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Predicting Products of a Reaction

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1 Predicting Products of a Reaction
Will a reaction take place? If so, what will be produced?

2 Predicting Products NOT just a shot in the dark!
Rules govern whether or not reactants will form new products.

3 Predicting Single Replacement Reaction
1. Decide which element is a metal and nonmetal. Decide which part is positive and negative. METAL NON NON METAL METAL METAL +2 +1 -1 +2 -1 +1

4 Predicting Single Replacement
2. USE ACTIVITY SERIES CHART from reference table to see if loner metal is higher than metal in compound. If YES  the reaction proceeds, higher metal displaces the lower metal If NO  the reaction will not occur. No RXN! Examine Activity Series of Metals Examine Activity Series of Halogens


6 Activity Series of Halogens

7 Predicting Single Replacement
3. Higher REPLACES lower metal replaces metal halogen replaces halogen

8 Predicting Single Replacement
4. Write correct formulas for new products! Remember ionic compounds (criss x cross) Remember diatomic gases (Br2 I2 N2 Cl2 H2 O2 F2)

9 Predicting Single Replacement
5. BALANCE EQUATION by balancing coefficients.

10 EXAMPLE Fe + HCl  2 6 2 FeCl3 + H2 3
Iron (Fe) will try to replace the hydrogen (H) in HCl. Can Iron (Fe) replace the hydrogen (H) in HCl? Check Activity Series! Is Fe higher than H? YES Iron (Fe) replaces the hydrogen (H) in HCl and bonds with chloride (Cl) bumping out (H) from the compound. Final Step is ALWAYS BALANCE!

11 Predicting Double Replacement
1. Divide molecules into + and - halves. Positive halves switch partners!

12 Predicting Double Replacement
2. Write correct formula for new molecules on product side by criss x crossing charges. +1 -1 +2 -2 +1 -2 +2 -1 NaOH (aq) + CaSO4 (aq)  Na2SO Ca(OH)2

13 Predicting Double Replacement
3. Balance the EQUATION! 2 NaOH (aq) + CaSO4 (aq)  Na2SO Ca(OH)2

14 Predicting Double Replacement
4. Decide which product will be a solid and which will be aqueous. Watch this USE SOLUBILITY RULES! Reference Table (s) INSOLUBLE  does not dissolve in water, ppt (aq) SOLUBLE   dissolves in water 2 NaOH (aq) + CaSO4 (aq)  Na2SO Ca(OH)2 (aq) (s)

15 Predicting Double Replacement
5. IF both products are aqueous, then no reaction occurs.

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