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Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues A Different Use of Claim Reports Yuhwei Ling Rutgers University Libraries Distributed Technical Services.

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1 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues A Different Use of Claim Reports Yuhwei Ling Rutgers University Libraries Distributed Technical Services

2 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Rutgers University Libraries 26 Libraries, Centers, and Reading Rooms on 3 Geographically-Dispersed campuses under one administration. Current Print Titles: 17,326* Current Electronic Titles: 48,092* Technical Services Staff: 4 Departments – 72 staff Library Collection Expenditures: $8,757,515* *2006/2007 figures 2

3 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Distributed Technical Services (DTS) DTS is a centralized operation with 22 full-time staff housed in 2 locations. Responsibilities performed for all libraries: Bibliographic Records Management Bindery/End Processing Electronic Resource Management Government Documents Management Holdings Management Serials Acquisitions Management Who am I? Receiving Coordinator for Sciences and Dana Newark Library Orders Coordinator 3

4 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues The Problem Maintaining the integrity of holdings remotely was a challenge. Communications for missing issues were random and often relied on emails from staff. Anecdotal messages in serial controls records would get lost or missed. There was no formalized method to know what was missing and what needed to be replaced. 4

5 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues The Challenge How could we make the system work for us? How could we create a distributed technical workflow? The challenge was to establish standardized language and a tool to communicate it. The claim functionality was perfect for our problem! 5

6 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues A Custom Workflow Use the claiming and report function of Unicorn Workflows as ticklers. Set-up customized claim statuses for stages of the replacement process. The tickler prompts reports which prompt staff to search for the missing issues. Issues not found will be ordered from back-order vendor. Bind incomplete what cannot be obtained from the back-order vendors. Use a database to keep track of whole process. 6

7 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues How it starts When first issue of new volume is received, staff are prompted to bind the previous volume. If an issue is missing, the staff marks the record with a customized claim status. –The remaining issues are sent to a temporary location: bind- prep. A report is run on that claim term which starts the weekly search for missing issues. 7

8 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues BIND-PREP A temporary shelving location where incomplete bind-able units are placed. Titles are placed here while missing issues are searched. Restricted access to prevent further loss of issues. A note in the MARC holding indicating the issues held in bind- prep. 8

9 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues 9

10 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Claim Reports 3 Reports are run based on the claim status for REQREPBIND and MAGORDER. 1.Investigate Missing Issues Weekly report to search for the missing issues. 2.Order Replacement Monthly report to order the missing issues. 3.Immediate Replacement Order Monthly report that bypasses the search process and proceed to ordering the missing issues. 10

11 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Claim Status REQREPBIND –Issues that have been received but were discovered to be missing. MAGORDER –Indicates that no searching needs to be performed. SUPPLY –Issue has already been entered into database and is awaiting replacement. 11

12 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Reports: Investigate Missing Issues REQREPBIND status causes the issue to appear on a weekly report called "Investigate Msg issues" for a period of 3 weeks and is searched for in the library. If the missing issue is found, it is checked in and the complete bind-able unit is sent to bind. If not found, then a replacement issue is ordered. 12

13 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues 13

14 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Report: Order Replacement Contingent on items being searched for 3 weeks in the Investigate Missing Issues report. The issue is added to the replacement database and its claim status is changed to SUPPLY. Issue is added to a list that will be sent out to back-order vendors. After 3-4 months, titles on this list will be bound incomplete. It will be moved to another part of the database and marked as bound incomplete. 14

15 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues 15

16 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Report: Immediate Replacement Order Claims with a status of MAGORDER. Status is changed to SUPPLY. Used to bypass the 3 week search process. Older issues. Lapsed claims. Issues that were never received but cannot be claimed. 16

17 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Replacements Database Our tool for keeping track and managing the missing issues. All titles entered on the database have a claim status of SUPPLY. Keeps track of: Date entered into the database Date last ordered with a vendor Last vendor ordered Title/enumeration/chronology/ISSN Bound incomplete list 17

18 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues 18

19 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Bound Incomplete When an issue cannot be obtained, the incomplete bind- able unit is sent to be bound incomplete. The claim is removed and the prediction is also removed. The missing issue is moved to a desiderata file. –Used for future reference (future gifts, when money is available, etc.). 19

20 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Impact Replacing issues for multiple libraries in one location. Able to track and manage missing issues remotely. Can replace missing issues with little human intervention. Since notification is standardized, there is no longer a need for emails, phone calls, or anecdotal messages in serial controls. Allowed us to identify problematic titles. Issues always missing – change shelving to a restricted location. 20

21 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Impact (cont.) Reduced number of items being bound incomplete. Number of items being rebound was reduced (missing issues found). Ordering replacement issues ensured complete holdings. Created a centralized desiderata file. Offerings from other libraries and from vendors can be compared to that list routinely. Caused us to think outside the box. Currently investigating using the same method to track access to e-resources. 21

22 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Statistics Currently keeping track of 261 missing issues. Issues ordered and received in 2007: 236 Total spent on back issues in 2007: $2,777 Typical price for a back issue: $10-$14 Current number of items in the desiderata file: 2,026 22

23 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Conclusion Using the claim and report functions, DTS has established a workflow to manage missing issues. With the additional use of a database to store the information, we are able to track and order missing issues. Established a desiderata list for items that are bound incomplete for future reference. 23

24 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Lastly… At Rutgers, weve recently faced significant cuts in our print collections. Remaining print copy may be our archival access. Integrity of remaining print holdings must be maintained. 24

25 Yuhwei Ling Replacement Issues Any Questions? 25 Yuhwei Ling Rutgers University Libraries Orders/Receiving Coordinator

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