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Tee Rogers University Assessment Committee. Administration and Finance Departments Facilities & SafetyFinanceUniversity Support Environmental Health &

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1 Tee Rogers University Assessment Committee

2 Administration and Finance Departments Facilities & SafetyFinanceUniversity Support Environmental Health & Safety Finance and AccountingBusiness Services and Knights Plaza Facilities PlanningFinancial ServicesHuman Resources Landscape and Natural Resources PurchasingParking and Transportation Services Facilities Operations Sustainability and Energy Management University Police Emergency Management Total number of Units: 13 (last year: 12) Units participating in Assessment: 13 (last year: 11)

3 Program/Unit 2010-11 Results Rating 2011-12 Plan Rating Coordinator DRC Mentor Business ServicesAccomplished Plan Revision Still in Process Brian Compton Anand (Andy) Rampersad Emergency ManagementN/A - New DepartmentAccomplishedJennifer FleischmanNancy Gayton Environmental Health and SafetyEmergingMeets ExpectationsJose VazquezRay Bacchus Facilities PlanningEmergingBeginningGina SeabrookRay Bacchus Finance and AccountingEmergingAccomplishedWilson RosarioDiane Neff Financial ServicesN/A - New to AssessmentMeets ExpectationsMisty ShepherdRay Bacchus Human Resources DepartmentExemplaryAccomplishedDeborah D FrankenbachDavid Zambri Landscape and Natural ResourcesAccomplished Alaina B Bernard Anand (Andy) Rampersad Parking and Transportation Services BeginningEmergingJohn B KeenaDiane Neff Physical PlantAccomplished Diane NeffNancy Gayton Public Safety and PoliceEmergingAccomplishedChristine M MoutonNancy Gayton PurchasingMeets Expectations Sandra Ruff, Gregory RobinsonDavid Zambri Sustainability and Energy Management EmergingAccomplishedDavid NorvellDavid Zambri

4 2010-2011 Results LEVELSBeginningEmergingMeets Expectations AccomplishedExemplaryTotal 2008-9 (Pre-Rubric) 5 (acceptable) 4 (good) 1 (excellent) 10/10 2009-105013211/11 2010-111513111/13* Total Number of Programs/Units: 11 *Financial Services and Emergency Management are new to assessment this year, and do not have results.

5 2010-11 Results Example Emerging Unit: Finance and Accounting Results were not edited to reflect the Mentors suggestions One example of a reflective statement: The AC discusses their outcome on provision of training by outlining the training that they offer, but dont discuss how that relates to their measures, what they learned from assessing the participant satisfaction rates in either of their measures, nor how this tool is informing their continued business practices. They could have populated the implemented and planned changes tab with items such as their changes in Outcomes & measures in their subsequent plan. They were asked by their mentor to complete this tab, but did not follow through. Measure 1.3 result is a quote from the Audit Findings report; the reflective statement indicates processes and internal controls that are in place are helping to produce reliable financial reports.

6 2010-11 Results Example Accomplished Unit : Landscape & Natural Resources Did a fantabulous job of analyzing data for the measures, even though that plan really needed a lot of work. Most of the measures were capture the number of… Reflective statement spoke to how the departments newly created strategic plan was evaluated as a result of this assessment report, and both the strategic plan and assessment were being reorganized.

7 Accomplished Unit : Landscape & Natural Resources Outcome: Create and sustain opportunities for relevant, experience-based learning. Measure: 1.2 : Capture the number of newly developed programs or initiatives that support this outcome. Result: LNR expands UCF's vision by representing new kinds of partnerships that bridge the educational, research and operational goals of the University. These meaningful partnerships create inclusive interdisciplinary strategies that are a model of sustainability for the campus and community, and provide students opportunities for experienced-based learning. Specifically, LNR has sustained approximately ten partnerships with outside federal, state, and non-governmental organizations including St. Johns River Water Management District, Florida Division of Forestry, Seminole and Orange Counties, and The Nature Conservancy. Additionally, a new partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation was created this year through the campus Tree Campus USA designation, establishing a connection to a renowned national agency and strengthening ties with regional leaders in urban forestry and natural resource management. Through the successful implementation of an experienced-based learning program, LNR created mentorship opportunities for senior-level students to provide additional support to the interns and service-learning students. The strategy developed included creating an "environmental leadership" course through the Interdisciplinary Studies program, which supported students mentoring the service projects conducted on campus to provide consistency, training, and leadership development. Four (4) students participate in this leadership program. Additionally, all service projects mentioned in measure 1.1 helped develop best management practices for our landscape and natural resources programs. An example of a newly implemented program that resulted from the service projects was creation of a landscape "tree care team" that will manage the urban forest. The team received training in proper pruning techniques and now has the introductory knowledge to help support tree canopy quality.

8 2011-12 Plan LEVELSBeginningEmergingMeets Expectations AccomplishedExemplaryTotal Units 2009-10 (Pre-Rubric) 225110/10 2010-111333111/11 2011-121137012/13* Total Number of Programs/Units: 13 *Business Services plan is still being revised.

9 2011 – 2012 Plan Example Emerging Unit: Parking and Transportation Services Our DRC needs to work with this department on creating a valuable assessment process that has meaning for their business operations. Grammatical errors and partial statements speak to a lack of communication from assessment leadership. Assessment Process Statement: PArking Services will explore al means available to reach our mission and goals. Improvements to the Plan for this cycle: Plan updated to include new programs such as the ZipCar initiative; however measures do not include quantifiable targets. For example Measure the utilization of ZipCar…to ensure inventory availability. The unstated intent is to gather baseline data.

10 2011-2012 Plan Accomplished Unit : Emergency Management Brand New Unit Assessment process described in plan is correlated with the departments well-developed strategic plan and incorporated into their business practices. Entire department engaged in the assessment and strategic planning processes. Using already developed and in-use data collection tools to gather baseline data (attached to plan). Clear targets stated in measures. Even though they are collecting baseline data, they used data collection goal dates to create direct measures.


12 A&F Assessment Changes 1.Assessment Advisory Panel 2.DRC Mentors 3.Enhanced opportunities for communication and development 4.New tools for assessment in our division

13 1. Advisory Panel to oversee the divisions assessment process as well as demonstrate our leaderships commitment to assessment. William Merck Judy Monroe Lee Kernek Vanessa Fortier

14 Ray Bacchus Environmental Health & Safety Facilities Planning Financial Services Nancy Gayton & Debbie Frankenbach Facilities Operations University Police Emergency Management Diane Neff Finance & Accounting Parking Services 2. DRC Mentors Andy Rampersad Landscape & Natural Resources Business Services David Zambri Purchasing Sustainability & Energy Management Human Resources

15 Orientation: Individual workshops in the spring semester with OEAS, the DRC Mentor, DRC Chair, and the Assessment Coordinator Several departments followed up with additional workshops and included department directors. Several departments held in-department team meetings to discuss assessment strategies Mentoring: Five DRC Mentors were assigned 2-3 departments each. 3. Communication

16 A&F Guidelines Rubrics UCF Strategic Plan OEAS SACS 2010 AC Survey 2010 UAC Presentation Link to plans 4. Team Tools Assessment Website A&F Guidelines Surveys / Team Review

17 Closing the Loop comments – there seems to be two loops: assessment & business practice. When reviewing the results report, all is on one page; for the plans, we have tabs. Preference is for being able to scroll on one page. Interminable button clicking The rubric specifically references the University's Strategic Plan; there was some concern about departments referencing their own strategic plan. From our DRC…

18 This was our first year of working toward a mentorship model in our division. We are proud of our accomplishment thus far.

19 Annual survey of ACs: 9 of 13 responded. Initial Workshop: 9 indicated the initial workshop enhanced understanding of assessment and the associated tools (Rubrics, etc), generated ideas and practical information for assessment process improvement, and helped establish a relationship with OEAS, DRC Mentor, and DRC Chair. 8 indicated they would like this workshop repeated for the next cycle. Assessment Coordinator Input

20 Rubric Comments The guidance could be more specific (from DRC) Rubrics and Assessment tools should be revised to reflect the strategic plan language Very helpful in creating better reports & plans Not clear Seemed difficult to apply to administrative units Outcomes and Objectives are interchangeably used in assessment guidelines. However, guidelines are succinct and very helpful. Assessment Coordinator Input

21 Leadership: 8 of the 9 indicated their department director was directly involved in assessment and/or reviewed the plans and results. Mentorship: It was the responsibility of the Assessment Coordinator to seek meetings with their Mentor, DRC Chair, and/or OEAS Staff All 9 had individual meetings with their DRC Mentor; 3 of them had multiple meetings. 4 met individually with the DRC Chair 5 met with OEAS (in addition to the initial workshop) Assessment Coordinator Input

22 Mentorship (comments on having a DRC mentor and ways they can help in the coming year): Helped understand how to implement and track progress. Suggesting ideas on improving reports Hoping for assistance with results, since it will be our first time. It would be useful to have more meetings, at least two. There was no contact this year with the mentor. Would like help planning measurement tools. Assessment Coordinator Input

23 Comments on the meaningfulness of assessment in the department: Very. It is an organized way to measure goals & outcomes, target weaknesses, and improve over time. Teamwork on assessment has helped us share a more collective vision of where we stand and the direction we intend to advance. Allows us to fine-tune our services to the university community It would be more useful if the language matched the strategic plan. Assessment Coordinator Input

24 meaningfulness Comments on the meaningfulness of assessment in the department: Evaluating through assessment will help us stay on track with our strategic plan and revise processes if necessary. Positive and enlightening. The assessment process is exciting for staff as they see actual results and improvements. Makes us step back and take time to think about how we can improve. Assessment Coordinator Input

25 Not Useful SomewhatVery Useful Individual Workshop with the Assessment Coordinator and team, OEAS staff, DRC Reviewer, and DRC Chair. To be held in the Spring. 126 Small Group Workshop with the Assessment Coordinators and DRC members of each Associate Vice President area. (I.E., a Finance workshop, an F&S workshop, and a University Support workshop). 054 Full Group Workshop (All A&F coordinators & department teams, DRC members, Advisors to the DRC, OEAS staff) 360 Preparing plans & results reports in Word, and doing email and in-person reviews with your DRC mentor & chair prior to submitting in the system 126 Assessment Coordinator Input


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