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Speaker : Danny Ng 8 th April 2009. In China, family lifestyle trend is changing to suit modernization People are seeking what is good for them more than.

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1 Speaker : Danny Ng 8 th April 2009

2 In China, family lifestyle trend is changing to suit modernization People are seeking what is good for them more than meeting basic needs Demands for quality is getting high e.g. purchasing of imported goods and products Health matter is becoming one of the hot topics in China Assess health situation in China -- in city areas Areas hindering healthy lifestyle in China The importance role of women to families and health Assess health situation in China compared to other developed countries

3 Mantou and food preference survey, Nov 2009 Focus Group method Detergent preference usage survey, Dec 2009 Face to Face method Public awareness and behaviours towards an internet company, Jan 2010 Face to face method Women behaviors to skincare products,Dec 2009 Focus Group method Awareness of Osteoporosis and health Dec 2008 survey Home method Singaporeans and Asian lifestyles survey Jan 2009 Home and Focus Group method Perception and attitudes towards Singapore, Sep 2009, Home method Public perception on Singaporeans and lifestyle, Jun 2009 Home method Women and cervical cancer survey, Mar 2006 Telephone method Contrasting Socioeconomic Profiles Related to Healthier Lifestyles in China and the United States BBC NEWS Asia-Pacific Chinese concern at obesity surge CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE IN CHINA - China Facts and Detail Economic Survey of China 2010 A labour market in transition Increased drinking in a metropolitan city in China___ [Addiction_ 2008] - PubMed resul World Health Organization (1999) Global Status Report on Alcohol, WHO, Geneva. Liu, Z. X., Zhang, J. X. and Ong, Z. (1999) A ten year survey of patients with dependence on alcohol in Shandong Province, Chinese Journal of Behavioral Medical Science Chen, R. G. and Huang, Y. G. (1995) Analysis on 179 inpatient with alcohol dependence. Chinese Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry Paeratakul S, Popkin B, Keyou G, Adair L, Stevens J. Changes in diet and physical activity affect the body mass index of Chinese adults. Int. J. Obes. 1998 Womens Weekly Health survey conducted by Brands – Happiness level Asiaone health

4 19971996 Yearly increase awareness level of healthy lifestyle Examples of healthy lifestyle activities : Banned smoking in some public places Community awareness by China health authorities Health fairs Events and campaigns in schools Many Chinese are becoming aware of healthy lifestyle 1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009 Chinese are highly aware of healthy lifestyle since 1996 Awareness level are increasing significantly in cities yearly Regular Exercising Good Diet Less Salt No Smoking

5 Healthy Lifestyle Diet Physical activity Smoking Alcohol Indoor Outdoor At home Housework Gym equipment Simple exercise Badminton Gym Table tennis Walking Jogging Soccer Basketball Swimming Fast food Restaurant At home Up-scale restaurants Common eateries Street food ? ?

6 Healthy Lifestyle Physical activity Smoking Home Office Restaurant/ Pub Alone Friends Alone Colleagues Business Partners Alone Colleagues ? ? Alcohol Fast food liquor Baijiu Types Beer Restaurant Up-scale restaurants Common eateries Street food Diet

7 Healthy Lifestyle Diet Physical activity Smoking Alcohol ? ?

8 Reason: 1.Social matters 2.Business 3.Work stress 4.Home stress 5.Look attractive Reason: 1.Business 2.Social matters 3.Leisure 4.Work stress 5.Home stress Profile of respondents: 18 years old to 45 years old General population staying in cities Out of the world population, about 30% are Chinese consuming cigarettes & alcohol Men tend to be very heavy smokers and alcohol drinkers

9 Major problems: Poor physical activities Insufficient sleep Most Chinese work more than 10 hours a day Use extensive travelling time to work Increasing stress in workplaces and homes

10 Healthy Affordability Convenience Local taste Most Chinese prefer home-cooked food They seek convenience Healthy food is still their first choice E.g.

11 Health is still a priority to Chinese Good healthy lifestyle will be emerging in China in near future Health is important 80% Healthy food is important 95% Want to be healthy 85% Avoid unhealthy food 80% Eating outside 76% Regular exercise 22%

12 Factor 1: Health is very important Many Chinese, especially women view health more important than careers(80%). However, smoking, drinking and consumption of unhealthy food activities are unavoidable, especially for men. Factor 2: Food intake consciousness Chinese tend to seek healthy food choice to maintain good health; 80% will avoid unhealthy food. However, it is difficult to have home-cooked food because most Chinese do not stay with families. Factor 3: Maintaining regular exercising Many Chinese women understand the benefits from exercising but 28% men and women maintain regular exercise. Due to work and family matters, time left for exercise is limited. Factor 4: Beauty versus health Having beauty or nice figure is the most important aspect to Chinese women. Maintaining healthy lifestyle is highly correlated to personal appearance

13 Women are important to families They play major role in family lifestyle They are great influences to children and their future

14 Safety Home Protection Secure Physiological needs Safely needs Safety Home Protection Secure Feel wanted Socialization Social needs Physiological needs Safely needs Safety Home Protection Secure Feel wanted Socialization Feel proud Confidence Social needs Physiological needs Safely needs Esteem needs Before Year 1990Before Year 2010The near Future Women lifestyle change more dramatically compared to men Role in families will change Beauty and health are most concern

15 Before Year 1990Before Year 2010The near Future Most women stay at home Cook at homes Doing housework alone Serving husbands and children Home matter remains a priority Giving birth as a priority Major role in motherhood Decision making lies to men Homely Shopping for groceries Saving and thriftiness Focus on fertility Outside activities are not allowed Children are taken care by wives Home food is common Constraint by own cultures Low market competition Basic communication Behaviors Lifestyle Most women seek jobs Begin Entrepreneurship Sharing of housework concept Shared responsibility for child upbringings Desiring high quality of life Giving birth is sill important Shared responsibility in parenthood Making decision on some matters Outgoing with friends Shopping for branded products Spending within affordability Focus on income earning Taking part in sports and games Children are taken care by grandparents Outside dining but prefer home food Influenced by nearby countries High market competition Advanced marketing communication Behaviors Lifestyle Most women are independent Strong sense of entrepreneurship Hiring of domestic maids Nurseries are responsible for children Personal matter remains a priority Giving birth is less important Less focus on parenthood responsibility Making decision independently Extremely outgoing Shopping for beauty & health needs Increase in spending beyond affordability Focus on own status Seeking leisure Children are taken care by center Emphasize on healthy food Influenced by international cultures Intense market competition High technology communication Behaviors Lifestyle

16 Womens Attributes High demand of lifestyle Strong influence High standard of living Health conscious Beauty conscious High education Convenience seeker Household income contributor Families will be seeking for healthy lifestyle in future Women will demand and develop higher standard of living in the family The future children will not only highly talented but also healthy Family are required to follow healthy life style A non-smoking and non- drinking home environment Family is discouraged from unhealthy habits Focus on organic and healthy food Simple healthy food prepared at home Clean home environment Children have to be highly educated at a very young age Children have to be talented Children have to be very well- manner and healthy Improve healthy lifestyle in family significantly Strongly affecting family and lifestyle

17 Organization level Employee health screening Company walkathon program Company health talk Health and wellness activities Ergonomics talk Fruits day program Games & contests relate to health Health equipments Non-smoking environment Public level Public health Screening Walkathon program Public health talk Advertisement Health Education Family day program Health education to food vendors Regulations to food vendors Ban smoking in many public places In Asia especially Singapore, many news, media, campaigns, advertisements, promotions, publicities on healthy lifestyle are taking place. Singapore is used as a good benchmark

18 65% in Singapore and 35% in China are practicing healthy lifestyle The poor score for healthy lifestyle in China is greatly affected by alcohol and tobacco consumers 65% adopts healthy lifestyles 31% adopts healthy lifestyles

19 Many Chinese are aware of healthy lifestyle Chinese place emphasis on health and desire a healthy body Due to work and families matters, healthy lifestyle is always neglected Time is a major factor retraining Chinese to adopt healthy lifestyle; therefore convenience is very essential Women are starting to influence family lifestyle and their role is more important compared to past Women are more conscious over health and appearance matters compared to men Continue intensive effort is required to promote healthy lifestyle Marketing or health campaigns should target at young women with the following reasons: 1.Much time 2.High level of health consciousness 3.Increase of disposable income 4.Ability to spend more 5.High expectation on standard of living

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