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Apply, Apply – No Reply To Haath haath mein telephone Gaon gaon mein Internet Transformation of Telecoms in India By Dr T.H.Chowdary * Director, Center.

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1 Apply, Apply – No Reply To Haath haath mein telephone Gaon gaon mein Internet Transformation of Telecoms in India By Dr T.H.Chowdary * Director, Center for Telecom Management & Studies * Chairman, Pragna Bharati (Intellect India), AP * Former Information Technology Adviser, Government of A.P Chairman & Managing Director Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd., Bombay T: +91 (40) 2784-6137/6667-1191(O) F: +91 (40) 6667-1111 (O) Talk @ FAPCCI, Hyderabad : 17 th May '09

2 THC_CTMSApril'092 Spectacular Growth Since NTP-1994

3 THC_CTMSApril'093 Wait & Wait..... Telephonic address: WAIT LIST Apply for the grandson Consult: Sooth sayer when the Trunk Call comes Post - It can't be slower ; Don't telegram

4 THC_CTMSApril'094 Waiting Hataao! (like garibi/garibinko hatao!) Renew by priced /prescribed forms (Rs. 10/-) 50% disappeared Re-renew by putting a deposit of Rs.1000/- 50% disappeared Own Your Telephone (OYT) First Rs. 3000; revised to Rs.8000/-) 25% disappeared Tatkal Rs.40,000 deposit

5 THC_CTMSApril'095 Wrong Numbers 1/2 Dead Telephones That is why I say, the burglar must be from out of town. He cut the telephone thinking it works Inflated Bills Pay First: Complain later - Fiat car for sale to pay telephone bills Look! IT may be raining outside... No sir! There are only clouds! If it is wrong number why are you answering?

6 THC_CTMSApril'096 Wrong Numbers 2/2 Unsure in any Need. (Unsafe At Any Speed: Ralph Nader about US Cars) Lots of phones on the table. This for incoming calls That one for outgoing This for wrong number That farther one for cross talk That beyond for music And that last one – dead for 3 months Cables dead; Tent over a trench,for months men@work In order to not inconvenience people frequently, we have decided to leave it like that permanently

7 THC_CTMSApril'097 Rajya Sabha Question M.P: What steps are government is taking to save people from wrong numbers, cross connections, dead phones, inflated bills, delayed trunk calls, call drops, very old telephone directories? Minister: C.M.Stephen There is no compulsion to have a telephone. One is at full liberty to surrender

8 THC_CTMSApril'098 Monopoly's ills 1/2 Unbridled because it was by a government department Socialism meant telephone is for rich man, so fewer the better; the worse it works, the less the profiteering so, little investment & bad maintenance Raise prices to generate capital funds 50% of billed amount not for service Plan to generate jobs, not for work

9 THC_CTMSApril'099 Monopoly's ills 2/2 One employee for 12 telephones in the 1980s in DOT (Now 1 for about 300 in BSNL; 1 for 3000 in P-Telcos) No new services like mobile phones, e-mail, FAX; radio-paging, Internet, Video conferencing - all these are for the rich; inadmissible in Nehruvian Socialism

10 THC_CTMSApril'0910 PCI A X TSP Time (a) Affordability A PCI/ Tele-Service Price - PCI: Per Capita Income - TSP: Telephone Service Price - A: Affordability Bring down price to increase affordability

11 THC_CTMSApril'0911 Cost of an year's telephone service vs: PC GDP Affordability increasing rapidly. The annual cost for a basket of services was 2.5 times PCI in 1951; equal to PCI in 1994 and now 0.10 in 2009! So Haath mein telephone: Carpenters, Vegetable Vendors, Milkmen, Mason, Plumber, Driver, Mazdoor, Electrician, Beggars ( in Tirumala, Shirdi..)

12 THC_CTMSApril'0912 Telecom Demonopolisation (1/2) 1984-'89: Rajiv Gandhi ended State monopoly on equipment production & launched C-DOT 1991: P V Narasimha Rao began ending State monopoly on services. (socialism=state capitalism) 1994: National Telecom Policy ended case by (suit) case licenses 1997: Statutory Telecom Regulator, TRAI May-Aug 1998: BJP-led NDA's IT &SW; Internet policies

13 THC_CTMSApril'0913 Telecom Demonopolisation (2/2) NTP 1999 Regulatory reform TRAI, TDSAT NTP '99 saved dying P-Telcos by migrating them to revenue share & not upfront crippling licence fee payment unrelated to network & revenues Level-playing field by corporatising DOT's services into BSNL in Y 2000 and end to STD/ISD monopoly. Private capital, Indian & foreign (upto 74%)

14 THC_CTMSApril'0914 Beneficences Printing Roadways;Railways; Electricity; Automobile; Telegraph; Radio/TV; Computer Machines extended man's physical power ICTs & telephones are extending mind/knowledge power Machines for work Men to think, divine & design Numbers replace names Convergence/ multi functional cell phone Telecoms become electronic-photonic infrastructure for storage and transport and exchange of electronified information.

15 THC_CTMSApril'0915 Numbers exceed names! (population) Nordic countries, Italy, UK,France Japan, Korea Delhi, Mumbai.... Some persons have cellphones from different companies

16 THC_CTMSApril'0916 Investments Poured in (1/2) P-Telcos put in Rs. 1,25,000 cr BSNL/MTNL share reduced to 28% Annual investment in the Sector > Rs. 40,000 cr Annual revenues Rs. 1,40,000 cr more than Rlys, Electricity less than only the oil & Gas Sector Over 40 P-Telcos in fierce competition. Many more P-telcos got 2G licenses WiMaX & 3G licenses yet to be given

17 THC_CTMSApril'0917 Investments Poured in (2/2) Telecoms transformed into globally connected electronic- photonic highways system for information enabling Bharat as IT, SW & ITES supplier to the world Telecoms is the most lucrative portfolio for Ministers Very scandalous licencing & PSU purchases. DOT coveted by Regional, Secular parties ( Rlys, Highways, Seaports, Mines, Fertilisers too. 55 persons held the portfolio since Independence ( i/c P.M, Vajpayee) Those remembered for distinction are: Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, Jagjiwan Ram, C.M.Stephen, Sukh Ram, Mahajan. Arun Shourie

18 THC_CTMSApril'0918 Mis-use/ Misbehaviour Cell phone talk in public places- roads,waiting rooms; in lifts; buses; trains; in queues; walking & talking Addition of fiddling, profase SMS-ing Vulgar ring sounds, ring backs So smell, tantalisingly Thievable Annoyance & public nuisance increasing

19 THC_CTMSApril'0919 What are the services not provided No Telephone (Directory) Services BSNL's by BSNL from BSNL numbers only. No P-Telco publishes whom to approach for help / complaint / grievance Executive's Name Tel No / Mobile No / e-mail BSNL Directories used to publish this information i/c hierarchy P-Telcos don't hold Telephone Adalats ( i.e like BSNL does)

20 THC_CTMSApril'0920 What is yet to be realised Internet to every village Internet to every Educational Institution & class room Broad-band to every town/village Total territorial coverage Intellectual property creation (R&D); Manufacturing (China,Korea recently; Japan earlier)

21 THC_CTMSApril'0921 Dhanyawad: Thank You

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