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INCIDENT REPLACEMENT Incident Business Meeting May, 2013.

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1 INCIDENT REPLACEMENT Incident Business Meeting May, 2013

2 Who needs replacement items? Agency Employees Cooperator Employees In accordance with their agreement Contractors Contract compliant

3 Reference Material: – IIBMH – Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook (Chapter 30) – WWW.GSA.Gov/Forms WWW.GSA.Gov/Forms – Pacific Northwest Geographic Area Incident Business Management Guidelines (Property Management) – NW Area Interagency Mobilization Guide – Interagency Standards for Fire and Fire Aviation Operations (Red Book) (Chapter 11) – NWCG National Fire Equipment System Catalogs – IBPA National Templates and National Contracts


5 Government Property Standard Cache Items: – National Fire Equipment System Catalogs General Services Administration (GSA) Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) An Occasional Private Vendor or Sole Source Procurement Classified as Expendable, Durable or Trackable Specialty Items (Non-cache item or from a non-cache vendor source)

6 Who Approves Replacement? Incident Management Teams approve replacement of Standard Cache or Expendable items – Expendable is defined as single use or single incident The Incident Agency authorizes replacement of Non- Standard items and Standard Durable/Trackable items – The Agency Administrator May delegate this authority to the Finance Section Chief, Incident Business Advisor, or another individual

7 How? Complete the appropriate forms: OF-315 (Federal Optional Form 315) Incident Replacement Requisition or appropriate Agency Form OF-289 (Federal Optional Form 289) Property Loss or Damage Report for Fire Suppression …equipment inventory documents approved by the requesting resources home unit.

8 OF-315

9 OF-289

10 PNW IHC INVENTORY SuperintendentName Date Signature FMOName Date Signature Line officerName Date Signature The items below are on a signed and dated inventory by the FMO and/or Line Officer. The items referenced are approved for fire line use and it is the responsibility of each crew to maintain the inventory to meet fire suppression needs. These items are NOT guaranteed for replacement on an incident. The replacement of the items is determined by incident management based on the current policy of the incident agency, and proof of damage or loss is the responsibility of the Superintendent or assigned spokesperson. GroupItem Cache Item NFES # Name BrandModelSerial NumberQuanityCostUnitReplace Chainsaws 1 NOStihlStihl 44SSSSSSSSS8650.00each 2ChainsawsNOStihl66SSSSSSSSS2850.00each 3Saw support KitNOvarious 501,900.00Total Firing Equipment 4 Launcher Launcher II Dual use

11 When? Why? Incident Replacement Orders for standard items are submitted within 30 days of Control of the Incident (OF- 315, NFESC) Reports forwarded to Agency Administrators within 60 days. Become part of the final fire package. Statistics finalized and published annually, April 1


13 National Templates By Agreement / Contract, Vendor may be issued from the Cache:

14 Consumable Goods D.7.1.2 Contractor will be charged for Consumable Goods supplied by the Government and used by the resource while Under Hire. The cost of all Consumable Goods, with the exception of those specifically listed below, shall be deducted from payment to the Contractor.

15 Consumable Goods At the Government's discretion, the Government may provide the following incidental consumable goods at no cost, if available: one-quart plastic canteens, plastic sheeting, replacement radio batteries and replacement headlamp batteries, as required while under hire. D.7.1.2

16 Chippers Chipper operators are permitted: D.3.1 …*Nomex PPE will be issued by the Government for use on the incident. Should there be a need Issued item must to returned to the Cache at time of Demob or reassignment

17 Vehicles with Drivers D.2.1.2 Government Provided Equipment Personal Protective Equipment – The government considers operators as fireline personnel who will use and wear specified articles of personal protective equipment. The following mandatory items will be issued by the Government, when not furnished by the Contractor, to operators performing within the scope of this agreement.

18 Vehicles with Drivers a. Clothing*: (1) Flame resistant pants and shirts; (2) Gloves (Either Nomex or chrome tanned leather, when not furnished by the contractor); (3) Hard hat; (4) Goggles or safety glasses. b. Equipment: (1) Fire shelter; (2) Headlamp; (3) Individual First-Aid Kit: (4) Other items, in addition to these three may be issued by the Government. *The Government may provide the PPE, but may also reassign the driver to another mission that does not require Nomex and/or PPE if we dont have the appropriate sizes. If no assignment is available the driver may also be released.

19 Vehicles with Drivers Operators shall wear the items of clothing issued and maintain the issued equipment in a usable and readily available condition. Upon completion of the contract assignment, all issued items of clothing or equipment shall be returned to the Government. Deductions will be made for all Government furnished protective equipment not returned to the government.

20 Vehicles with Drivers The vendor is required to provide their own boots meeting PPE standards, i.e., All Leather uppers, lace-up type, minimum of 8 inches high with lug type sole in good condition (steel toed boots are not recommended).

21 National Template Agreements D.7.1.3 Government Furnished Hose and Complem ents Contractor shall arrive at an incident with hose as required. The Government may require that Contractor-owned hose and complements be left at the incident and the Contractor equipment be reassigned or demobilized without picking up that hose and/or complement.

22 National Template Agreements D.7.1.3 Government Furnished Hose and Complements Government will provide the Contractor with Form AD-107 Report of Transfer of Property (or equivalent) to transfer the Contractors property to the Government.

23 National Template Agreements D.7.1.3 Government Furnished Hose and Complements Reassignment: Contractor shall present the form to the supply unit at the incident who will loan the Contractor Government-furnished hose and/or complement. This is done to ensure the Contractor maintains viability at the reassigned incident. All accountable/durable property shall be returned upon release.

24 National Template Agreements D.7.1.3 Government Furnished Hose and Complements Demobilization: No Government hose or complement is issued. The Contractor may present a signed AD-107 form and a receipt for their Contractor-owned hose and complements left during performance of the work to the PROC or CO. The amount of reimbursement will be negotiated and may be paid as an adjustment to the invoice.

25 Questions?

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