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U.S. 50 Bridge Replacement over Tanner Creek Tuesday, June 25, 2013 5:30 p.m. Presentation Lawrenceburg Fire Department Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

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1 U.S. 50 Bridge Replacement over Tanner Creek Tuesday, June 25, 2013 5:30 p.m. Presentation Lawrenceburg Fire Department Lawrenceburg, Indiana

2 Welcome Rickie Clark, INDOT Office of Public Involvement Purpose/Explanation of Public Hearing Public Hearing Format Visit our sign-in table Informational Handouts Submitting public comments for hearings transcript Project display area

3 Welcome Introduction of INDOT Project Officials Project Management – Danny Pearcy, INDOT Seymour District Design Public Involvement City of Lawrenceburg Dearborn County Recognition of Elected Public Officials

4 Public Hearing Sign-in at attendance table to be added to project mailing list A public hearing notice was mailed to known property owners within project area Announcement of this hearing was posted to INDOT website. A media release was also issued Legal notice of public hearing published in the Dearborn County Register on 6/6/13 & 6/20/13

5 Project Stakeholders Indiana Department of Transportation Indiana Division Federal Highways Administration Dearborn County City of Lawrenceburg Local communities Elected Public Officials Community residents and citizens Commuters Trucking industry Schools Emergency Services

6 Project Development Process We Are Here Engineering Assessment Project purpose & need develop project alternatives Screen project alternatives Additional work on project alternatives & preliminary design Release environmental document & preliminary design Public Hearing to solicit public comment Right-of-WayConstruction

7 Environmental Document Requirement of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Requires INDOT to analyze and evaluate the impacts of a proposed project to the natural and socio-economic environments Impacts are described in environmental document Environmental document was released for public involvement May 2013

8 Environmental Document Development of document begins once purpose and need for the project has been clearly identified Develop a number of possible alternatives including a Do Nothing alternative as a baseline for comparison Screen alternatives to identify a preferred alternative Solicit public comment on environmental document and preliminary design plan Solicit, address, and fully consider public comments as part of decision making process

9 Elements of the Environmental Documentation Real Estate Community Impacts Air Quality Wetlands and Waterways Noise Floodplains Farmland Endangered Species Hazardous Materials Historic/Archaeological Cultural Resources

10 Environmental Document INDOT Seymour District, Planning and Programming Dept. 185 Agrico Lane, Seymour, Indiana (877) 305-7611 INDOT Office of Public Involvement, Indiana Government Center North, Room N642, 100 North Senate Avenue, Indianapolis (317) 232-6601 Lawrenceburg Public Library, 150 Mary Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana (812) 537-2775

11 U.S. 50 Bridge Rehabilitation and Widening

12 Project Need The existing structure has a deteriorated deck with numerous patched locations Heavy corrosion is present on the existing steel girders and bearings Deck joints have deteriorated allowing water to drain onto the steel beams

13 Project Need Existing railing does not meet INDOT standards Slope walls are eroded and in poor condition Abutments do not have adequate support length based on AASHTO criterion

14 Existing U.S. 50 Classified as urban principal arterial Posted speed of 30 mph Design speed of 40 mph Located within Lawrenceburg Adjacent to newly constructed bridge carrying traffic west Flat level terrain

15 Existing U.S. 50 Asphalt travel lanes 11ft. wide Asphalt shoulders 3ft wide Overlay and repair done in 1976 Urban setting, built up, primarily commercial use Access drives located immediately off both ends of structure

16 Existing structure over Tanners Creek Existing piers in good condition Light spalling and deterioration Some rust damage in and around bearings 5 spans: 81-3, 105-7 ½, 113-9, 105-7 ½, and 813 Built-up plate girder with reinforced concrete deck Asphalt overlay

17 Existing structure over Tanners Creek Damaged bridge deck Multiple patching locations throughout Joint failure at all locations Bearings at abutments in poor condition Rusted cross bracing Pitting and rust present on steel girders

18 US 50 Bridge is Historic Eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places for its historical significance

19 Historic Bridge Inventory US 50 Bridge is Non-Select not suitable candidate for preservation not considered excellent example

20 Alternatives Analysis Rehabilitation for Continued Vehicular Use One or two-way roadway on historic bridge One-way pair: historic bridge & new bridge each Bypass (non-vehicular use) Relocate (non-vehicular use) Replacement Non-Select Bridges

21 Historic Bridge Process Seek Consulting Party Comment No opposition to project to date Market Bridge for Re-Use Has been marketed for over 6 months Identify Preferred Alternative Replacement (reconstruction) Hold Public Hearing Environmental Document Approval After hearing comment period

22 US 50 Bridge Marketing Legal notice in a local newspaper Signs at both approaches to the bridge INDOTs historic bridge marketing website No interested party for re-use to date

23 Joseph E. Seagrams & Sons Distillery Complex Other Historic Resources

24 Newtown Historic District Other Historic Resources

25 U.S. 50 Plan View

26 Proposed Structure 5 span pre-stressed concrete bulb-t beam bridge Total bridge width of 72-2 Total bridge length of 492-0 Utilize existing piers and widen to retain architectural features Utilize existing abutments and widen Provide locations for future decorative lighting Repair and protect against future scour

27 Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) 2 lanes of traffic at all times Least disruptive option New pavement markings Narrow temporary shoulders during construction Posted speed limit during construction


29 East End Improvements Mill and Resurface Terminate prior to railroad crossing Install curb and gutter New pavement and railroad markings

30 Real Estate Acquisition Process

31 Real Estate Acquisition Existing r/w – 0.5 acre Permanent r/w – 1 acre Drive Access Remain open during construction with possible temporary closure

32 Permanent Right of Way

33 Real Estate Acquisition Process "Uniform Act of 1970" All federal, state, and local governments must comply Requires an offer for just compensation Acquisition Process Appraisals Review Appraisals Negotiations

34 Project Schedule Public Hearing – June 2013 Environmental Document Finalized: Summer 2013 Preliminary Design Plan refinement: Summer 2013 Real Estate Acquisition Activities: 2013 - 2014 Appraising Negotiations / Buying Utilities coordination Project Let for bidding: 2014 Construction: 2014 - 2015

35 INDOT would like to hear from you Talk with INDOT project team members Comment sheet in information packet E-mail or Mail comments to INDOT Sign-in sheet to be added to project mailing list Visit INDOT website at Public Involvement Visit INDOT Seymour District Page: All comments are very much appreciated and will be given full consideration by project team

36 Public Involvement Team Rickie Clark, INDOT Office of Public Involvement (317) 232-6601 Glenda Seal, INDOT Seymour District Customer Service Center Director (877) 305-7611

37 Submit Public Comments Submit public comments using the options described in 1 st page of information packet Public Comment Form Via e-mail Participating during public comment session via microphone Verbal comments recorded and transcribed for inclusion into to public hearings transcript INDOT respectfully requests comments be submitted by Friday July 12, 2013 All comments submitted will become part of public record, entered into transcript, reviewed, evaluated and given full consideration during decision making process

38 THANK YOU Please visit with INDOT project officials following the public comment session Project Open House Project maps, displays, real estate acquisition table, INDOT project officials, informal Q & A Thank you for your attendance this evening

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