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Planning for the Future

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1 City of Palm Coast Fire Rescue Department Fleet management Plan for Fire Suppression Equipment

2 Planning for the Future

3 History of Apparatus City Incorporated 1999:
All County apparatus associated with the Palm Coast Fire Department became the possession of the City. At that time the Department did not have: 1- Back up apparatus 2- Volunteer Apparatus Per the I.S.O rating – 6/9

4 Apparatus assigned to Station # 21
Front Line: Eng. # Pierce pumper 6 years Back up: Eng. # Mack pumper 29 years

5 Apparatus assigned to Station # 22
Front Line: Eng. # Seagrave pumper 10 years Back up : Eng. # Ward LaFrance 37 years

6 Apparatus assigned to Station # 23
Front Line: Eng Pierce 2 years

7 Apparatus assigned to Station # 24
Front Line: Eng. # Pierce pumper 6 years Back up: Eng. # Mack pumper 37 years Tower- # Sutphen 100’ Platform Tower 2 years

8 Apparatus assigned to Station # 25
Front Line: Ladder # Seagrave Quint (100’) 7 years Back up: Eng: # Pierce/Kenworth 9 years Eng. # Mack pumper 28 years

9 NFPA 1911: Standard for the Inspection, Maintenance, Testing, and Retirement of In-Service Automotive Fire Apparatus Annex D / Guidelines for First-Line and Reserve Fire Apparatus- D.1 General: …, fully enclosed riding areas with reduced noise (dBA) levels to keep crew members safe and informed, seats and seat belts for all crew members riding on the apparatus, fail safe door handles so the sleeve of a coat does not inadvertently catch a handle and open a door…

10 Open Cabs

11 Replacement Schedule Goal: Keep front line apparatus in service for years. Step down front line apparatus after as Back-up for additional years when possible. Replace apparatus as needed on a two year replacement schedule

12 Replacement Schedule Vehicle Type Identifier In Service Year
Identifier In Service Year Back up Year Replace Year Actual Replaced Year Ward Engine E222 1976 1991 2006 2013 Mack Engine E232 1984 1999 2014 2015 E252 1985 2000 E242 1986 2001 2016 2017 Seagrave Engine E22 2003 2018 2033 Pierce Engine E23 2005 2020 2035 2019 E21 2007 2022 2037 2021 E24 2023 Seagrave Quint Ladder- 25 2036 Sutphen Tower Tower - 2 2010 2040

13 Replacement Eng. # Ward-La France Cash available in Fleet Fund for purchase per replacement schedule. Eng.# Seagrave becomes back up.

14 Next Steps Draft Spec’s… Completed Request for proposal… Evaluate proposals… Submit recommendations to Council for purchase Sign contract to build Apparatus Delivery of unit within 6-12 months

15 Questions

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