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Design of a UST Management System Joshua Holtgrewe MAESC 2005 Tank 1Tank 2 Tank 4 Tank 3 Automatic Tank Gauge.

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1 Design of a UST Management System Joshua Holtgrewe MAESC 2005 Tank 1Tank 2 Tank 4 Tank 3 Automatic Tank Gauge

2 Introduction to USTs Memphis, Light, Gas, & Water currently stores fuel for its motor vehicle operations in 20 tanks at 11 sites throughout Memphis and Shelby County This fuel is stored in underground storage tanks (USTs) The double walled tanks must be monitored in order to ensure compliance with Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) regulations

3 Current monitoring of USTs Automatic tank gauges (ATGs) These ATGs contain microcontrollers that monitor the tanks employing probes and sensors


5 Electric & Systems Operations Covington Pike, Memphis, TN Covington Pike Location

6 Monitoring Employees gather receipts at all sites Proof of passed leak test must be logged for one year every day and complied in yearly reports

7 120VAC Panel ATG Probes Interstitial sensors

8 Why is a New Solution Needed? End of usable life of system Difficulty meeting regulatory compliance Labor cost can be reduced by implementing a more efficient monitoring system

9 Design Objectives New system must be able to perform same operations as existing system Use of existing tanks and sensors Offsite monitoring via network based software Real-time monitoring

10 Alternative A Monitors up to eight tanks Broadband connection and software for offsite management

11 Alternative B Monitors up to 12 tanks Economical Broadband connection and software Local vendor

12 Alternative Comparison Design CriterionAlternative AB Real-time monitoring XX Printer for on-site data collection XX Software for off-site monitoring XX E-mail alerts from ATGs X Ability to monitor 8 tanks XX Continuous testing ability XX Use of existing probes/sensors X Multiple language support X

13 Alternative A Total Costs

14 Alternative B Total Costs

15 Choice: Alternative B Savings of $15,000 as compared to Alternative A Some existing probes and sensors are used Some existing ATGs may not need to be replaced Same manufacturer/vendor of existing ATGs Met all of design objectives

16 Screenshots of Software Site Manager Site Editor Alarm History




20 Connectivity Router ATG LAN Wireless

21 Connectivity Network connections required to the eleven ATGs Two types of solutions exist: LAN (local area network) or WLAN (wireless local area network)

22 LAN vs. WLAN at Covington Pike Wireless adapters can be located in enclosure with ATG No need for site adaptation Access point can be located at the hub or switch in the facility Attenuation not a problem since the enclosures housing the ATGs are within 200 feet of a nearby office that will contain the hub or switch Encryption provides security for wireless network

23 LAN Costs for Covington Pike Source: RSMeans Electrical Cost Data, 28 th Edition

24 WLAN Costs Note: This price is the cost for 11 sites. Source:

25 Replacement Recommendation Alternative B with wireless network connections Use of IEEE 802.11b hardware Meets and exceeds operating temperature ranges Meets and exceeds signal range for connectivity with the switch or hub onsite

26 Costs Includes the new UST monitoring system featuring the ATGs of Alternative B, its probes, sensors and software The wireless routers and access points necessary for the communication in real-time Installation by trained technicians $64,232.40

27 Benefits of Solution Relief of on-site labor responsibility and the cost associated with this labor Real-time monitoring More effective method for regulatory compliance

28 Economic Benefits This design solution will eliminate over $5,000 a month of labor Over the 10 year life-cycle of the new system the present worth of the alternative is $371,853.53 The solution has a payback period of approximately 13 months.

29 Overview of ATG System Tank 1Tank 2 Tank 4Tank 3 Automatic Tank Gauge Control Wire

30 Overview of Networking Router Automatic Tank Gauge with Wireless Adapter

31 Overview of Networking System AllenBrunswickDavisCovington Pike HeavyHickory HillLichtermanMcCord NorthSheahanSouth PC at MLGW Headquarters

32 Conclusion Improved regulatory compliance Reduction of labor costs Real-time offsite monitoring Return of capital investment in 13 months

33 Any Questions? Main Offices AllenBrunswickDavisCovington Pike HeavyHickory HillLichterman McCord NorthSheahanSouth

34 Questions…….. Introduction ATG Tanks/Site Alternatives Costs Software LAN vs WLAN Costs of Networking Benefits MARR Probes Microcontroller Sensors Volumetric Calculations Wireless

35 MARR Minimum attractive rate of return The interest rate at which one can expect to receive due to the time value of money 6%-8%

36 Present Worth Analysis Initial Cost: $64,232.40 Annual Maintenance Costs: $750 Employee Productivity Savings: $60,000 PW = -64,232.40+ -750(P/A,i,n)+ 60,000(P/A, i, n)

37 MARR Table MARR Present Worth of Alternative 6%$371,853.53 7%$351,915.90 8%$333,341.03

38 Microcontroller CPU 256K Internal Memory PROM Connectors for printer, fax, communications modules, other peripherals


40 Inventory Probes A voltage is induced by the current flowing from the change in magnetic field. The magnetic field changes due to the distance between the top part of the probe and the bottom Hall effect

41 Leak detection Interstitial liquid sensor Vapor sensor- located in backfill to detect vapor being absorbed by soil

42 Volumetric Calculations H R a

43 Wireless 802.11b signals have an outdoor range of 1640 ft Adapter output power of 15dBm Signal degradation in a variety of ranges (1MBps, 5.5MBps, 11MBps)

44 Wireless Ranges 11 MBps within 800ft. 5.5 MBps from 800ft. to 1300ft. 1 MBps from 1300ft. to end of range 1600 ft. 800 ft. 1300 ft.

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