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Accomplishing a LEED Designation

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1 Accomplishing a LEED Designation
BOMA LEED and Beyond Seminar June 9, 2009 Accomplishing a LEED Designation Presented by, Jodi Talentino, RPA Property Manager Constellation Place, LLC / JMB Realty Corp.

2 Case Study MGM Tower 10250 Constellation Blvd. Los Angeles, California

3 Building Information Class A, 775,037 rentable square foot, 35-story office building Construction completed 2003 Situated on six acres at the western edge of Century City 98.6% leased Occupied by 27 tenants 27 single-tenant floors and 8 multi-tenant floors Prestigious tenant roster includes Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Inc., International Creative Management (ICM), International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), Barclays Capital, The Royal Bank of Scotland

4 LEED EB Certification Process
Feasibility Study performed in May 2007 Certification Process began in July 2007 Certification Process completed in March 2008 LEED EB Silver certification received in June 2008 MGM Tower is the first office building in Los Angeles to achieve the LEED EB certification!

5 Budget LEED EB Feasibility Study/Report $ 29,206
LEED EC Certification – Consultant $ 91,300 Retro Cx Services $124,000 Roof Deck Coating $ 53,454 Renewable Energy Certificates $ 12,264 Recycle Receptacles $ 5,754 Coreless Toilet Tissue Adapters $ 2,825 Tail Pack Vacuums $ 3,406 LEED EB Certification Fee $ 12,500 Miscellaneous $ 7,100 Total $ 341,809 ($0.44/psf)

6 Certification Process
Neogard Elasta-Gard roof system to deflect heat from the building Restroom aerator replacement w/lower GPM aerator 80% of the landscape irrigation system replaced with a drip system to reduce water usage and prevent run off Existing building commissioning Energy Star rating – 91% Purchase of renewable energy credits Staff Education

7 Certification Process
Building systems maintenance program Material purchases and use of alternate materials (high recycle content products, Energy Star equipment, water filtration system to replace plastic water bottles, low VOC paint products, coreless toilet paper) Extensive recycling program (desk side boxes, containers located in common areas, year round battery recycling program, quarterly electronic waste drives, lamp and ballast recycling, construction waste recycling) High MERV rating on HVAC filters to remove high levels of particulates and improve indoor air quality

8 Certification Process
Construction IAQ Management Plan Low Environmental Impact Cleaning Policy (green products, chemical mixing station, equipment replacement, ongoing staff training) Landscaping – use of mulch in all planter beds to retain water by slowing evaporation and repel weeds and insects thereby reducing the need for chemicals Transportation Efforts – reserved spaces for carpool and vanpool riders as well as for green vehicles (hybrid and alternative fuel), bicycle racks located at two of the parking structure entrances, shower and locker room facilities for building occupants

9 Successes First LEED EB certified office building in Los Angeles!
Reduced operating expenses Lower utility usage Lower trash hauling costs due to significant reduction of solid waste/increase in quantity of recycle materials leaving the building Lower restroom paper supply costs

10 Successes Increased tenant participation in greening programs
Recycling Installation of water filtration systems to reduce plastic bottles Energy conservation (lights, HVAC) Ongoing Greening Efforts

11 Challenges Time factor Expense Staff Participation
Buy In Tenant Participation Dissemination of information to employees Recycling Efforts Construction Policies Energy Conservation Substitution of Traditional Products Lamps with reduced mercury content Green cleaning products Paint products – need for more than one coat with low and no VOC products

12 Ongoing Greening Efforts
Looking at any energy savings projects with a 3-4 year payback Analyzing energy efficiency of all major building systems (central plant, cooling tower, lighting, etc.) Staff Education – ongoing staff education Tenant Education – promotion of MGM Tower’s Greening Program/Efforts through the monthly tenant newsletter and annual Earth Day Event

13 Ongoing Greening Efforts
Solar System Installation completed December 2008 1,408 solar panels covering more than one acre 3rd largest solar panel field in Los Angeles System designed to generate 570,095 kwh annually, or enough energy to offset over 12% of annual energy usage and reduce daytime demand by up to 29% through the connected meter

14 Ongoing Greening Efforts
Stairwell Lighting Fixture Retrofit –completed May 2009 Replacement of 204 fixtures with motion sensor activated fixtures. One 15 watt lamp remains on at all times. Two other lamps are activated by the motion sensor. Payback period – approx. 3 years. LADWP Rebate - $7,230 Lighting Control System – completed May 2009 Upgrade of existing lighting control system to control all building lighting via preset schedules. After-hours requests are programmed through the after-hours HVAC/Lighting Control System. Payback period – approx. 1.5 years. Urinal Replacement – anticipate completion July 2009 Replacement of existing 1.5 GPF urinals with .5 GPF urinals. LADWP Rebate - $250/urinal

15 Ongoing Greening Efforts
Toilet Flush Valve Replacement – anticipate completion July 2009 Replacement of existing flush valves on toilets in women’s restrooms with Sloan dual flush valves. Upward flush for liquid waste – 1 GPF / downward flush for solid waste – 1.6 GPF. LADWP Rebate – may qualify under the creative/custom rebate program Parking Structure Lighting Retrofit Project – anticipate completion August 2009

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