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2014 Ada Moorings Condo Association Annual Member Meeting January 21 st 2014 7:30PM.

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1 2014 Ada Moorings Condo Association Annual Member Meeting January 21 st :30PM

2 Agenda 1.Quorum Confirmation - 54/151 = 35.8% of homeowners present Year In Review a)Front Entrance & Tot Lot Common Area Agreement b)Pond Fountain, Tree & Chair Replacement c)12 th Amendment d)Communication e)Moore & Bruggink, Inc. Road Evaluation & Replacement Plan 3.Road Commission Update 4.Front Entrance Update Financial Performance Budget Review 7.Snow Plowing Discussion 8.New Board Member Vote 9.Open Discussion Items from the Homeowners

3 2013 Year In Review June Front Entrance & Tot Lot Maintenance Agreement Signed & Filed with Township – Joint agreement between all 5 associations working together as one unit to manage expenses – Requires Front Entrance Owners (TCCA) to produce an annual budget plan and gain approval from the 4 other associations for expenses. If no approval is received, it defaults to the prior years budget. – 2014 TCCA Front Entrance Budget reviewed and approved in November 2013 – Activity spearheaded by AMCA! – Action – post agreements on website.

4 2013 Year In Review Front Entrance Pond Fountain Replaced May New Fountain installed Annual budget item noted within planned expenses for ongoing maintenance, winter storage and spring installation. May Dying Pine Trees Replaced 11 common area pines exhibiting symptoms of needle cast disease were replaced. November 2013 – Gatehouse plastic chairs replaced with donated office chairs (Thanks Chris!!)

5 2013 Year In Review 12 th Amendment – Updated Bylaws Bylaw review noticed non-compliance to the Over-the-Air Reception Devices (OTARD) Federal regulation. Bylaws stated that permission was required to install satellite dishes and such dishes must not exceed 18 inches in diameter This statement contradicts the OTARD rule that, the Board may not make such restrictions on installation nor require permission if satellite dishes are one meter or less in diameter 12 th Amendment eliminated this requirement and aligned our neighborhood with regulations. Question regarding general statement about compliance with state & federal regulations and this does exist in Article 16.

6 2013 Year In Review Website: – Question about using Eastbrook website instead of separate. C. Decker to inquire if site is still available, but current works well. Facebook – Homeowner started page and is an excellent communication tool for neighbors on various topics Mid-Year Newsletter Continuously updating mailing list

7 2013 Year In Review Road Repair Evaluation and Plan Completed! AMCA spearheaded effort to align the 5 associations to appropriately plan for road maintenance Contracted Moore & Bruggink Engineering Consultants to analyze the current state of our neighborhood roads and prepare a comprehensive replacement plan Evaluation completed in July 2013 and significant discussion has been had with all 5 associations to appropriately plan. AMCA board is extremely pleased with the thoroughness in which M&B has completed this important work.

8 Road Commission Update 1 st Draft of the Joint Road Maintenance & Replacement Agreement has been reviewed and agreed upon in principle by all 5 associations – Goal is to create a joint management group comprised of members of each association. – Scope of responsibilities include annual road repair, planned surface coating and crack sealing and scheduled surface replacement. – Each association contributes equally to the budget based on percentage of homes in each association. AMCA currently has 66.23% (151/228 homes). – AMCA continued participation is contingent on this agreement being signed and filed.

9 Road Commission Update Project Goals – Create a replacement and ongoing maintenance plan that maintains safe roads that add to our homeowners property value We would like to introduce Ryan Arends, M&B Project coordinator for the road evaluation and replacement plan – Background – Similar Projects – Evaluation Process Completed for Ada Moorings 12 core samples across all 5 association roads and physically walked each road

10 Road Commission Update M&B recommendation for long term quality & effective cost management – Break neighborhood down into 5 distinct areas per the map below – Option 2 – Complete a Full Depth 3 ½ Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) resurface on Area 1 & Area 2 – Option 1 – Complete a Cold Mill 1 ½ & HMA Resurface 1 ½ of Areas 3, 4 & 5 – Timeframe to complete resurfacing Based on the current status of the roads, their expected longevity, the costs associated with maintaining them instead of replacing them and the financial impact on our homeowners. Area 1 – 2014 Area 2 – 2016 Area 3 – 2017 Area 4 – 2018 Area

11 Road Commission Update

12 Expected Cash Flow Critical Assumptions Ada Moorings Neighborhood Breakdown 1. Useful life of roads is 10 years.10 Association NameHome CountAs % 2. All homes in all 5 associations contribute equallyAMCA & Villas % 3. Road Maintenance Agreement is signed by all 5 associationsTCA % 4. Annual 5 assoc. maintenance costs for roads =$7,550AMN % 5. 3% inflation per year on replacement cost estimatesTCOTG125.26% Total228100% Prudent Timetable Area # 1Area # 2Area # 3Area # 4Area # 5 Installation Year Quoted Total Expense$173,000$111,240$92,700$91,670$92,700 AMCA Portion$114,575$73,672$61,393$60,711$61,393 AMCA Portion w/ Added Maint.$119,575$78,672$66,394$65,711$66,394 Area # 1 RedoArea # 2 RedoArea # 3 RedoArea # 4 RedoArea # 5 Redo $95,500$63,700$120,510$119,171$120,510 $63,248$42,187$79,811$78,925$79,811 $68,248$47,188$84,812$83,925$84,812 Area # 1 Redo2Area # 2 Redo2Area # 3 Redo2Area # 4 Redo2Area # 5 Redo $124,150$82,810$156,663$154,922$156,663 $82,222$54,843$103,755$102,602$103,755 $87,222$59,844$108,755$107,602$108,755

13 Road Commission Update Road Repair Cost - Prudent Timetable YearTotal DuesDuesTrashOtherRoadsIncomeExpensesBalance 2010$396 $240$156 $24,000$5,054$18, $396 $240$156 $0 $18, $516 $240$156$0$120$18,120$800$36, $636 $240$156$0$240$36,240$6,739$65,767 Area # $956 $240$156$200$360$54,360$119,575$ $780 $240$156$0$384$57,984$5,000$53,536 Area # $780 $240$156$0$384$57,984$78,672$32,848 Area # $780 $240$156$0$384$57,984$66,394$24,438 Area # $780 $240$156$0$384$57,984$65,711$16,711 Area # $780 $240$156$0$384$57,984$66,394$8, $670 $240$156$0$274$41,374$5,000$44, $670 $240$156$0$274$41,374$5,000$81, $670 $240$156$0$274$41,374$5,000$117, $670 $240$156$0$274$41,374$5,000$153,796 Area # 1 Redo 2024$670 $240$156$0$274$41,374$68,248$126, $680 $240$156$0$284$42,884$5,000$164,806 Area # 2 Redo 2026$680 $240$156$0$284$42,884$47,188$160,502 Area # 3 Redo 2027$680 $240$156$0$284$42,884$84,812$118,575 Area # 4 Redo 2028$680 $240$156$0$284$42,884$83,925$77,534 Area # 5 Redo 2029$680 $240$156$0$284$42,884$84,812$35, $700 $240$156$0$304$45,904$5,000$76, $700 $240$156$0$304$45,904$5,000$117, $700 $240$156$0$304$45,904$5,000$158, $700 $240$156$0$304$45,904$5,000$199,221 Area # 1 Redo2 2034$700 $240$156$0$304$45,904$87,222$157, $720 $240$156$0$324$48,924$5,000$201,827 Area # 2 Redo2 2036$720 $240$156$0$324$48,924$59,844$190,907 Area # 3 Redo2 2037$720 $240$156$0$324$48,924$108,755$131,076 Area # 4 Redo2 2038$720 $240$156$0$324$48,924$107,602$72,398 Area # 5 Redo2 2039$720 $240$156$0$324$48,924$108,755$12, $730 $240$156$0$334$50,434$5,000$58, $730 $240$156$0$334$50,434$5,000$103, $730 $240$156$0$334$50,434$5,000$148,868

14 Road Commission Update Majority of the discussion at the meeting was on this topic. Question – can we petition the township to complete a tax assessment to have the funds come through the township to fund the road replacement – No – we have talked with the township in the past and they will not do this based on the 5 associations and no incentive for township. Concern about timing of road replacement – confirmed that all plans will be scheduled to be completed during the summertime when school is not in session for safety concerns. Question was raised about the last section of road to be replaced and the timeframe. Need to review intersections for complete replacement vs. current plan of mil and fill.

15 Front Entrance Update All associations approved design in September 2013 and 4 of 5( AMN withstanding) have approved a budget of $300 per house. All 3 contractor quotes were over budget. New plantings will be scaled back to reduce costs. Tentative timeline is for Mid-June implementation.

16 Front Entrance Update Summary: – Existing wall will be removed. – Large tree will be removed in front of the clubhouse. – Brick wall will be replaced with "rustic Chilton" stone pillars that is connected by dark bronze aluminum fencing. – New sign will be placed in front of new wall. Flagpoles will be moved closer to wall. – New down-lighting will be installed on the pillars and up-lighting on the sign and flags

17 Front Entrance Update

18 Significant discussion had regarding the timing of the $200 one time dues and the high dues. The majority of the meeting attendees agreed that the timing was not ideal, however that the front entrance is in need of repair and we need to contribute our share. A good reminder was received regarding to make sure the contractor checks for electrical based on the fact that it was cut in years past. Moore & Bruggink confirmed that they would ensure that the location of all electrical is confirmed prior to any digging.

19 2014 Balance Sheet Please contact Treasurer for Financial Information Reviewed at Annual Meeting

20 2013 Budget Performance Please contact Treasurer for Financial Information Reviewed at Annual Meeting

21 2014 Operating Budget Please contact Treasurer for Financial Information Reviewed at Annual Meeting

22 Snow Plowing Discussion A concern has been raised from our homeowners regarding the frequency of the plowing and salting of the intersections and streets. Current process calls for automatic plowing for snowfalls greater than 1 ½ and salt application at the discretion of the board For an approximate $60 increase in annual dues, we can have a contract with Snellers for regular ice melt application. They monitor the status of the roads and call for salt and this includes all roads, not just intersections. VOTE to increase annual dues from $240/hh to $300/hh starting in 2015 for increased ice melt application. Room split ~50/ board will continue to keep this option open. ACTION – receive actual quotes from Snellers and other companies to determine annual cost impact to homeowners.

23 New Board Member Election Thank you to the following exiting board members for your years of service! Dale Bowman Judy Eaton Kraig Schmottlach Returning Members Chris Appie Chris Beckering Jim Sprich Jeff Yost Volunteers/Nominations for 3 Open Positions – Sean Lewis & John Eck volunteered and were unanimously approved.

24 Open Items & Thank You! Question – with dues so high, can we change to a 4 month bill? – Based on cash flow issues, no we cannot. – Action – Board will create a preferred and minimum payment plan option for those homeowners proactively requesting a delayed full payment.

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