTI) are a global manufacturer of replacement batteries & AC power adapters for notebooks, digital cameras, PDAs and other mobile devices. Based in California US, they are the largest US supplier of replacement batteries & AC adapters. Established in 1993 Full ownership of Design & Manufacturing Handy online configurator BTI Facts Industry Leading 18 Month Advanced Replacement Warranty. Up to 25% more cost effective than the OEM originals. All batteries use Grade A Panasonic or Samsung Cells. At least 5 new models released every month. Full testing & component traceability. All Major brands covered i.e. Acer, Dell, HP, Apple, IBM, Toshiba etc… Just some of the brands catered for! Dont settle for less, make BTI your first choice

12 We can supply replacements or upgrades in any form factor, any size and of any specification. Simply tell us which system you have and we will find the products which are a perfect match. Check out our handy configurator » Handy configurator to make it easier to find parts. Shows all available parts for a specific system. Hard Drive Configurator (Search) Simple Search Detailed Results System Information Available Product Options System Selector Quick and easy to use product configurator Product Finder

13 Origin have created additional warranty packs * to allow you to effectively tailor your support requirements to your business needs. Whether you need UK based phone or onsite support, we have the tools and the knowledge to support your business. *Currently only available for Thecus products. Other products to be covered Q4 2012 Warranty Add-on Packs Additional warranty options Extended Warranty PhoneAdvancedOn-siteInstant Get phone support from our own UK based Thecus specialists. Get replacement parts sent out for next day delivery, we collect the faulty parts! Need an engineer? Get one of our Thecus specialists to your door next day! ** Didnt get support and need to speak to us, get yourself an instant support pack. * *Next Business Day Comprehensive Support Packages. Available pre or post sales. Manage with online account.

14 For more information speak to your account manager or visit Origin Storage Limited 2-4 The Rutherford Centre Basingstoke Hampshire RG24 8PB T. 0844 288 68 68 E. Thank You for your time Why not read our product guide online at or request a free copy by emailing us at Product Guide 2012 For enquiries please email

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