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Functionality and API. Talk Goals How do I set this up? What can I do with it? Where is this going?

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1 Functionality and API

2 Talk Goals How do I set this up? What can I do with it? Where is this going?

3 Timeline OpenID (2005) OAuth 1.0, 2.0 (2007-present) Sitecore 6.5 (April 2011) Social Connected v1.0 (October 2011) Sign In, Content Messaging Social Connected v1.1 (March 2012) Goal messaging, Tweet This tracking, Sitecore support Social Connected v1.2 (July 2012) Instant feedback, one-step campaigns

4 Installation Available at Package install Update package available (v1.0/v1.1->v1.2) No config file changes required.

5 Facebook Setup Defining the App App Name App ID App Secret Domains Login URL Create Application Item at /sitecore/social/applications/default

6 Facebook Login Setup: Add sublayout, Login with Facebook Disabled XHTML validation on item. Functionality: User logged in? Link FB to users account. User not logged in? Find a match in extranet or sitecore, if available. Else, create new account

7 Login API Two method calls : ConnectUserManager.LoginUser ConnectUserManager.AttachUser MatchUser pipeline can also modify matching logic.

8 Customizable Sublayout Image, text can be customized Or, create your own sublayout to call login API

9 Personalization Extensive information from Facebook, including: Email, birthdate, education, profile details (religious, political, marital, etc.), all current likes and interests. Option to query off line. Convenience methods for gender, interests.

10 Walkthrough 1 Creating the Facebook application Enabling login Creating a Facebook test account Adding personalization

11 Goal Messaging Send targeted message to visitors Facebook page. Goals and Messages must be published. No code option: Attach Goal to Item Code option: GoalUtil.RegisterEventParameters Fire goal from code Send token replacement values

12 Opt In/Opt Out Can be implemented through the API: PublishPreferenceManager.SetPreference(Messa geId, Sitecore.Context.User, Preference); Config option to disallow messages by default. Social.AllowPublishByDefault But Goal to Message navigation is tricky. Can be implemented through the Rules Engine. This allows using a single profile option.

13 Walkthrough 2 Linking a goal to a content item Creating a goal message Triggering the message Rules engine interface

14 Token Replacement Goal text: My favorite Beatle is $favoriteBeatle! Code: var parameters = new Dictionary (); parameters["favoriteBeatle"] = "value to display"; GoalUtil.RegisterEventParameters( "Beatles Poll Entered", parameters);

15 Walkthrough 3 Triggering a goal from the API. Sending a goal message with token replacement.

16 Content Messaging Does not require DMS Messages bound to content items. Sent to FB at publish, or manually Campaigns for tracking back traffic. Display of downstream social actions. Published from CRM server. Domain name can be set in configuration.

17 Walkthrough 4 Creating a Facebook page. Create Account for page Creating a content message Message created on publish Show Like/Share capture

18 Like/Tweet Analytics Customizable sublayout Assign engagement value to Likes/Tweets. Assign campaign for capturing responses.

19 Config Files Two config include files: Sitecore.Social.config Commands Pipelines Networks Content and API hooks Functional Settings Sitecore.Social.Profile.Mapping.config Config files have good comments!

20 Configuration Options Allow/Disallow profile fields Enable offline polling of status changes Disable goal messages unless explicit opt-in Set link domain Set message caching Setup offline querying for FB status changes.

21 Pipelines CreateSocialMessage Customize to add logging or capture meta-data. ReadSocialMessage Determines messages linked to current item. Customize to filter messages. BuildMessage Creates markup, does token replacement. Customize to extend custom markup. PublishMessage Manages handoff to social network. Customize for logging, or for opt-out logic.

22 Conclusions Active pace of new features. 3 rd party login simplified Extends customer engagement into Social Networking space Personalization extended, and given more to work with. Documentation is incomplete. A tool like Refelctor or DotPeek is a must.

23 Questions?

24 Thank you! Dan Solovay Senior Developer, Velir Studios Email: Twitter: @DanSolovay Blog:

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