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Our Mission: Quality does not happen by chance. It is a relentless pursuit of perfection. At KIMS it is the endeavor of each one of us to provide the.

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2 Our Mission: Quality does not happen by chance. It is a relentless pursuit of perfection. At KIMS it is the endeavor of each one of us to provide the highest quality of care to our patients. Beyond the wonderful ambience, advanced technology and professional expertise at KIMS, there is something more... the magic touch of caring. Mr.B. Krishnaiah, ME Chairman

3 Kims is a 300 beded multi speciality hospital strategically located in heart of the city and accessible. Another 600 beds are being added in the state of the art well planned new hospital block adjacent to the existing one before march 2011 Anaesthesiology,Cardio-thoracic surgery,Neuro-surgery, Orthopaedics Plastic surgery, General surgery, surgical gastro enterology, Urology and transplantation, Internal medicine, Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology and diabetology, ENT,Gastroenterology, KIMS cancer centre, Neprology,KIMS infertility centre Rheumatology Pulmonolgy Opthalmology Paediatric and neonatology Psychiatry Radiology Labarotory medicine Obesity clinic



6 Centre for advanced orthopaedics Centre for Advanced Orthopaedic Surgery is one of the very few centres in India where sub specialty work is carried out by Fellowship Trained Surgeons in their respective fields We believe that early and aggressive intervention in any orthopaedic problem can prevent morbidity and mortality. we believe in an ideology of group work and offer all the services possible in orthopaedics

7 Centre For Advanced Orthopaedic Surgery Joint Replacement unit – Primary Hip, Knee, Shoulder and Elbow Revision joint replacements of Hip, Knee. Computer navigation :- infact the only place with both CI(depuy) and orthopilot(aesculap) Resurfacing hip joint Hiflex, rotating platform and fixed bearing knee replacements Long lasting oxinium Constrained hip and knee replacements for polio and post traumatic cases Minimally invasive Surgey(MIS) Unicondylar (half Knee replacement)

8 Trauma surgery unit Tertiary referral centre for all kinds of trauma Advanced pelvi acetabular reconstructions Limb preserving surgeries Limb lengthening procedures Specialised minimal access surgeries Dedicated advanced life support team Illizarov ring fixator for trauma deformity and infections

9 Spine surgery unit Micro-lumbar discectomy Spine fixations and fusions Cervical and lumbar disc replacements Scoliosis and kyphosis corrections Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty Spinal cord tumors

10 Arthroscopy and sports unit Arthroscopic menisectomy Arthroscopic meniscal repairs ACL and PCL recontructions Multiligament instability repair Shoulder arthroscopy (Bankarts repair, subacromial decompression Rotator cuff repair, Radio frequency micro debridement for tendon problems, Capsular release for stiff shoulder) Hip and ankle arthroscopy

11 Paediatric orthopaedics unit CTEV correcitons Surgeries for DDH Paediatric trauma management Deformity corrections Epiphyseal injuries polio and cerebral palsy ligament reconstruction procedures

12 Orthopaedic Oncology Unit Limb salvage and reconstuction Custom megaprosthesis Bone bank Plastic surgery unit Vascular repair Limbs reattachment All kinds of of flaps Fascio maxillary fractures

13 Rehabilitation and physiotherapy unit Physiotherapy department has the latest equipment and is manned by 12 Physiotherapists offering round the clock services and domestic physiotherapy Post traumatic rehabilitation Joint replacement rehabilitation Pre surgical physiotherapy for better post op rehabilitation Preventive physiotherapy Manual and taping physiotherapy Wellness clinic Manipulative therapy

14 Arthroplasty We perform around 1000 joint replacement surgeries per year State of the art theatres Surgical ICUs Pain management team Rehabilitation


16 PACKAGE DETAILS SINGLE – 5 days Bilateral – 8 days (includes pre op investigations and stay period) Surgery and implant Immediate post op 1 day stay in surgical intensive care unit 1 attender allowed in room with the patient Post op medication Post op rehbilitation


18 REVISION 1 Week stay Pre op investigations Surgery and implant included 1 attender allowed I day stay in surgical icu immediate post op Post op mediction included Post op rehabilitation

19 Types of knee implants Fixed bearing Fixed bearing plus rotating platform Rotating platform Ceramic an oxynium coated implants Computer navigation ( orthopilot system)

20 Types of hip implants Standard Resurfacing Midhead resection Short stem implants


22 Types of bearings in hip replacement surgery UNCEMENTED Metal on metal Ceramic on ceramic Ceramic on highly cross linked poly Metal on highly cross linked poly CEMENTED

23 ARTHROSCOPY KNEE Diagnostic arthroscopy Meniscectomy / meniscal repair ACL / PCL reconstruction Multiligment reconstruction Global instability – reconstruction Autologous osteochondral transplantation Matrix autologous chondrocyte implantation

24 ARTHROSCOPY SHOULDER Subacromial decompression Rotator cuff repair Bakart repair SLAP lesion repair

25 Krishna Institute Of Medical Sciences Hyderabad -India Thank you For more details Please contact: Prof V Chaturvedi Vice President International Business

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