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2 NFHS Volleyball Rules Changes

3 Rule new NOTE: Beginning July 1, 2016 either the libero or his/her teammates shall wear a solid colored uniform top that is clearly in contrast from the predominant color(s) of the teammates uniform top. The solid color uniform top shall meet specific design requirements. Rationale: When both the libero and his/her teammates are in multi-colored uniforms of the same color combinations, it can be very difficult to discern the liberos legality when playing the ball. Requiring either the libero or the other team members to be in a solid colored uniform of contrasting color will assist the referees in determining legal playing actions. Comment: It has become increasingly difficult to discern the liberos legality when playing the ball when he/she cannot be easily identified apart from the teammates due to multi-colored uniform tops. Requiring either the libero or the other team members to be in a solid colored uniform top of contrasting color will assist the referees in identifying the libero and determining legal playing actions.

4 Rule 5-2-2: The referees equipment shall include a watch along with a whistle, coin and yellow/red cards. Rationale: The watch is needed as an alternate to a visual timing device in the event of a malfunction.

5 Rule 5-3-4d, 5-4-3b(22): The coin toss for a deciding set shall be conducted by the second referee in front of the officials table. Rationale: The coin toss being conducted by the second referee at the officials table will be more efficient and enhance the flow of the match. Comment: In the majority of instances, the first referee requests the second referee to conduct the coin toss prior to the deciding set. Placing the responsibility of the coin toss for the deciding set solely with the second referee in front of the officials table, will be more efficient and enhance the overall flow of the match

6 Rule 10-3 PEN 1: Illegal alignment is now charged when an illegal substitute is identified in the set after the whistle/signal for serve. Rationale: The penalty for an illegal libero identified in the set should be the same as an illegal substitute, loss of rally/point. This change provides consistency in penalties for illegal players in a set. Comment: The penalty for an illegal substitute identified in the set should be the same as an illegal libero identified in the set, loss of rally/point for illegal alignment. This change in the penalty provides consistency in penalties for illegal players identified in a set.

7 Rule new NOTE: State associations have the authority to determine the number of electronic media timeouts that may be taken and when they may be taken during the match. Rationale: With the increase in the number of matches being broadcast in some electronic format, it is appropriate to establish a procedure for electronic media time-outs. Comment: With the increase in the number of matches being broadcast in some electronic format, it is appropriate to set the manner for state associations to develop policy and procedure for electronic media time-outs. This will provide consistency in the potential interruption of play and in a method to have minimal impact on the flow of the match.

8 NFHS Major Editorial Changes

9 Rule 4-2-7: Clarifies the application of restrictions on visible undergarments worn with the uniform top (t- shirts, body suits and other similar garments). Any visible garment (t-shirt, body suits and other similar garments) worn underneath the uniform top shall be unadorned and of a single, solid color that is similar in color to the predominant color of the uniform top. As per NFHS rules, a single, visible manufacturers logo and/or single school name ore insignia no more that 21/4 inches are permitted on the undergarment.

10 Rule 5-4-3b(2): Completes the listing of responsibilities for the second referee when repeating the first referees signals. Mirror the first referees signal for each loss of rally/point, violation or replay/reserve or end of set

11 Rule 9-7: Terminology is updated throughout rules to change foul to fault. A fault is a failure to play as permitted by the rules

12 Rule 9-8-1i: Clarifies play when ceiling suspended net system uses poles to retract net. A replay may be declared when: (i) The ball contacts the pole used to retract a ceiling-suspended net system.

13 Rule 5-8-4: Signals Using Flags: Recommends the color and appropriate range of size for line judge flags. Line Judges in Indiana DO NOT use flags. Note: The flags should be red in color and of a recommended size of approximately 12 inches by 12 inches to approximately 16 inches by 16 inches. The flag and hand grip should be securely affixed to the pole.

14 Volleyball Editorial Changes Rule 5-1-3, 5-4-3b(16) Rule Penalty 1,

15 Volleyball Points of Emphasis

16 Placement of net antennas when vertical tape marker is used As stated in Rule 3-1-5, net antennas shall be attached to the net in line with the outside edge of the sideline and extend upward at least 2 ½ feet but no more than 3 ½ feet above the net. The antennas shall be fastened securely to the top and bottom of the net. If vertical tape markers are used, they are fastened to each end of the net. The marker is located directly over and perpendicular to the sideline. The antennas should be affixed to the outer edge of the marker. Whether tape markers are used or not, antennas should be place perpendicular to and in line with the outside edge of each sideline Volleyball Points of Emphasis

17 Host school responsible for providing and training assistant officials According to Rule 5-1-1, assistant officials include the scorer, libero tracker, timer and line judges. However these assistant officials are secured, it is imperative that they are properly trained prior to the match. While match referees will review the duties of each assistant official with the assigned individual, it is not the responsibility of the match referees to train these individuals. Improperly trained scorers, trackers and line judges can cause significant delays within the match and could impact the outcome of a rally or match. Their importance should not be underestimated Volleyball Points of Emphasis

18 Court Protocol at Start of the Set– Rule 5-3-4a states that the second referee checks the lineups for each team. In some circumstances, team huddles at the start of the set have delayed the ability of the second referee to check the lineups in a timely manner. Team huddles on the court shall not interfere with the ability of the second referee to check lineups in a timely manner or delay the start of the set. If a huddle, cheer, etc. causes such an interference or delay, the officials shall signal the players into position and administer the situation in such a way to prevent future delays. Players to take positions on the court without delay Volleyball Points of Emphasis

19 According to Rules and 4-2-9, a single partial/whole manufacturers logo/trademark/reference, no more than 2 ¼ square inches with no dimension more than 2 ¼ inches, is permitted on each piece of the uniform and visible garments worn under the uniform top provided placement does not interfere with the visibility of the players number. Some manufacturers are making uniform items with multiple logos in different locations – e.g., at the front neckline and on the back of the uniform top. Players are folding over waistbands that include multiple manufacturer logos making them visible. Other players are wearing visible garments under the uniform which include manufacturer logos larger than the designated size. Coaches and players shall check all uniform items and visible garments worn under the uniform in advance to ensure compliance with the manufacturers logo rules. Only one manufacturers logo per uniform piece Volleyball Points of Emphasis

20 Importance of Line Judges The importance of line judges in the game of volleyball cannot be emphasized enough. The fast pace and powerful play makes it extremely difficult for the referees to consistently and accurately observe all the hits landing in the proximity of the sidelines and end lines or a ball passing outside the net antennae or critical touches by a player(s) as a ball goes out of bounds. The line judges must step up and assist with these calls for the referees. However, because it is customary in many matches to use individuals other than officials for line judges, the burden of quality in officiating in the line judge position rests with the schools. Advanced and proper training is paramount to the quality of the line judges and their ability to carry out their responsibilities and the total quality of the officiated match. With every end of rally resulting in a point, the match will be shortchanged for the players if the line judges are not properly trained and expected to meet their responsibilities.

21 Volleyball Points of Emphasis Substitutes and Libero Entry onto the Playing Court Without careful attention by the second referee, the scorer and the libero tracker, it is easy to have an error occur in the procedure or actual substitution or libero replacement. The second referee is responsible to recognize and grant a requested legal substitution, be certain the scorer has the sub recorded before sending the incoming player(s) onto the court, the substitution procedure is followed and the substitute assumes the proper position on the court. If there is a libero replacement, the second referee must be aware of the replacement and the proper procedure followed. The libero tracker must record and be certain this is the correct player. The scorer must be alert if the libero is to serve and be certain the libero is serving in the proper position in the serving order. A lack of focus in any of these positions can let an error occur undetected which upon discovery will cause confusion and interrupt the flow of play. It is critical each of these individuals know these and their other responsibilities for substitutions, replacements and keep their focus for substitutions and libero replacements entering the court.

22 The following regulations apply to regular season matches and IHSAA sponsored tournaments unless stated otherwise. IHSAA Volleyball Modifications/Adoptions

23 A. Coaches Conduct – NFHS Rule A head coach may stand in the libero replacement zone to coach his or her players. During play, the head coach shall be no closer to the court than 6 feet from the sideline. If a card (yellow and/or red) is issued to the head coach, assistant coach(es) or team bench, the head coach must remain seated for the remainder of the match except: 1. To request a time-out or substitution during a dead ball; 2. To confer with officials during specifically requested time-outs 3. As provided in Rule

24 IHSAA Volleyball Modifications/Adoptions B.Decisions of Officials Final The decisions of the officials are final and protests arising from the decisions of the officials or any inadvertent misinterpretation or misapplication of the rules will not be considered by the IHSAA.

25 IHSAA Volleyball Modifications/Adoptions C. Match Format 1. Varsity All matches shall be the best three-of-five sets. Sets shall be played to 25 points, win by 2 points (no cap). The fifth and deciding set shall be played to 15 points, win by 2 points (no cap). 2. JV-Freshman All matches shall be the best two-of-three sets. The first two sets shall be played to 25 points, capped at 25 points. The third and deciding set shall be played to 15 points, capped at 15 points 3. Regular season tournaments – All Levels Regular season tournaments shall consist of matches requiring the best three-of- five, or the best two-of-three sets.

26 IHSAA Volleyball Modifications/Adoptions D.Pre-Match Warm-Up – All Levels The total warm-up time shall be 15 minutes prior to each match and exclusive of match preliminaries conducted by officials, announcements, etc. Each team shall be limited to 7 1/2 minutes on full court, with use of the net. The visiting team shall use the court the first 7 1/2 minutes with the home team warming up outside the court. The procedure is then reversed for the second 7 1/2 minutes.

27 IHSAA Volleyball Modifications/Adoptions E.Player Limitations During the regular season, players may not participate in more than five sets (Varsity, JV, Freshman) against the same school in any one day. Players may not participate at more than one level of play (Varsity, JV, Freshman) in a given tournament. Note: Penalty (l) forfeiture of match in which violation occurs, (2) count as 2 matches for the student in violation. Participation in any set for any amount of time shall count as 1 set.

28 IHSAA Volleyball Modifications/Adoptions F.Head Scorer The host school shall provide the official scorer. There may be 2 scorebooks on the scorers table, if space permits.

29 IHSAA Volleyball Modifications/Adoptions G.Libero Tracker 1. Regular Season: The host school is responsible for providing the libero tracker for both teams. If the host school does not use a libero, the visiting team may provide their own libero tracker. If the visiting school cannot provide an libero tracker, the host school must provide one. An individual other than the official scorer must be provided to track the entries of the libero player. The libero tracker shall be seated at the officials table next to the official scorer. 2. Tournament Series: The host school must provide the libero tracker

30 IHSAA Volleyball Modifications/Adoptions H. The playing of music/sound effects shall only be permitted during pre-game, time-outs, between games and post-game. The use of artificial noisemakers shall be prohibited.

31 IHSAA Volleyball Modifications/Adoptions I. Indiana does not allow the use of flags by line judges.

32 IHSAA Volleyball Modifications/Adoptions J.Approved Volleyballs 1.Season – Any of the balls listed in the current National Federation Volleyball Rule Book may be used. 2. Tournament – The Molten IV58L-BLK/SLV-HS shall be used at all center schools.


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