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Hidden Nations, Buried Crimes: The Circassians and the Peoples of the North Caucasus Past and Future Conference Tbilisi, Georgia March 19-21 2010 Hidden.

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1 Hidden Nations, Buried Crimes: The Circassians and the Peoples of the North Caucasus Past and Future Conference Tbilisi, Georgia March 19-21 2010 Hidden Nations, Buried Crimes: The Circassians and the Peoples of the North Caucasus Past and Future Conference Tbilisi, Georgia March 19-21 2010


3 Circassia 1 Circassia 1 is the North Western part of the Caucasus Mountains that designates the homeland of the Circassians, who make up now only a tiny minority of the population that is residing in the area. Historically, it composed of the coastal Black Sea area and all the interior of the current Krasnodar Territory and Stavropol Territory, in addition to the portions of the presently called the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic, Adyghe Republic and Kabardey-Balkar Republic of the presently called, the Russian Federation. Mount Elbrus, the highest peak which stands at 5,642 meters (18,510 ft) that it is the highest mountain in Europe, which was climbed by a Circassian in the 19 th Century. The Circassians who remained in Motherland reside at the present time in three autonomous republics and in very limited portions of the rest of historical Circassia.North Western partthe homeland of the CircassiansHistoricallyKrasnodarStavropolKarachay-CherkessiaAdyghe RepublicKabardeyRussian FederationMount Elbrushighest mountain Through the years, Circassians knew more or less continuous defensive struggle and warfare (450 years of interval clashes and wars against Russian ambitions) to defend their homeland against aggression that made them fully engaged, to suit their needs of the best way to preserve their existence, which was the reason that they did not have the time and proper environment to develop a typical central government. Regardless of the absence of a Circassian central government, the Circassians maintained their form of rolling the territories organized around tribal and clan patterns. According to World Culture Encyclopedia, during their long documented history, the Circassians seemed to have been conquered three times: first by the Kök Turks, the first Turkic empire; second by the Mongols; and last by the Russians.CircassiansWorld Culture Encyclopediadocumented history History sources acknowledged that more peaceful contacts prevailed between the Circassians and the Ancient Greeks in the trading cities along the Black Sea coast, later between them and the Genoese, and then with Venetian traders.Ancient GreeksGenoeseVenetian traders

4 The Adigha Language which is the language of all the Circassians was divided, and different names, descriptions and titles were given to it, such as a Kabardian Language for example! Also the Slavic letters were used to write the language, which made it difficult to learn a language that got 56 letters, which were presented to be extracted from the same origin of the Russian Language! The 22nd of MarchThe 22nd of March (few days from now) is considered to be the new 6219 Circassian (Adiga) year, which was calculated and adopted by Circassian experts.Circassian (Adiga) year

5 Circassian Political Status Due to the continuous foreign colonial greed in the North Caucasus and particularly in Circassia due to its strategic location on the Black sea with deep extension towards the north, and the lay out between the Black Sea in the west and south west, and the Caspian Sea in the east. As circumstances developed when Circassians adapted to Christianity in the 6th century, Circassians gradually embraced Islam starting from the 17th century due to their friendly relations with Turkey. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, after signing of the September, 14, 1829 pact concluding the Russo-Turkish War of 1828–29, the Treaty of Edirne or Peace of Adrianople, which weakened the position of the Turkish Ottoman Empire in Eastern Europe. This event withdrew all the Turkish groundless claims to Circassia, and the Russians had strengthened their position and were given monopoly and domination in the North-western Caucasus, which led to Circassians defeat in the year 1864, that presented and established Russian rule, that emptied Circassia of all contents, which lead to disastrous consequences. Circassian Political StatusPeace of Adrianople

6 Facts and Demands In its 1st edition, The "Napa" newspapers editor Nalby Kuiok, had published an article in the 21st of October, 2006, in the title of stone has memory. People do not, criticizing the general situation and the stage that Circassian national issue had reached, but demanded to build a monument and to lay a stone in honor and memory of hundreds of thousands of Circassians fallen in the unprecedented severe massacre that was committed by the Russian Tsarist army, (almost three hundred thousand soldiers against the small people that had never had armies) and those who were expelled in the 19th Century out from their native homeland. Its 2nd edition, portion of published material was seemingly ejected due to censorship with no valid reason, examples were given: By the Right, but without reason for (Author Aslan Shazo), and About the History of Maykops Foundation, the Most Ancient One… for (Author Nurby Lovpache). The "Napa" newspapers editor2nd edition

7 Circassia like other small nations of East Europe and elsewhere is a member of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), where its representatives took part and participated in meetings and conferences, which some of them are listed in following:UNPO UNPO General Assembly dated 15-19, July, 1997 declared a resolution on the Situation of the Circassian Nation, which called for: UNPO General Assembly dated 15-19, July, 1997 Russia and the International Community to acknowledge the genocide of the Circassian Nation that took place in the 19th Century and to grant the Circassian People status of an exile nation. Russia to grant the Circassian People dual citizenship, both that of Russia and their respective countries. Russia to ensure the Circassian People of the possibility to return to their native land. International conference, Small Nations of Eastern Europe in the End of the Second Millennium - Possibilities of Real Democracy in that Region and UNPO Regional Meeting, October 13-15, 1996 International conference UNPO Regional Meeting, Tallinn, September 8th, 2000. UNPO Regional Meeting UNPO Sixth General Assembly in Tallinn, Estonia: 14 - 18 February 2001 UNPO Sixth General Assembly in Tallinn, Estonia It seems that Circassians got to the point of what Mahatma Gandhi had described, You must be the change you want to see in the world,

8 The cold response for the initiative of sending letters to the Russian President and to the Russian Duma did not lower the Circassian moral, nor discourage them from sending an important letter to the European Parliament, which was sent by Adygeyan (Circassian) public organizations of Russia, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Syria, USA, Belgium, Canada and Germany to the president of the European parliament Mr. Joseph Borrell Fontelles, with the call for recognition of the genocide that took place against Adygeyan (Circassian) people within and after the Russian-Caucasian war of the XVIII-XIX centuries. The letter got total signatures of 20 organizations. Also a compact disc with the archival documents, mostly written at the time by the Russian imperial war commanders was enclosed with the letter. A group of Diaspora Circassians are translating the documents to English, Arabic and Turkish Languages.cold response

9 Development of Circassian Issues Russian writer and historian from Saint Petersburg, Jacov Gordin, according to the Russian REGNUM News Agency, explained in December, 2006 that Russian society knows too little about Circassians tragedy. In December, 2006, Petersburgs writer and historian Jacov Gordin had visited Adygeya, and told Regnum News Agency that he preferred to listen, than to speak, even though he called Circassians destiny deeply tragic. But it is necessary to approach the recognition of this tragedy gradually – he continued. – The Russian society, unfortunately, barely knows what happened to Circassians. Even in the XIX Century they named the Caucasian War Unknown. The Chairman of Circassian Congress Murat Berzegov replied that coverage of the Russian mass-media of the Caucasian subject, in particular the Circassian question, is impossible to call as objective. "Many legal ways of solving our problem, and we do not demand immediate results. But the analysts argue our peoples destiny; in general they have rather vague knowledge about Circassians and their history. We read at times that Circassians, Shapsugs and Kabardians are different peoples, and "Adygeya is near the Caucasus". It is difficult to carry on dialogue with such people.Jacov GordinRussian society knows too little about Circassians tragedy In a precedent event for Circassia, the Jamestown Foundation in Washington D. C., held an exceptional conference on the 21st of May, 2007 (Official Circassian Memorial Day) in cooperation with the Circassian Cultural Institute, and discussed genocide, the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Circassians in Motherland and Diaspora, and the Russian plans and agendas in Circassia and the North Caucasus.the Jamestown Foundation

10 During the month of April, 2008, two conferences about Circassians were held. One was held at Harvard University on the 8th of April, under the title of RUSSIA AND THE CIRCASSIANS: An Internal Problem or an International Matter, which was followed by another one that was held at William Paterson University on the 13th of April under the title, Embracing Circassia – Building Our Future.Harvard University William Paterson University The Russian celebrations for the so-called the 450 years of voluntary association with Russia, that had never taken place, and the Russian plans and the International Olympic Committees (IOC) decision to hold the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, proved disrespecting the Circassian graveyards of those who perished while defending their own Motherland, and assault on nature sanctuaries protected by (UNESCO).the 450 years of voluntary association with Russia

11 The Internet site World Culture Encyclopedia, published a report in the title of Circassians, History and Cultural Relations, that during the sixteenth century one of the Kabardian noble families, Kemirgoquo (Russian: Temryuk), established close ties with the Russian court (the origin of the Cherkasski family), the Circassians did not see this alliance as an act of submission. Nevertheless, Tsarist imperial ambitions brought Russian troops to the Caucasus in force in the late eighteenth century, for a war that lasted for 101 years, until 1864, where Circassia was eliminated.World Culture EncyclopediaCircassians, History and Cultural Relations A question arises about committing genocide against all Circassians alike, forced deportation of the majority of them, which led to hundreds of thousands of Circassians to perish during the inhumane war, deportation, and immigration process:

12 Was the deportation process a friendly gesture towards the Circassians from their Russian associates (partners or counterparts) who claimed that Circassians had voluntarily associated their nation and fate with them, and the majority of them were sent on an indefinite-time sight-seeing and leisure tour to reach 52 countries of the world? Was it a trip of non-return ticket that was arranged by partners and associates? That reminds of the famous song, One Way Ticket to the Moon! Probably the Tsar would have sent Circassians to a planet in another galaxy, had he reached the space program at that time…

13 Acts of Protest As a result of the rough and tough life circumstances in Motherland, some of the desperate citizens tend to hurt themselves to the extent of committing suicide to protest the violations of the Law Enforcement Agencies against their existence, such as the Kabardino-Balakaria resident who tried to burn himself in the Ancient Execution Place in the Red Square in Moscow, and in Krasnodar Krai, another resident of Tuapse, tried to burn himself in protest against his familys eviction from their residential place. Kabardino-Balakaria residentresident of Tuapse

14 A picket was heldA picket was held in Adygeya's capital city of Maykop on the 5th of July, 2007 against holding the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Genocide and so-called Voluntary Association claims were denounced, when 2 demonstrations on the 4th of October, 2007, had taken place against genocide in New York in front of the Russian Consulate and in front of the United Nations building, and Circassians in Turkey held a demonstration in Istanbul which came at the same date while holding the same protest demands and signs.against genocide in New YorkCircassians in Turkey

15 Circassians and their friends who are opposing Sochi had demonstrated in Vancouver, Canada, during the month of February, 2010, against the IOCs nomination and designation of Sochi as the 2014 Winter Olympic Games site, at the same time, a group of Circassians had demonstrated in Time Square, NYC, for affirming solidarity with the Circassian national trend.opposing Sochi

16 In a related matter, in October, 18th, 2007, the Russian Prima-News Agency had published on its Internet Site an article in the title of Nature preserves in Russia are not for presidential dachas", which mentioned that Vadim Kozhin, business manager for the President of Russia, is personally involved in the construction process of building a road in the elite skiing complex "Lunar Clearing" by encroaching on the Caucasian Nature Preserve, and illegally building and constructing on the territory of this natural monument on the "upper reaches of the Pshekha and Pshekhashkha Rivers".Prima-News AgencyCaucasian Nature Preserve

17 Struggle for Civil Rights A group of enthusiasts from Black Sea Shapsugia were occupied in the recent few years in restoring and consolidating the rights and privileges that the indigenous people of the Russian Federation are entitled for, in accordance with the laws and regulations. Shapsugs are stuck with the tough reality of bearing with broken rights and interests, and in accordance with one of the means of bureaucratic formal replies, the Sochi tax services reply about the right of getting the land, it tightened the rope, in which the decision was: Shapsugs must pay for the land that they will restore.!Black Sea Shapsugiaentitled for Shapsugstough realitybureaucratic formal replies Cihan GendemirCihan Gendemir, Head of the Federation of Caucasian Associations (KAFFED), a businessman of Circassian origin in the Turkish Diaspora, was denied entry by Russian Security officers on September, 19, 2007, when he wanted to attend the 6th International Investment Forum in Kuban. NatPress had reported that Napa Newspaper, in its second edition had reported that Russian Frontier Guards of the Krasnodar Airport had mistreated the Turkish businessman of Adygeyan origin Muzaffer Dzyba, with some members of Adygeya Parliament!Napa Newspaper Russians show that they are not concerned of Circassians beside other North Caucasians who are still suffering and they found themselves in other war-zones such as the Golan Heights, Kosovo, Israel, Lebanon, and the latest victims are those who are living in Iraq, who were subjected to harassment due to the change of the ruling regime, in which a delegation of the Iraqi Caucasians, had travelled during the confusion and disorder that took place in Iraq, had travelled to the Russian authorities for possible return to homeland under the circumstances.Israel, Lebanonvictims are those who are living in IraqIraqi Caucasians, had travelled


19 The 450 years celebrations of fake voluntary association with Russia, was described by the Circassian Congress leader, Murat Berzegov to Caucasian unit correspondent: Our position concerning this question is unequivocal - it is impossible to celebrate the date which did not exist in the history.fake voluntary association with Russia In the years, 2005 and 2006, Circassian Public Organizations, submitted letters in turn to the State Duma of the Russian Federation and to the president of the Russian Federation, in regard to recognition of the genocide against Adygeyan (Circassian) nation. However both, the deputies of the Russian legislature and the office of the Russian president could not have overcome religious and ethnic prejudice, having refused to recognize the moral and the legal responsibilities for the brutal acts that the Tsarist Russian state had committed in the past.Circassian Public OrganizationsState Dumapresident of the Russian Federationrecognition of the genocidehaving refused to recognize the moral and the legal responsibilities In October, 2006, Adygeyan (Circassian) public organizations of Russia, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Syria, USA, Belgium, Canada and Germany had sent the president of the European Parliament Mr. Joseph Borrell Fontelles an official letter requesting recognition of the genocide that had been committed against the Adygeyan (Circassian) nation during the Caucasian-Russian war of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. European Parliament A young activist in Cherkessk, Aslan Zhukov was assassinated few days ago in front of his residence while in his car. Not forget that there was an important Youth Forum that was held in Cherkessk in September of 2009, and declared the 8 points Resolution of Cherkessia Youth Forum.Aslan Zhukov was assassinated8 points Resolution

20 GenocideGenocide of the Circassian nation should be recognized by Russia and the international community, and to grant the Circassian people the status of a nation that is residing in exile, with all what it means of assured apology, compensation, institutional rehabilitation and freedom of return to historical Motherland, which should lead to exercising the legitimate rights of self-determination and freedom to choose own future and destiny. This action should be acknowledged by the civilized world in accordance with the International Law to guarantee restoring legitimate rights.International Law The aggressive and brutal policies had taken a savage form such as destroying, burning, seizing and capturing properties, then killing men and women beside the infants and children. Many of the deported were never seen again (lost in deportation action). "When military units destroy the entire villages, shoot, hang and slaughter all people alike, including children. What is it possible to call all of that? You can't find another term but brutal genocide.aggressive and brutal policies The tyrants other example was the Chechens mass-deportation during the Stalin era in the year 1944, and in the year 2004, the European Parliament recognized the 1944 deportation of the Chechens as an act of genocide! The Chechens who remained alive were allowed to return in 1957, during Nikita Khrushchevs rule; while Circassians that were mass-deported in the year 1864 to exile had never come back to Motherland as an entity to please and satisfy the imperial mentality.Stalin era in the year 1944mass-deported in the year 1864 An example of vandalism and disrespect of human values was one of those horrible acts that took place on May, 17, 2005, when a cemetery in Aul-Aguy Shapsug of Tuapsinsky had witnessed acts of vandalism on the graves of Circassians, beside the acts of violation against the corps of the dead!cemetery in Aul-Aguy Shapsug

21 Recognizing the Genocide in Principle! Surprisingly, on 4th of April, 1995, the Russian State Duma issued a statement which stated that: the State Duma, based on the incontestable historic facts testifying to extermination of Armenians on the territory of the Western Armenia in 1915, following spirit and letter accepted on December 9th 1948 by the United Nations Organization, the Convention on the prevention of genocide and punishment for it, to the Convention on inapplicability of limitation period to war crimes and crimes against humanity, (November 26th 1968), aspiring to revival of human traditions of the Russian state, condemns organizers of 1915-1922 extermination, expresses the sympathy for Armenian people and considers the date of April 24th as the Day of memory of victims of the genocide.Russian State Duma

22 United Nations and International Law on Genocide According to the Convention on prevention and punishment of genocide adopted by the United Nations Organization (New York, December 9th, 1948) and the Convention on inapplicability of limitation period for war crimes and crimes against humanity of November 26th, 1968:Convention on prevention and punishment of genocide - Following the standard principles of equality of all the peoples irrespective of religious and ethnic elements and origin, - Basing on the incontestable historic facts testifying to the extermination and the violent deportation of Adygs (Circassians) from the territory of the Northwest Caucasus, - Proceeding from that Russian Federation is the assignee and the successor of the Russian state.Federation Genocide: Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes; extermination, atrocities, massacre, killing fields, ethnic cleansing, and bloodbath. The international legal definition of the crime of genocide is found in Articles II and III of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide. The word "genocide" translated or defined in 80 languages, in accordance with the reference, Prevent Genocide International.crime of genocideThe word "genocide" translated or defined in 80 languagesPrevent Genocide International Article II describes two elements of the crime of genocide: 1) The mental element, meaning the "intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such", and 2) The physical element which includes five acts described in sections a, b, c, d and e. A crime must include both elements to be called "genocide."

23 Genocide could be committedGenocide could be committed by killing, causing serious bodily or mental harm, deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about physical destruction, imposing measures intended to prevent births, or forcibly transferring children. The Genocide Watch: the International Campaign to End GenocideThe Genocide Watch: the International Campaign to End Genocide stated 8 Stages for a genocide, which mentioned Denial in as the last stage and explained: Denial is the 8th stage that always follows genocide. It is among the surest indicators of further genocidal massacres. The perpetrators of genocide dig up the mass graves, burn the bodies, try to cover up the evidence and intimidate the witnesses. They deny that they committed any crimes, and often blame what happened on the victims. They block investigations of the crimes, and continue to govern until driven from power…They block investigations of the crimes QuotationQuotation through poem abbreviates thousands of words: Acts of injustice done between the setting and the rising sun in history lie like bones, each one. AUDEN & ISHERWOOD

24 The Olympic Games on Land Of Genocide A decision was taken to hold the 2014 winter Olympic Games in Sochi which was opposed by Greenpeace of Russia. Ecologists informed the IOC members about the large-scale construction planned in the buffer zone of the "Western Caucasus". Ecologists, historians, All-Russia Wildlife Protection Society, and human rights groups and organizations had rejected the move to contaminate a UNESCO protected site, but the Circassian city of Sochi to host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Circassians had written a letter in six languages, on 23.07.07 to the IOC condemning and denouncing the move. The UN has criticized Russia for ignoring the ecological impact of construction projects for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. CriticizedAll-Russia Wildlife Protection SocietyUNESCOCircassian city of Sochiletter in six languagesUN has criticized Russia Russia had turned a blind eye on illegal construction of a Dacha for Russian VIPs, that went on in that area before even the Sochi wide-range environmental, ecological, cultural heritage, and archeological excavations of human civilization damaging process had begun; but abuses if came from certain centers of power are allowable, and the prove for that was the incident in a natural reservation that had observed in July, 2009, in the place called special state object which is considered euphemistic that got the official name, the Scientific Centre Biosphere, but in fact on Lunar Glade the mountain-skiing complex attributed to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, which was constructed especially to the PM, and not to Murat Kumpilov, who is the head of the Republic of Adygeya government, and was arrested with his close relatives, friends and associates that totaled 14 individuals some of them were officials in the government (at their detention three of them had managed to escape, but Kumpilov himself had to face the music) who were arrested, hand-coughed, red-handed and were taken by special troops onboard a helicopter.

25 Cremation as a Tool of Punishment and Revenge The Associated Press reported that authorities have cremated the bodies of dozens of suspected "militants" killed in the year 2005 attack on government buildings in Nalchik, adding to controversy over a law that allows the government to withhold the remains of terror suspects. Human Rights breaches and violations were committed according to parents & relatives of the suspicious militants who had fallen victims during the 2005 autumn attack on the capital of KBR who presented a complaint to the European Court against the refusal to give out the bodies of perished so-called militants for a basic human right of a dignified burial.cremated the bodiesEuropean Court One of the sites on the Internet had summarized and described the bitter experience through an article in the title of, Fascists & Modern Gas Ovens Prove The Circassian Holocaust about what was described the crimes that Russia had committed, which was considered a continuation of everlasting crimes against individuals, citizens peoples and nations, when the fascists had decided to criminate the individuals that were killed and their families were prevented from getting their bodies for a dignified barrier, while using bluffing Extremism and Terrorism expressions.Fascists & Modern Gas Ovens Prove The Circassian Holocaust

26 Synergy among Circassians Due to the painful fact that not all Circassians live in Motherland or a place of their own, connection between Circassians all over the world should be possible with the usage of the advanced technology particularly the Synergy method, which means combined action and operation between members of a group that should be adopted and applied; It provides an example when an individual is able to share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, each with its own display, without special hardware. It's intended for users with multiple computers on their desk since each system uses its own monitor(s); but the human synergy in the case of Circassians who are distributed in tens of countries around the world, when the different groups work within their own communities in the different countries that they reside in, there will be a possibility, and due to the advanced technology in Internet and Communications, to make Circassians reach more of their follow Circassians, their synergy would produce more connections and understanding for their real problems, and accordingly they will be able to make their voice reach the international community in a more organized and civilized methods in order to explain their dilemma and the consequences of the forced deportation, more than had they each worked independently. Synergy usually arises when different persons with different complementary skills and background cooperate, and the fundamental example is cooperation of men and women in common and parallel tracks.

27 The Media and the Caucasus The international media got constructive role in many aspects when describing what is going on in many parts of the world, but unfortunately there is part of that media, some writers who tend to reflect misleading & deceiving images, wrong information or even mix facts and illusions together to come up with wrong impersonations and impressions about subjects tackled. An example of that, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL had published an article in the title of, Tolstoy's Muslim Hero, by William Amelia, dated March 8, 2008, but analyses from the writer came while assumingly fixating his vision and mental picture by trying to change the symbols of humanity that Tolstoy tried to incorporate. Tolstoys Hadji Murad, was nothing of prejudice, discrimination, fanaticism, ignorance, adulteration, or intolerance.THE WALL STREET JOURNAL In a related subject, an article on the Internet criticized the Wall Street Journal article and tried to explain: The religious image or input that the articles writer had tried to implement or the struggle between cultures did not assume that fiction would be the reason for his narrow imagination. The analyzing and criticizing article mentioned that the skull of Hadji Murad is still in one of Saint Petersburg museums showing the picture of the head and the skull!an article on the Internet criticized

28 Parallel Groups and Organizations There are forces of darkness in secret and in public who work relentlessly on the application of policies that cannot be applied through official or governmental agencies and branches. The existence of semi-official organizations composed of veterans of theSpecial Services is barely acknowledged and considered standard policies within the Russian Federation, not to underestimate the Slavs unions and movements that follow a chauvinist line against other nationalities including the Circassians, and the suspicious religious feelings and acts such as building the Monument of Nicolay Miracle-maker, which got only one intention, which is the increase of mistrust and doubt between people.secret and in public application of policiesThe existence of semi-official organizationsSpecial Servicesstandard policiesSlavs unions and movementsagainst other nationalitiesthe Monument of Nicolay Miracle-maker On 3rd of March, 2010, in Maykop, Three extortionists have severely wounded the Circassian repatriate Nadji Chumit, who was transferred to hospital when his neighbors called the ambulance after descrying him lifeless! Circassian repatriate Nadji Chumit Irresponsible action was carried out by three Russians, who pressed a pistol muzzle against the back of Murat Berzegovs head, and they told him that they are veterans of the Security Services, and patriots of Russia; they warned discrediting him and will let him lose anything that could be dear to him!veterans of the Security Services Also, the Minister of Culture of the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, Zaur Tutov was attacked by a group of youths, and seriously injured when he was going to pick up his daughter from a Moscow dance place. According to Itar-Tass the assailants shouted Russia for Russians, which would answer lots of questions that Circassians and other nations controlled by Russia kept asking since their homeland was occupied by Tsarist Russian military forces?Minister of Culture of the Kabardino-BalkariaZaur Tutov was attacked

29 Democracy and Human Rights In July, 2006, then President of Russian, Vladimir Putin had accused Western critics of Russia's record on democracy of using the term, colonialist" rhetoric, but reality states that Russia itself is not granting legitimate rights, self-determination, and freedom to choose for many nations that are considered part of the Russian Federation! A question was asked by an article on the Web: Who Are the Colonialists Mr. Putin?colonialist" rhetoricWho Are the Colonialists Mr. Putin An example about human rights abuses against individuals and families which is a common practice, is what happened with Zukhra Tsipinova, who was married for five years to Anzor Astemirov (Amir Seyfullah), had written to President Putin at the time, Russian Prosecutor-General Yury Chaika, and presidential human-rights commission Chairwoman Ella Pamfilova to protest continued victimization and harassment by the police and security services.Zukhra Tsipinova

30 Russian Government in contact with Circassian Diaspora Putins visit to JordanPutins visit to Jordan in Feb., 2007 was considered very important in the sense that it paved the way for first time official contact between the officials of the Russian Government and the Circassian Diaspora after more than 140 years of the end of the Caucasian-Russian war with all its disastrous consequences, but no tangible results were achieved, even though a letter signed by Mr. Ishaq Mola, the Chairman of Jordans Main Khasa, was given to Putin. It should be mentioned however that the media delegation that accompanied the Russian President didnt know anything about the contact that was made between the Circassian Diaspora in Jordan and the delegation from the North Caucasus Republics of Adigea and Kabardino-Balkaria which was considered part of Putins official associates. Another letter was sent recently to Mr. tangible resultsMr. Medvedev

31 An Open Letter to the Opponents of Russian Politics On the second of December, 2006, the Caucasus Forum in Turkey, that practices civil politics and activities, wrote what they described as an OPEN LETTER TO THE OPPONENTS OF RUSSIAN POLITICS, regarding the concerns about the future of Caucasians, Russians and humanity in regard to the circumstances of the murders of opposing voices in Russia. It stated: The current situation evidently damages the ground for negotiation, dialogue and mutual understanding, they concluded: history has shown that resolving political problems and conflicts by means of force and cruelty has only brought about destruction, humiliation, violence and death.OPEN LETTER TO THE OPPONENTS OF RUSSIAN POLITICS

32 Hope for Peace and Promising Future To continue adopting the negative relations and policies of the past, will only predict and forecast agony, destruction, and disasters, while following the logic, wisdom, and civilized methods, would bring prosperity, peace and better future that will be enjoyed by all. Until the wise, live-conscious and moderate people reach the point of decision- making on behalf of the citizens that they are looking for better future and the well- being of their families and fellow citizens, there should be a necessity to remember the Murphys Law that states: If something can go wrong it will!

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