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Proposition Z San Diego Neighborhood Schools Classroom Safety & Repair Measure 9/4/12.

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1 Proposition Z San Diego Neighborhood Schools Classroom Safety & Repair Measure 9/4/12

2 2 Key Features Alignment with strategic process to create a quality school in every neighborhood Needed repairs and renovations to aging schools Student health, safety and security Energy efficiency Equitable share of funding for charter schools Local Job Creation – Architects, Engineers, CMs, Skilled Trades, Contractors and Sub-Contractors

3 3 Quality Neighborhood Schools Impediments to quality neighborhood schools Some neighborhood, resident student populations exceed classroom capacity Schools lack sufficient facilities such as gymnasiums, theatres, physical education facilities and athletic fields Excess older portables left over from the last baby boom that need to be removed Old portables need to be replaced with permanent bldgs. Inadequate parking at schools Need for joint-use facilities to meet community needs Condition of school facilities and lack of parity

4 4 Quality Neighborhood Schools $561.6 million to address deficiencies and create parity Construct new capacity to enable students to attend quality schools in their neighborhoods Build visual and performing arts facilities Renovate and construct physical education facilities and athletic fields Develop joint-use fields and facilities Turf fields at elementary and middle schools Remove/replace aging portable classrooms $25.8 million School and classroom resources $200 per student

5 5 Repairs to Schools and Facilities: $574.6 million Building systems repair and replacement at 228 schools and educational facilities across the district Most built 30-50 years ago; average building age is 43 years 14.9 million square feet of buildings State budget cuts forced San Diego Unified School District to defer all but the most critical, immediate repairs The pace of Prop. S slowed due to declined property values Lack of facility parity is an impediment to strategic process school alignment and marketing

6 6 2012 Bond and Prop. S Combine to Eliminate Deficiencies FCI = Cost of repairs divided by value of facilities 14.9 million square feet of buildings (average age is 43 years) Current replacement cost is approximately $347 per square foot 1.5% per year deterioration, 2% inflation, 15-year implementation schedule 15-year plan to reduce Facility Condition Index from 18% to 4%

7 7 Student Health, Safety & Security: $427.6 million Install/replace air-conditioning and heating (Climate Zone 2) Fire alarm systems, smoke and heat detectors Seismic structural safety Asbestos removal Site security (lighting, fencing, etc.) Food service area and prep kitchen renovation Seismic upgrades Site security Kitchen upgrades

8 8 Classroom and Student Technology: $355.1 million i21 classroom technology: $135 million Student computing device replacement Interactive whiteboard & projector sustainability Teacher tablet replacement Potential $12M per year General Fund savings Technology infrastructure: $163 million Network infrastructure, wired & wireless High speed backbone Voice over internet protocol phones Bond enables district to obtain federal technology matching funds (E-rate) Computing backup systems Student and business database system upgrades: $57 million Upgrading districts enterprise software systems (Oracle PeopleSoft, student information systems, parent engagement/outreach systems) Potential $3.7M per year General Fund savings i21 interactive classroom

9 9 Charter Schools: $350 million Pro-rata share of bond proceeds based on enrollment Facility improvements (Major Repair & Replacement, Americans with Disability Act, etc.) Development of new equitable facilities New classroom capacity Land acquisition Expansion Site reconfiguration to better accommodate co-location Technology Sustainable projects that reduce operating costs

10 10 Accessibility & Code Compliance: $208.9 million Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Provides equal access Reduces potential for legal liability Portable access and certification Title IX gender equity (athletic facilities) $20.1M facility improvements to meet the needs of Special Education students

11 11 Energy Efficiency & Sustainability: $210 million Energy efficient air-conditioning and heating Solar panels, solar lighting Recycled water for irrigation Efficient toilets and fixtures High efficiency lighting (LED/fluorescent) Building insulation and dual-pane windows Replacement of inefficient mechanical systems Potential utility savings: $5M-$8M

12 12 College, Career, and Technical Education: $66.3 million Classrooms, labs and specialized facilities Sustainable/green technologies Automotive Business Biotech Computer Culinary Multimedia/ Broadcast Journalism Career Technical Education

13 13 Reduce district utility bills: $5-$8 million/year Energy efficient buildings Lighting / Solar lighting Mechanical systems Insulation / windows Solar energy New solar panels Existing contact buyout Water savings Recycled water for irrigation Water saving plumbing fixtures Major renovation: $8-15 million/year State funds for districts ongoing repair/replacement will end in 2014 Without new funds, General Fund would need to assume this cost Capital Improvements that Reduce General Fund Costs

14 14 Bond Allocation Summary Building Systems Repair & Replacement $574.6 million Quality Neighborhood Schools$561.6 million Student Health, Safety and Security $427.6 million Classroom and Student Technology $355.1 million Charter School Projects $350 million Accessibility and Code Compliance $208.9 million Energy Efficiency and Sustainability $210 million College, Career, and Technical Education$66.3 million School and Classroom Resources $25.8 million Special Education Facilities$20.1 million Total Bond $2.8 billion

15 15 Bond Finances & Timeline $2.8 billion –$60 per $100,000 of assessed valuation tax rate increase 15-year Design and Construction Implementation Local Job Creation - Over 30,000 job-years (based on Federal metrics for job creation ) Morse HS Child Development Center Building Point Loma HS Two-story Classroom Building

16 16 Accountability & Oversight Independent Citizens Oversight Committee Annual financial and performance audits No bond funds for teachers or administrators salaries A source of funding that Sacramento cant take away

17 17 Viability & Timing Presidential election opportunity Offers largest most diverse electorate Community support Polling indicates bond can be approved

18 18 Consequences of Inaction Growing unfunded backlog of deferred maintenance –Leaking roofs –Plumbing and electrical problems –Unprotected assets Classrooms with depleted/ obsolete technology Unmet need for classrooms and schools in underserved areas Higher utility bills


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