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Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration Welcome to: GSA Fleet Program Overview Jenny Kane GSA Fleets Loss Prevention Team SmartPay®

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1 Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration Welcome to: GSA Fleet Program Overview Jenny Kane GSA Fleets Loss Prevention Team SmartPay® Conference August 10-12

2 Federal Acquisition Service GSA Fleets Utilization of SmartPay® 2 Program Information SP®2 Fleet Card Features Card Usage Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards Accepting Locations Reducing Costs and Fraud Controls Resources

3 Federal Acquisition Service GSA Fleet Program Information 210,000 vehicles leased Federal agencies worldwide One card for every vehicle allowing for life cycle costing of each vehicle 9,050,000 transactions per year $422 million spend in FY09 DID YOU KNOW… A GSA Fleet SmartPay® charge occurred every 3.5 seconds in FY09

4 Federal Acquisition Service GSA Fleet Customer Offerings: Fleet Management System (FMS) – (internal and external usage) Inventory Management Meeting mandates - FAST Access to Short Term Rental Vehicles Fleet Solutions Accident & Maintenance Management National Rates Federal Motor Vehicle Registration System (FMVRS)

5 Federal Acquisition Service 5 GSA Fleet Card Features – What makes fleet cards unique? Fuel and Maintenance Acceptance 135,000 fuel providers have card swipe acceptance 45,000 maintenance locations can swipe card under $100 with total acceptance of 500,000 when taking into account MasterCard backup Transactions identified by product code rather than by Merchant Category Codes Fraud Monitoring Using Level 3 Data Program data allows us to monitor and ensure that any fraud or misuse is billed to the responsible party resulting in overall savings to our customer agencies Replacement Card Orders Direct Shipped to Agencies GSA Fleet decreased potential vehicle downtime by having replacement for lost, stolen or broken cards shipped directly to the driver utilizing the card Real Time Authorization Data If there is a problem with the card allows WEX or GSA Fleet to determine immediately what it is and how to complete the transaction Refunds and Tax Recovery Receive refunds that result in savings for our customer agencies and Level 3 data allows for most effective tax recovery

6 Federal Acquisition Service Ease of Card Use Customer Svc for fueling issues and under $100 repairs GSA MCC/AMC for repairs or accident approvals over $100 Enter correct odometer readings One card per vehicle, ensure they match

7 Federal Acquisition Service Authorized PurchasesUnauthorized Purchase Regular unleaded, self service fuel for GSA vehicle Premium or full service fueling Immediately consumable items for vehicle operation (eg. Quart of oil, washer fluid) Maps, air fresheners, food, etc. Required preventative maintenance Over maintaining vehicle – do routine maintenance when notified by GSA Fleet Car washes – not to exceed regional policy – generally $25 per month Excessive car washes or details Mechanical repairs for GSA vehicle to which card is assigned Upgrading tires, accessories such as snow plows (contact your FSR)

8 Federal Acquisition Service Report Cards Lost, Stolen or Damaged Request a new card: Include: –Requesting reason, circumstances (lost, stolen, etc) –Vehicle license plate number –Contact Information –Shipping Address (no PO Boxes)

9 Federal Acquisition Service Accepting Locations WEX is a closed loop network providing Level 3 Data – for better reporting and controls 135,000 accepting fuel locations, including U.S. Territories More than 90% of retail fuel locations in U.S. More than 50,000 diesel locations in the U.S., including 8,200 truck stops and card-locks Over 45,000 vehicle maintenance locations in U.S. accept WEX Plus, additional 500,000 fuel/maintenance locations via WEXPay, an out-of-network (virtual MasterCard) process. Merchant fees the same as any other MasterCard *Participating Locations Only

10 Federal Acquisition Service Help GSA Fleet Keep Your Costs Low If your vehicle is under manufacturer warranty use roadside assistance programs For preventative maintenance follow GSA instructions rather than vendor recommendations If you have concerns about a maintenance location please let your FSR know Please report any suspected fraud to

11 Federal Acquisition Service Transaction Review Process Each card has authorization controls in place Every transaction is reviewed via business rules that kick out exceptions Transactions falling outside the norm are either provided to agency for review or reported to OIG depending upon severity/concern If a transaction is identified as misuse or fraud agencys are notified and then billed using codes U2 for misuse or U3 for fraud on their monthly billing 11

12 Federal Acquisition Service Level 3 Data for Transaction Review Level 1 DataLevel 3 Data GSA Plate NumberXX Transaction DateXX Transaction TimeVariesX Merchant NameXX Merchant Complete Address/Phone NoX Cost per unit; price per unit (important for fuel gallons) NoX Vehicle odometer (driver entry)NoX Product Code – what was purchased vs. where purchased NoX Tax data (up to 10 levels)NoX 12

13 Federal Acquisition Service Fraud Prevention Tips One card for each vehicle, ensure you are using the correct card Always secure cards Dont leave in vehicle Dont leave where others can gain access Ensure accountability – know who had card when Treat as you would your personal card 13 Federal agencies are responsible for the establishment of administrative controls to ensure that the fuel and services procured using the fleet charge card are for the official use of the agency and that administrative controls are maintained to prevent unauthorized use. FPMR

14 Federal Acquisition Service Resources - GSA Fleet Drive-Thru Fueling Locations FAST Fueling Data Transaction Level Data Available to Agency Heads

15 Federal Acquisition Service Resources - Drivers Guide

16 Federal Acquisition Service Helpful Resources - RECAP For replacement cards Reason for request (lost, stolen, broken) Vehicle license plate number Contact Information Shipping address (no PO Boxes) Suspect fraud report it to: WEX-4GSA General questions 16

17 Federal Acquisition Service 17 Jenny Kane (509) Thanks for Your Time and Attention!

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