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for Bio-Identical Hormones

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1 for Bio-Identical Hormones
Welcome to our for Bio-Identical Hormones

2 Are you suffering from hot flashes, fatigue, low energy, decreased libido, memory loss, moody, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction or just not your normal self?

3 Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) - Why Consider HRT?
Relief of Symptoms Prevention of memory loss Heart health Bone protection Growth & repair Increased libido, sexual function Improved body image, strength

4 Why Consider HRT? 3S Strong!

5 Why Consider HRT? 3S Smart!

6 Why Consider HRT? 3S & Sexy!

7 Women’s Health Initiative Trial on Prempro - older women
The stroke rate 41% higher Rate of blood clots was double Increase in breast cancer of 26% 22% increase in heart disease 37% decrease colorectal cancer Decrease in hip & total fractures

8 Women’s Health Initiative Trial on Prempro - older women
Provera (synthetic progestin) is not Progesterone Provera increases insulin resistance & reverses estrogens cardiac protection Premarin (Horse Estrogens) contains 40 foreign estrogens including equillin which may be 1000x more proliferative Premarin does not contain Estriol (E3) & has up to 50% Estrone (E1) Premarin + Provera is toxic

9 Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)
These are hormones which are IDENTICAL to your own hormones. There are NO side effects. Feel the benefits of having hormone levels when you were yrs old. Men & Women using BHRT have consistently improved Quality of Life

10 Bio-Identical HRT (BHRT)
Only use natural, compounded bio-identical hormones for replacement therapy 3 natural estrogens Estrone (E1) Bad, increases cancer risk Estradiol (E2) Good, as long as dose is small Estriol (E3) Good, cancer protective Usual BHRT for women has E2 & E3 only Must balance with Progesterone & Testosterone Must balance Thyroid & Adrenal function

11 Oral vs. Transdermal Estrogens
Oral Estrogens (especially Premarin) increase inflammation as measured by CRP Transdermal Estrogens do not Decensi A et al. Effect of transdermal estradiol and oral conjugated estrogen on C-reactive protein in retinoid-placebo trial in healthy women Circulation 2002 Sep 3;106(10):1224-8

12 Natural Progesterone Men & Women
May protect against breast, ovarian & prostate cancer Helps balance estrogens Lowers cholesterol & blood pressure Increases metabolic rate & reduce body fat Improves sleep, antidepressant & calming effect, anti-anxiety Increase scalp hair, increase hydration 2nd most abundant hormone in our body

13 Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Women
Women produce 10% T as compared to men T needed for sense of well being Strength especially upper body Increased Libido & sensitivity T usually decreased in perimenopausal and menopausal women Body composition – reduce fat, increase lean mass Bone density

14 Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Men
Improve erectile function, libido, sensitivity T needed for sense of well being & mood Possibly reduce risk of prostate cancer Possibly reduce risk of chronic diseases including heart disease & stroke Increased exercise performance & strength T usually decreased in most men by 40’s Body composition – reduce fat, increase lean mass, bone density Improve diabetes, high blood pressure

15 Bio-identical Hormones ….
and Anti-Aging & Wellness Center can help you feel years younger.

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