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Valve Replacement Surgery

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1 Valve Replacement Surgery
Dr. Spanner van Zyl

2 First Aortic Valve Replacement
Dr. Murray performed first Aortic Valve replacement on a 22 year old male patient in 1955

3 First Aortic Valve Repair
May Dr. Lillehei repaired an Aortic Valve in a female patient on the heart-lung machine

4 Mitral Valve Mitral Valve has a very complex anatomy
First implant was done in early 1960’s in USA

5 Aorta First Aortic prosthesis implant performed on a patient in March 1960 in Florida, USA

6 Double Valve Surgery First Double Valve Implant was performed in November 1961 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

7 Anatomy of Aortic and Mitral Valves…

8 Types of Valves Mechanical Tissue

9 Mechanical Valves Star-Edwards Barnard-Goosen Lillehei-Kaster
Bjork-Shiley St. Jude Medical Carbomedics ATS

10 Tissue Valves Homographs Porcine Pericardial

11 Dr. Denton Cooley Texas,USA
“…About 6 months earlier this patient had had a porcine graft in the aortis annulus in a city in Lousiana. The poor bewildered mother, knowing that her son had received a pork graft, asked me what type of valve we would now use. I told her we would use a Bjork Valve. She said, ‘what kind of animal is a Bjork?’”

12 Problems with Valves Mechanical- anticoagulation (blood thinners)
Tissue Valves- flow gradients

13 The End Thank you!

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