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Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting and Site Visit May 21, 2009 *This presentation is not a part of the Contract Documents.

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1 Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting and Site Visit May 21, 2009 *This presentation is not a part of the Contract Documents.

2 Calleguas MWD – Project Owner and Construction Manager Kristine McCaffrey, P.E. (Project Manager) Construction Inspector TBD Perliter & Ingalsbe – Design Engineer Rean David Kunitake, P.E. (Project Manager)

3 Pre-Bid Meeting (9 am – 10:00 am) Mandatory Site Visit directly following Pre-Bid Meeting (~10:30 am): 1 st Meeting Point: Edison Dr. and Hueneme Rd. Intersection (NE Corner) 2 nd Meeting Point: Perkins Rd. and Hueneme Rd. (SE Corner) 3 rd Meeting Point: Port Hueneme Beach Park Parking Lot on Surfside Dr. Attendance will be taken at each stop.

4 ActivityAnticipated Date Questions Due DateJune 23, 2009, 5 pm Anticipated Addendum No. 1 Distribution May 22, 2009 Anticipated Addendum No. 2 Distribution June 25, 2009 (if necessary) Bid OpeningJuly 1, 2009, 2 pm Notice of Award IssuedJuly 16, 2009 (tentative) Notice to Proceed Issuedmid to late August 2009 (tentative)

5 ~ 9,921 LF of 48 WSP from Edison Dr. and Hueneme Rd. along Hueneme Rd. and Surfside Dr. to Port Hueneme Beach Park Parking Lot A. ~894 LFof 12 WSP along Perkins Rd. Five casings installed via trenchless methods (pipe ramming and/or auger boring). Connections to existing 48 PVC and 30 WSP.

6 Cast-in-place flow control and meter vaults, including electrical, communications, and instrumentation equipment.

7 Manholes, valves, blow-offs, automatic vacuum and air release valve assemblies, and sampling station. Traffic control. Surface restoration, including paving, overlay, hydroseeding, landscape, hardscape, and striping.

8 Work to be Completed Time(s) for Completion or Fixed Calendar Date(s) for Completion LDs if Work is Not Completed within Time(s) for Completion or by Fixed Calendar Date(s) for Completion Completion of the Work570 Calendar Days$3,400 per Calendar Day Completion of all work between pipeline stations 35+75 and 40+50 23 Calendar Days$5,400 per Calendar Day Completion of all work between pipeline stations 89+00 and 91+00 14 Calendar Days$3,100 per Calendar Day 4 Week Look-ahead Schedule Every Friday by 4pm$500 per Calendar Day Traffic Control PhotosEvery Monday by 4pm$250 per Calendar Day or any portion thereof

9 Seasonal Work Limitations: No work shall occur and no equipment, materials, or facilities shall be allowed within Surfside Drive between April 16 and September 15 of any year. (SC 1-03) No Work Days: Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Day after Thanksgiving Christmas Day New Years Day Except traffic control maintenance and flaggers. (SC 1-04) Additionally, no work in Port Hueneme on their city holidays. (Appendix C)

10 Allowable Work Hours and Days: See Traffic Control Plans.

11 Encroachment Permits Permanent and Temporary Easements Temporary Right-of-Entry

12 The Owner has obtained encroachment permits from the County of Ventura and City of Port Hueneme and conditions for an encroachment permit from the City of Oxnard. (County of Ventura permit to be provided via addendum.) The Contractor shall obtain a duplicate encroachment permit from Port Hueneme and obtain an encroachment permit from Oxnard. All construction shall conform to the provisions of the public agencies encroachment permits and any of their special conditions.

13 Permanent and temporary easements have been obtained for a portion of the pipeline alignment paralleling Hueneme Rd. roughly between Conner Dr. and Perkins Rd. Easements also encompass meter and control valve vaults.

14 The Owner has entered into a right-of-entry agreement with The Bungalows at Beach House HOA for placement of traffic control signs only on private roads. Signs must be posted so as not to damage pavement or landscaping.

15 If the Contractor requests any changes to the TCPs, the Contractor will be required to prepare revised TCPs; submit them to the Engineer and Calleguas for review and approval prior to submittal to the agencies; and pay the Engineers, Owners, and agencies fees for reviewing the TCPs. Temporary traffic control during tasks not directly related to main pipeline installation is the responsibility of the Contractor. Any required new TCPs shall be submitted to the Engineer and Calleguas for review and approval prior to submittal to the agencies having jurisdiction. The Contractor shall allow for 4 weeks for review of each TCP submittal by the agencies.

16 Traffic control performed within the County of Ventura jurisdiction shall be done by an independent 3 rd party whose sole responsibility is for traffic control. The Contractor may not, without written permission from the Owner, install any temporary traffic controls for pipeline construction in the public ROW prior to having all pipe and fittings necessary to complete the work to be constructed under that traffic control set up on site or at a local storage yard. Contractor must take photos of traffic control setups daily and submit those photos weekly.

17 The Contractor shall designate a Traffic Control Manager (TCM), who must be present at the Site during times when the Contractor requires traffic control and is performing construction work. The Contractor shall maintain 24-hour telephone numbers at which the TCM can be contacted and be available upon request outside normal working hours. The TCM shall have the appropriate personnel, equipment and material available at all times in order to expeditiously correct any deficiency in the traffic control system.

18 Pipe Pre-Submittal Meeting Spare Pipe Pipe Testing

19 The Contractor shall attend a pre-submittal meeting attended by the following: Contractors Project Manager Contractors Project Engineer or person responsible for technical assembly of Submittals Representative(s) for the WSP and fittings fabricator(s) Shop superintendent(s) or direct subordinate responsible for the manufacturing of 24 WSP and fittings If these representatives are not present, the meeting will be cancelled and rescheduled at no additional cost to the Owner. The Contractor shall verify and communicate verification to the Owner at least 7 Calendar Days prior to the meeting that each of the WSP related attendees have received a copy of the portions of the Specifications related to their work.

20 Additional pipe and fittings shall be provided as follows: Two 48 20 lay length pipe PE x Bell Two 48 30 lay length pipe PE x PE Two 48 buttstraps All pipe and fittings shall be designed and fabricated as Class 75 pipe with an assumed 20- foot earth overburden. Minimum cylinder thickness shall be as specified and as additionally required. Pipes and fittings shall be compatible with other 48 pipe installed in the Work.

21 Test in accordance with AWWA C200 - Steel Water Pipe – 6 In. and Larger. Required test pressure provided on key plan and profile sheets. (Test Gradient Elevation = 200 feet) Tie-in connection joint of the 48 WSP to the existing 48 PVC pipe shall be tested separately and to a maximum of 100 psi.

22 All materials shall be subject to inspection at the place of manufacture. Manufacturing activities requiring inspection may include: Review of the proposed manufacturing plant to verify its suitability for fabrication of the required materials and appurtenances. Fabrication, including fittings and specials. Application of plant-applied pipe linings and coatings. Shop testing of all manufacturing processes and manufactured materials. Processes used to transport materials to and from each manufacturing phase to preparing materials for transport to the Site.

23 At his discretion, the Owner shall arrange for and pay a Materials Inspector to perform inspections on behalf of the Owner for the following items. Steel pipe and fittings 12 and larger (including linings and coatings) Butterfly Valves 12 and larger Control panel

24 The Contractor shall provide the Owner with 10 Working Days advanced written notice of the date when fabrication will begin. If fabrication begins later than that date, the Contractor shall pay to Calleguas all costs for an inspector to wait on standby for the fabrication or testing to begin, including hourly wage, per diem, and expenses. Failure on the part of the Contractor to provide the notice required shall be just cause for the Owner to reject the materials fabricated without such notice.

25 The Contractor shall provide for the manufacturer to furnish safe access and to cooperate with the Materials Inspector in the performance of his duties. The Materials Inspector shall have free entry at all times to the manufacturers facilities while tests and inspections are being conducted. Adequate facilities shall be furnished to allow the Materials Inspector to perform his inspections, including taking photographs. Retain on file and make available upon request, copies of all specified reports, test results, and quality control documentation.

26 All pipe of each material shall be fabricated at one location in US. Linings and coatings may be applied at separate facilities, but these must also be within the US. All valves subject to shop inspection and testing shall be manufactured in the US.

27 The Contractor shall pothole: All utilities where crossings, interferences, or connections to the new pipelines or other facilities are marked by the utility companies or indicated by surface signs or other surface markers or indications. All utilities parallel to and within 15 ft of the pipeline. Parallel utilities shall be potholed at sufficient intervals to verify the location of the utility relative to the pipeline or structure being constructed. All utilities adjacent to and within 5 ft of all buried structures. The number of potholes shall be sufficient to determine plan location and direction and depth of all said utilities.

28 If a utility that is required to be potholed as described above is not found at the expected depth, the Contractor must continue to pothole deeper until either the utility is located or the pothole reaches 1 ft below the elevation of the bottom of the planned pipeline or structure without encountering the utility. Additional potholing requirements in Sections 02315 and 02320 for trenchless crossings.

29 Five trenchless crossings are required on this project. Contractor may select auger boring (Section 02315) or pipe ramming (Section 02320) for each trenchless crossing. Both methods require a pilot tube to be used for increased accuracy.

30 Port Hueneme Sewer Relocation: Contractor shall install the relocated sewer with the existing sewer line in service. Tie-ins between the relocated sewer and the existing sewer shall only be performed Mon-Fri between 7am and 4pm. 7 Working Day notice to Owner required. Oxnard Water Line Relocation: 5 Calendar Day shutdown allowed for relocation of existing water line. 5 Working Day notice to Owner required.

31 SCE Coordination: Electrical service connection design from SCE is included in Appendix F. The Contractor shall notify the Owner, in writing, 40 Calendar Days in advance of requiring the services of SCE to perform electrical service work. (SC 1-37) Verizon Service Connection and Coordination: Communication service connection shall be obtained by the Owner. Construction of any Verizon facility shall be performed in accordance with Verizon standards and requirements and the requirements of the Contract Documents. The Contractor shall notify the Owner, in writing, 40 Calendar Days in advance of requiring the services of Verizon to perform communications work. (SC 1-38)

32 Oxnard/Port Hueneme/County Encroachment VCWPD Encroachment Railroad Encroachment Stormwater NOI* Dewatering Discharge* Hydrostatic Discharge Oxnard Coastal Development Permit Port Hueneme Coastal Development Permit CalOSHA Tunnel Classification * Additional information provided on subsequent slides.

33 Implement all measures necessary to comply with construction stormwater runoff requirements in SWRCB Order No. 99-08- DWQ, NPDES General Permit No. CAS000002. Prepare a SWPPP which complies with the requirements of the General Permit. SWPPP must be prepared, submitted, and accepted prior to any construction work, including potholing. Amend the SWPPP as required by the General Permit. Furnish, install, and maintain all erosion and sediment control measures described in the approved SWPPP. Implement monitoring programs, record keeping, maintenance, inspection, repair, training, and sampling as required in the General Permit.

34 Design, furnish, install, operate, monitor, maintain and remove a temporary dewatering system as required to lower and control water levels below subgrades of excavations to permit construction in the dry. Collect and properly dispose of all discharge water from the dewatering system in accordance with California RWQCB NPDES Permit No. CAG994004, CI-9469. Allowable discharge points are shown on the Drawings. Contractor may discharge into sotrm drains that connect to these discharge points.

35 Contractor shall submit to the Owner, within the first 5 days of the month, the total volume of water discharged during each day of the previous month. The Owner will take the samples required by Permit No. CAG994004, CI-9469 and submit the required reports to the RWQCB. The Owner will notify the Contractor if his discharge fails to comply with the permit requirements. The Contractor shall take daily samples of the discharge and analyze them in the field each day for turbidity. Dewatering and treatment system must maintain an average turbidity below 50 NTU.

36 Record Pipeline Information: Appendix J contains CD of record drawings and record pipeline layout drawings for the portion of the 48 PVC to be connected to and design drawings for the 30 WSP be connected to. This information is provided as a convenience to the Contractor only, and all information contained therein shall be field verified prior to pipe fabrication (SC 1-23). Geotechnical Information: Geotechnical reports are available at, but are not a part of the Contract Documents (SC 1-17).

37 Mitigation monitoring plan can be found in Appendix E. Specific mitigation measures of interest include: Archaeologist Orientation/Training (SC-28) Flat Blade Bucket Excavation (Section 02220) Noise and Vibration Control and Monitoring (Section 01560)

38 When possible, the Contractor shall provide, use, and install only iron, steel, and manufactured goods produced in the United States in the Work. More information on federal Buy American requirements can be found at art%2025_1.html#wp1118857 art%2025_1.html#wp1118857

39 The Work is subject to the requirements of an LCP. Calleguas has retained the services of a 3rd party LCP administrator. The Contractor shall cooperate fully with the administrator in submitting information and cooperating with site visits and other required LCP activity. The Contractor shall post at the Site the contact information for the administrator. Calleguas reserves the right to withhold progress and final payment on this project until all appropriate certified payroll forms and related LCP documents are submitted and found to be in compliance.

40 The following language is hereby inserted at the end of Article 6.3.8 of the GCs: (3) Any sums it believe may be necessary in response to failure to fully comply with LCP requirements for the Work. Only individuals who are legally able to work in the US shall be employed for the Work. As California prevailing wage statutes and regulations are also applicable to the Work, the more restrictive requirements will be applied. Calleguas requires that certified payrolls be submitted electronically via LCP Tracker or similar electronic service designated by Calleguas.

41 CategoryBidderSupt.PM (1) General Pipeline - Construction of buried pipelines having a diameter of 36 inches or greater and extending for a length of at least 2,000 linear feet per project. 3 projects 1 project (2) Steel Pipeline - Construction of steel pipelines (AWWA C-200, C-301 or C-303) having a diameter of 30 inches or greater and extending for a length of at least 2,000 linear feet per project. 3 projects 2 projects

42 CategoryBidderSupt.PM (3) Shoring - Construction of projects involving sheeting and shoring of trenches or excavations greater than 15 feet in depth. 5 projects, at least 3 of those projects shall include dewatering 3 projects, at least 2 of those projects shall include dewatering 2 projects, at least 1 of those projects shall include dewatering (4) Traffic Control - Construction of pipeline projects involving traffic control comparable to or greater in magnitude and complexity than this project. 3 projects (a) 2 projects (a) 1 project (a) (a) The experience of a traffic control subcontractor shall not substitute for or supplement the Bidders traffic control experience. The projects shall be those where either the Contractor self-performed the traffic control work or managed a subcontractor who performed the traffic control work.

43 CategoryBidderSupt.PM (5) Auger Boring - Construction involving the installation of pipelines via auger boring at least 48 inches in diameter. (d) 2 projects (b), at least 1 in gw and at least 1 with a pilot bore 1 project (c) no requirements (6) Pipe Ramming - Construction involving the installation of pipelines via pipe ramming at least 48 inches in diameter. (d) 2 projects (b), at least 1 in gw and at least 1 with a pilot bore 1 project (c) no requirements (b) The experience of the proposed auger boring or pipe ramming subcontractor (as appropriate) may be substituted for the Bidders experience. (c) The experience of the proposed auger boring or pipe ramming subcontractors superintendent (as appropriate) may be substituted for the Bidders Superintendents experience. (d) The Contractors (or Subcontractors) experience shall match with the trenchless installation method(s) he proposes to use. If the Contractor only plans to use one trenchless method, then he is only required to submit experience on that method; if he plans to use both methods, experience on both methods must be submitted.

44 All qualifying experience must have been obtained in the past 15 years. All qualifying experience must have been obtained on projects which have been successfully completed. A single project may meet more than one of the experience requirements. The Superintendent must have acted as Superintendent or Foreman on each project from project start through project completion. The Project Manager must have acted as Project Manager on each project from project start through project completion.

45 Proof of Authority for Signature Special Federal Provisions and Specifications Manufacturers and Suppliers Experience Requirements Information to be Submitted After the Bid Insurance Requirements

46 Have bid signed by appropriate signatories (I-3). Two signatures are required even if company policy allows one. Furnish a resolution or other evidence demonstrating the authority of the Bidder to submit the Bid and the authority of each person executing the Contract, bonds and all other documents and instruments (I-3). Provide notarization for forms in bid proposal.

47 Federal funding is being used for this project Federally Assisted Construction (N-14) Special Federal Provisions and Specifications Bid Proposal Forms Certification of Bidder Regarding Equal Employment Opportunity Certification by Proposed Subcontractor Regarding Equal Employment Opportunity Certification regarding Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility matters; Drug-free Workplace Requirements and Lobbying

48 Manufacturer of the 48 WSP and fittings must meet the following minimum requirements: The Pipe Manufacturer shall within the last 5 years have manufactured at least 10,000 feet of 48 or larger mortar lined and mortar coated WSP in conformance with AWWA C200 and C205 and the requirements similar to those in Section 02620 of these Specifications. All aspects of the pipe fabrication process must be performed in the US. Before a Contract is awarded, the Successful Bidder must demonstrate that the Pipe Manufacturer employs a CWI, certified in accordance with AWS QC1, and a NDT technician and operator qualified to a minimum of NDT Level II in accordance with ASNT SNT-TC-1A.

49 Within 3 Working Days from bid opening, submit Welded Steel Pipe Manufacturer Experience. List the name of pipe fabricators and manufacturers who will provide pipe materials and fabrication for this project, and indicate their compliance with requirements as specified in Section N-10 of the NIB.

50 Insurance documentation does not need to be submitted with the bid Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance Required of the Contractor (I-12) Liability Insurance Required of the Contractor (I-13) Certificates and endorsements shall be submitted for both the Successful Bidder and the subcontractor(s) performing trenchless work (I-10) Coverage shall include railroads endorsement CG 24 17 or equivalent on the CGL policy (I-13) Additional insureds listed in SC 1-25

51 For bidding RFI/RFC: Use form in Appendix B and submit by June 23, 2009 at 5 pm Send to: Perliter & Ingalsbe Attention: Rean David Kunitake, P.E. Fax: (626) 398-9115 For planholders lists, geotech reports, this presentation, bid results, etc. visit

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