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A2C Data Exchange Project Andrew Thomson Project Director 1 Capita FHE Conference – 3 May 2012.

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1 A2C Data Exchange Project Andrew Thomson Project Director 1 Capita FHE Conference – 3 May 2012

2 A2C Data Exchange Project The A2C Project is a JCQ-funded initiative. Defining new standards to replace EDI formats, i.e. how your MIS communicates directly with awarding organisations systems. JCQ has commissioned a temporary A2C migration application for data transport… …but we wont be developing any more solutions ourselves. A2C standards will enable awarding organisations and MIS suppliers to redevelop around generic processes, a flexible data model and a common interface standard. 2

3 A2C benefits reminder The A2C Project is changing the way you work in your MIS; making exam entries, receiving results, etc. It is producing standards designed to extend the scope of EDI in respect of qualifications, processes and awarding organisations Replace JCQs EDI, Edexcels Edifact and C&Gs walled garden data transfers with one generic standard. integrate the way you send and receive data within your MIS allow MIS suppliers to give you more efficient and effective ways of working – better MIS processes, and less use of awarding organisation extranets and paper 3

4 Extended scope Works for any qualification so awarding organisations will be able to include their full range, not just series- based general qualifications. Standards will be defined for generic processes so JCQ and non-JCQ awarding organisations will be able to use them. A new generic Orders process to encompass Enrolment, Registration, Entries and other types. Opportunity to capture exam attendance efficiently and submit data from the MIS. Richer product information including fees. 4

5 Integrated data transport 5 New MIS versions will be able to integrate the new A2C data transport process so that… Data is transferred automatically within your MIS, rather than as a separate operation. The is no intermediary hub so you will see a saving on VAN charges. You will get better real time feedback from awarding organisations.

6 Efficient MIS working 6 New MIS versions will be able to exploit the opportunity to improve exam-related processes. Do a lot more in standard processes in your MIS and a lot less on all the different awarding organisation extranets Improved, integrated processes that make the job easier, more efficient and more under control. MIS can automatically download and maintain awarding organisation product catalogues. Capture a lot more learner achievement data in your MIS. A long-awaited opportunity for a fresh start – and for you to help your MIS supplier give you what you need.

7 Data Transport First First change now in progress for centres to send and receive EDI files via the A2C Migration Application rather than their VAN Quick win – Removes VAN costs for centres and awarding organisations from September 2012 Risk management – Gets new mechanism established before bigger changes to MIS which will come later 7

8 Migration application All colleges must be using the A2C Migration Application by 31 August 2012 if you want to continue using EDI from 1 September 2012 It is straightforward and low risk so dont put it off. You do need to do this! 8

9 9 Centre MIS Outbox Inbox VAN front end VAN hub AO Centre Network Historic ?

10 10 Centre MIS Outbox Inbox VAN front end VAN hub AO A2C Mig App Centre Network This is what you need to add Transition up to 31 August 2012 ?

11 11 Centre MIS Outbox Inbox VAN front end VAN hub AO A2C Mig App Centre Network After 31 August 2012 After 31 August 2012, AOs will not be connected to VANs ?

12 12 Centre MIS AO Centre Network After MIS upgrade AO

13 It is safe Installs onto your network and points at your existing EDI inbox and outbox No change to MIS at all No change to EDI files at all Does not disable your existing VAN capability Switch over to the migration application as soon as you have it installed It is secure, encrypted and authenticated Keep your existing VAN contract until 31 August 2012 as a back up for Summer 2012 results 13

14 Support process 1.Receive invitation from Avco with hyperlink 2.Click link to go to dedicated Avco website for registration and step-by-step instructions 3.Watch the video on how to do it 4.Go through the process with usual local support if you need it 5.Refer to FAQs on the Avco website if unsure 6.If following the instructions does not work, or call Avco support for technical problems – calls taken by engineers so not for handholding please 14

15 Any worries? 1.Who is not yet using the migration application? 2.What is holding you back? 15

16 What next? Keep using the A2C migration application At sometime in the future, your MIS supplier will offer you an upgrade which gives you the new features and benefits Last year we said this might be as early as September 2012 – but too optimistic 16

17 Why is it taking longer? We simply underestimated the effort compared to EDI formats Determination not to descope benefits or compromise on quality Systems changes are deeper, more extensive and may be costlier than we anticipated so getting agreement is not quick Strategy to align with emerging Information Standards Board standards where it is sensible 17

18 So, is it going to happen? YES! Generic processes, new data model and XML schema all virtually done Working on completeness (code lists, worked examples, etc.) and quality (internal consistency, ISB alignment, etc.) Strong buy-in from awarding organisations and MIS suppliers 18

19 Timeline 19 By 31 August 2012Start using the migration application After 31 August 2012Allow EDI VAN contract to lapse From September 2014Upgrade MIS to A2C compliant version After upgrade Use more efficient exam-related processes Add more qualifications Stop sending EDI files as separate operation Start to add non-JCQ awarding organisations

20 Questions?

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