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ODS Replacement Strategy/Options. Commission Directive Investigate ways to fund next iteration of ODS system equipment Initial thought to have system.

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1 ODS Replacement Strategy/Options

2 Commission Directive Investigate ways to fund next iteration of ODS system equipment Initial thought to have system supported by all who benefit from it – Drinking water purveyors

3 Assumptions $5M needed in 7 years for full replacement and upgrade of analytical, communications and data management systems based on current technologies Apportionments based on annual contributions required for 7 years to accrue $5M

4 Cost Share Options Water utilities share in equipment replacement cost paying: – Equal shares – Pro rate full amount based on population served – Pro rate half amount (50:50 split with Commission?) based on population – Develop user fee for all consumers

5 Equal Apportionment Among All Drinking Water Utilities/Purveyors 30 Municipal Utilities 3 Industrial Purveyors $5M/7 years = $714,286/year $714,286/33 = $21,645/facility/year $151,515/facility over 7 years 7 facilities provide water to 85% of Ohio River Water Consumers

6 $5M Apportionment based on Population Served – per annum cost Louisville Water Company**$160,992.01Steubenville Water Works$3,499.83 Cincinnati Water Works**$154,639.82East Liverpool Water Works$2,799.86 Pa-American Water Co.**$99,745.05Township of Robinson$2,099.90 Pittsburgh Water & Sewer$65,621.74Ironton Water Works$2,012.40 N. KY. Water Service District$52,497.39Buckeye Water$1,399.93 Evansville Water Plant**$43,747.83Toronto Water Works Office$997.45 West View Municipal**$34,998.26City of Follansbee Water$979.95 WV-American Water Co.**$15,749.22Sistersville Water Department$874.96 Ashland Water Works**$13,937.36Russell Water Works$874.96 Henderson Water Works$13,299.34Morganfield$612.47 Paducah Water Works**$10,499.48Sturgis Water Department$612.47 Wheeling Water Department**$8,749.57Illinois-American Water$612.47 Portsmouth Water Works**$7,174.64Midland Borough Water**$548.95 Maysville Water Works$6,194.38Weirton Steel Drinking Water$87.50 Moon Township$4,374.78USEC$87.50 Weirton Water Works**$3,849.81NOVA Chemical$70.00 Bayer Polymers$43.75

7 $5M Apportionment based on Pop. Served – 7 year total contribution Louisville Water Company**$1,126,944.04Steubenville Water Works$24,498.78 Cincinnati Water Works**$1,082,478.75East Liverpool Water Works$19,599.03 Pa-American Water Co.**$698,215.33Township of Robinson$14,699.27 Pittsburgh Water & Sewer$459,352.19Ironton Water Works$14,086.80 N. KY. Water Service District$367,481.75Buckeye Water$9,799.51 Evansville Water Plant**$306,234.79Toronto Water Works Office$6,982.15 West View Municipal**$244,987.83City of Follansbee Water$6,859.66 WV-American Water Co.**$110,244.53Sistersville Water Department$6,124.70 Ashland Water Works**$97,561.53Russell Water Works$6,124.70 Henderson Water Works$93,095.38Morganfield$4,287.29 Paducah Water Works**$73,496.35Sturgis Water Department$4,287.29 Wheeling Water Dept.**$61,246.96Illinois-American Water$4,287.29 Portsmouth Water Works**$50,222.51Midland Borough Water**$3,842.63 Maysville Water Works$43,360.68Weirton Steel Drinking Water$612.47 Moon Township$30,623.48USEC$612.47 Weirton Water Works**$26,948.66NOVA Chemical$489.98 Bayer Polymers$306.23

8 $5M Apportionment based on Population Served 7 systems contribute 85% of cost

9 $2.5M Apportionment on Population Served - per annum cost Louisville Water Company**$80,496.12Steubenville Water Works$1,749.92 Cincinnati Water Works**$77,320.02East Liverpool Water Works$1,399.93 Pa-American Water Co.**$49,872.59Township of Robinson$1,049.95 Pittsburgh Water & Sewer$32,810.92Ironton Water Works$1,006.20 N. KY. Water Service District$26,248.73Buckeye Water$699.97 Evansville Water Plant**$21,873.94Toronto Water Works Office$498.73 West View Municipal**$17,499.16City of Follansbee Water$489.98 WV-American Water Co.**$7,874.62Sistersville Water Department$437.48 Ashland Water Works**$6,968.69Russell Water Works$437.48 Henderson Water Works$6,649.68Morganfield$306.24 Paducah Water Works**$5,249.75Sturgis Water Department$306.24 Wheeling Water Dept.**$4,374.79Illinois-American Water$306.24 Portsmouth Water Works**$3,587.33Midland Borough Water**$274.47 Maysville Water Works$3,097.20Weirton Steel Drinking Water$43.75 Moon Township$2,187.39USEC$43.75 Weirton Water Works**$1,924.91NOVA Chemical$35.00 Bayer Polymers$21.87

10 $2.5M Apportionment based on Pop. Served – 7 year total contribution Louisville Water Company**$563,472.81Steubenville Water Works$12,249.41 Cincinnati Water Works**$541,240.13East Liverpool Water Works$9,799.53 Pa-American Water Co.**$349,108.15Township of Robinson$7,349.65 Pittsburgh Water & Sewer$229,676.42Ironton Water Works$7,043.41 N. KY. Water Service District$183,741.13Buckeye Water$4,899.76 Evansville Water Plant**$153,117.61Toronto Water Works Office$3,491.08 West View Municipal**$122,494.09City of Follansbee Water$3,429.83 WV-American Water Co.**$55,122.34Sistersville Water Department$3,062.35 Ashland Water Works**$48,780.83Russell Water Works$3,062.35 Henderson Water Works$46,547.75Morganfield$2,143.65 Paducah Water Works**$36,748.23Sturgis Water Department$2,143.65 Wheeling Water Dept.**$30,623.52Illinois-American Water$2,143.65 Portsmouth Water Works**$25,111.29Midland Borough Water**$1,921.32 Maysville Water Works$21,680.37Weirton Steel Drinking Water$306.24 Moon Township$15,311.76USEC$306.24 Weirton Water Works**$13,474.35NOVA Chemical$244.99 Bayer Polymers$153.12

11 $2.5M Apportionment based on Population Served

12 $1.5M Apportionment on Population Served - per annum cost Louisville Water Company**$40,247.95Steubenville Water Works$874.96 Cincinnati Water Works**$38,659.90East Liverpool Water Works$699.96 Pa-American Water Co.**$24,936.23Township of Robinson$524.97 Pittsburgh Water & Sewer$16,405.41Ironton Water Works$503.10 N. KY. Water Service District$13,124.33Buckeye Water$349.98 Evansville Water Plant**$10,936.94Toronto Water Works Office$249.36 West View Municipal**$8,749.55City of Follansbee Water$244.99 WV-American Water Co.**$3,937.30Sistersville Water Department$218.74 Ashland Water Works**$3,484.34Russell Water Works$218.74 Henderson Water Works$3,324.83Morganfield$153.12 Paducah Water Works**$2,624.87Sturgis Water Department$153.12 Wheeling Water Dept.**$2,187.39Illinois-American Water$153.12 Portsmouth Water Works**$1,793.66Midland Borough Water**$137.24 Maysville Water Works$1,548.59Weirton Steel Drinking Water$21.87 Moon Township$1,093.69USEC$21.87 Weirton Water Works**$962.45NOVA Chemical$17.50 Bayer Polymers$10.94

13 $1.5M Apportionment based on Pop. Served – 7 year total contribution Louisville Water Company**$281,735.62Steubenville Water Works$6,124.69 Cincinnati Water Works**$270,619.31East Liverpool Water Works$4,899.75 Pa-American Water Co.**$174,553.59Township of Robinson$3,674.81 Pittsburgh Water & Sewer$114,837.89Ironton Water Works$3,521.70 N. KY. Water Service District$91,870.31Buckeye Water$2,449.87 Evansville Water Plant**$76,558.59Toronto Water Works Office$1,745.54 West View Municipal**$61,246.87City of Follansbee Water$1,714.91 WV-American Water Co.**$27,561.09Sistersville Water Department$1,531.17 Ashland Water Works**$24,390.35Russell Water Works$1,531.17 Henderson Water Works$23,273.81Morganfield$1,071.82 Paducah Water Works**$18,374.06Sturgis Water Department$1,071.82 Wheeling Water Dept.**$15,311.72Illinois-American Water$1,071.82 Portsmouth Water Works**$12,555.61Midland Borough Water**$960.66 Maysville Water Works$10,840.15Weirton Steel Drinking Water$153.12 Moon Township$7,655.86USEC$153.12 Weirton Water Works**$6,737.16NOVA Chemical$122.49 Bayer Polymers$76.56

14 Personal Use Fee Levy 1¢ fee per consumer per year – 5M consumers = $50,000/year x 7 years = $350,000 – Need 14.3¢/person = $5M in 7 years 7.2¢/person = $2.5M in 7 years 4.3¢/person = $1.5M in 7 years

15 Other Funding Options Fines and Penalties from spills/discharge issues, etc. Discharge permit fee? – 600 NPDES Discharges $2.5M/600 discharges/7 years = $595/discharge $1.5 M = $357/discharge Department of Homeland Security funding Consumptive loss fees

16 Grants – Foundations? Private Foundations? – E.g., Water Resource Grants State and Federal Grants? – Line item 106 pass-through? – Inland Waterways Trust Fund? – Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund?

17 Perspective 7 year or 28 year? – Short term or long term perspective? – Perpetual need for ODS? – Will regulatory environment require in future?

18 Perspective ODS analytes and response to industrial/manufacturing changes in basin – Abundant natural gas to spawn new industry development Fertilizer manufacturing – Urea Plastics manufacturing Others?

19 How to Proceed ?

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