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Windows for the ways we learn Name Title. Digital technologies are changing education anytime, anywhere learning expectations BYOD goes mainstream flipped.

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1 Windows for the ways we learn Name Title

2 Digital technologies are changing education anytime, anywhere learning expectations BYOD goes mainstream flipped classrooms and mobile learning increasing security and privacy requirements

3 Devices and experiences that students and educators love Management solutions and services administrators need Windows vision for education

4 Windows for the ways we learn Every subject and every class Bringing together all of what students and educators need Great devices for students and educators The best tablets and PCs to choose from Always ready for class Delivering the fundamentals of safety, security and management

5 Student and educators collaborate and create in the classroom and at home Teachers manage the classroom for optimal learning experiences Every subject and every class New Windows apps Mobility in and out of school Windows 8.1 enhancements Always ready for class Safety and supportAccessibility IT managers leverage the platform to deploy and manage all devices Family Safety Deployment and management Windows 8.1 MDM enhancements Decision makers leverage choice and cost effectiveness to meet their school needs Great devices for students and educators Digital textbooks Sharing devices Best devices for education Windows To Go and mobile carts Windows RT 8.1 enhancements Windows for the ways we learn

6 Windows 8.1: UI enhancements Improved multi-tasking More tile sizes New Search experience See the desktop only when you need it Leave the desktop only when you want to IT control of Start screen

7 Every subject and every class

8 Consume Students take class notes with a pen or keyboard Use split-screen to view digital textbooks and take notes simultaneously Support for Flash-based content on the web Collaborate Teacher posts homework to OneNote on SkyDrive Students work as teams and communicate with teachers using Skype or Lync Teacher shows work of a student to class by projecting their screen via Miracast Create Full Office support to create presentations, reports, analysis and more USB access to printers, memory sticks and specialized education peripherals like USB microscopes Student learning with modern tools Corinth Micro PlanSketchbook ExpressMyHomework Sample Windows Apps

9 We chose Windows 8 because we need much more than a consumption-only device for online assessments to help prepare students for success. Chuck Jones Chief of Technology Jackson-Madison County School System

10 Access data and apps on any Windows device Connect to your networks on the go Your PC in your pocket with Windows To Go Wirelessly connect to peripherals School networkInternet Mobility: Productive and connected Work anywhere on any Windows device

11 Your Apps and Data Always With You Pro Replacement Device User Settings on Replacement Device Work folders or Windows DeviceLost or Damaged Device User Data on Replacement Device

12 Windows apps for your school Create your own apps or obtain from the Windows Store Engage students Increase productivity Build custom apps with less effort

13 Windows 8 provides the no compromises experience everyone has been looking for. It doesnt force us to choose between a device that you can only read from and that doesnt connect to a keyboard, or a device geared toward creating documents, presentations and other projects. Its the best of both worlds: Teachers and students will be able to leverage existing curriculum and resources already used in the classroom. Bill Westrick IT Director Fargo Public Schools

14 Great devices for students and educators

15 Best tablets for schoolGreat on all PCs Touch, Mouse, Keyboard, Pen Support Great Windows Devices for Mobile Users Touch and Non-Touch Enabled Boot to Desktop Familiar Desktop Experience Modern Windows Apps for school Office and existing desktop applications Enterprise Class Manageability and Security Windows 8.1 Enables Choice

16 Outlook 2013 RT Support for 3 rd party MDM solutions Workplace join and work folders Inbox 3 rd party VPN clients Windows RT 8.1

17 …. The interface of Windows 8 is very accessible for children, especially with the touch screen – its very simple for them to be able to go in swipe along, touch into the apps, so its really amazing to see how the children can just pick it up and use it quite intuitively, Charlotte Beckhurst, teacher Hartsbrook E-ACT Free School

18 A pixel powers a thousand words Using a single device, students can read a book, write a report and share with classmates Provides flexibility for teachers and students Innovative teaching models with e-learning Get textbook updates with a click After joining the e-schoolbag project, the tablet has replaced the heavy schoolbag. As the tablets are running the latest Windows 8 operating system, they are simple to use, and students can familiarize themselves with them in less than a month - Chu Tsz Wing, Teacher, Hong Kong Institute of Education Jockey Club Primary School Digital textbooks Sample Windows Apps Kindle Blio Chegg Textbook Solutions

19 Changing classroom behavior with all in one packages Save money with shared resources Easy transportation of technology between multiple classrooms Provide a secure storage location and charging station even if devices never leave the classroom Implementation options Windows Multipoint Server to provide classroom orchestration UE-V or Windows To Go enables users to sign on to any device and automagically get settings, apps and data Add a projector to the cart for classroom-sized experiences Mobile labs (device carts)

20 Flexibility for the way you need to learn, for the way you want to teach Meet your educational goals with the best technology A vast ecosystem driving choice and cost competitiveness Leverage training resources for professional development Leverage existing investments in hardware and software Share devices effortlessly to stay within your budget Fully integrated with security and management platform Value for school administrators Flashcards ProMyHomework Sample Windows Apps Haiku Learning

21 Always ready for class

22 Platform Technologies Deploy and manage educational technology Consolidate multiple systems into a single, manageable platform Reign in rogue apps and security breaches Remote support for greater productivity Group Policy and AppLocker to control what students can access Deployment tools to simplify upgrades and management One management tool for desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones Management solutions IT administrators need NEEDS - Easier deployment processes - Integrated management tools - Faster/better support for users Desktop Optimization

23 We want our students to use the same tools that professionals do on a daily basis. Dave Williamson District Chief Information Officer Atlanta Public Schools

24 Joining institution network with personal devices Windows To Go VDI* Device Management *Powered by Remote Desktop Services Empower Bring Your Own Tech (BYOT) Flexible solutions for your school

25 Modern access controlSecure corporate dataMalware resistance Multifactor authentication, virtual smartcard support Dynamic access control Secured system start-up Core system hardening Sandboxed Windows Store apps Built-in anti-malware solution Real time anti-phishing protection Corporate encryption enforcement IP protection with Office IRM Corporate compliance with Lync Trustworthy hardware Improved Windows Defender Improved browser security Improved system hardening Provable PC health Biometrics Improved multifactor authentication TPM key attestation Certificate reputation Device Encryption all editions Remote Business Data Removal Windows 8 security capabilities

26 Remote support helps schools operate more effectively and efficiently Assists teachers without leaving the classroom Providing flexibility with IT staff supporting machines remotely and effectively Integrated with on-premise and cloud services to support teachers, students and staff Security capabilities Remote support

27 Providing accessibility for all students in the classroom Windows 8 is accessible to everyone, of all ages and abilities Enabling students with disabilities to learn and engage in the classroom Compatible with existing Windows accessibility solutions Accessibility Features Sample Windows Apps Talking Tiles TapToTalk Visolve

28 Accessibility features Magnifier Enlarges part or all of the screen, so its easier to read Narrator Screen reader that reads the text on your screen aloud On-Screen Keyboard Use your mouse or other pointing device to interact with a keyboard on the screen High Contrast Heightens the color contrast of some text and images on your screen, which helps make those items easier to identify Magnifier Narrator

29 Summary Windows 8.1 Best user experience for teachers, students and staff, anywhere, anytime Flexibility to meet your needs with choice of devices from a large ecosystem Integrated platform for manageability, safety, and low cost of ownership

30 Next Steps

31 Try Windows 8 Great tablets and PCs available now Still on Windows XP? Move quickly to a modern OS before April 2014 Deploying Windows 7 today? Dont stop, bring in Windows 8 side-by-side Buy Windows touch devices for hardware refresh Windows 8.1 Preview Download and evaluate Evaluate Windows 8.1 on tablets Target Windows 8.1 across all form factors Start investigating and developing Windows apps Next steps

32 Should your operating system be older than your students? Get value today. Get modern Eliminate risks of Windows XP End of Support Deployment tools and services available to assist in migration Retire Windows XP


34 Special Surface RT pricing only for education customers Surface RT (no cover) - $199 USD Surface RT (Touch cover) - $249 USD Surface RT (Type cover) - $289 USD More information: Surface RT Limited time offer Local prices vary. Available in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China (via Digital China), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States (includes Puerto Rico).

35 Free professional development resources Microsoft Partners in Learning Connect with peers around the world based on professional interests, teaching subjects or location Participate in or create communities focused on innovative teaching, learning and professional development Find content, curriculum and resources such as peer coaching and educator resource kits Join at 115 COUNTRIES 36 LANGUAGES

36 Customer evidence


38 As CIO, I have to secure and mange thousands of devices on our campus network. iPad and Android platforms dont offer the same level of security and management as Windows 8 does. Dr. Stephen L. Landry, CIO, Seton Hall University 1600 users of Windows 8 in production on Samsung Series 7 tablet and Series 5 laptop. 75% of students surveyed prefer Windows 8 over Windows 7, with Windows 8 on a tablet being a complete replacement for their laptop. Improved management features with System Center Configuration Manager 2012 integration address problems before users are aware, reducing hands-on support from IT. Office integration with Windows 8 and Windows Phone helps student collaborate and stay connected regardless of device.

39 Qatar Supreme Education Authority Program to deliver a Windows 8 device to all 120,000 students and 14,000 educators in Qatar Using both Microsoft Surface Pro and HP ElitePad 900 tablets to provide the best education educational experience Managed infrastructure to ensure safe usage of devices by students Full integration with Office 365 Supported both existing LOB apps and built new Windows 8 apps, including a textbook library for students to access their digital books on the device and replace school bags


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