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Slide 1 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! (Medical Tourism Division of Astute Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.)

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1 Slide 1 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! (Medical Tourism Division of Astute Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.)

2 Slide 2 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! Facilitating Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare services 2010

3 Slide 3 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! MED TOUR PAL INTRODUCTION Company profile Astute Management Consultancy Pvt.Ltd. was incorporated in 1997 at Mumbai, managed by Healthcare professionals, Doctors and Management Consultants. AMCs medical tourism division named Med Tour Pal facilitates medical value travel services globally. Our Mission & Vision We strongly believe in delivering quality services backed by robust systems and processes to provide optimum Healthcare solutions suiting an individuals budget. Our Mission is To provide a cost effective, integrated and quality Medical value travel services. Our Vision is To be a recognized No 1 Medical value travel company globally. Credentials of the Company The chairman has worked in a Public Sector Insurance company as head of Health Insurance Department in corporate office which controlled health insurance business on all India and overseas traveler all over the world for more than 32 years. He has designed 16 health insurance policies which were promoted by his earlier employers and handled reimbursement of hospital expenses throughout India. He is a pioneer in establishing Third Party Administrator services in India for reimbursement of health insurance claims. Presently the chairman is heading an NGO where health insurance reimbursement to senior citizens and unprivileged section of the society for the past 8 years. NGO has covered more than 20,000 families (50,000 individual members) who were benefitted by way of reimbursement of hospital expenses in Gujarat, Maharashtra and other parts of India.

4 Slide 4 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! MEDICAL TOURISM BUSINESS DESCRIPTION Introduction The concept of medical tourism is not a new one. The first recorded instance of medical tourism dates back thousands of years to when Greek pilgrims traveled from all over the Mediterranean to the small territory in the Saronic Gulf called Epidauria. This territory was the sanctuary of the healing god Asclepius. Epidauria became the original travel destination for medical tourism. Definition of medical tourism It could be defined as the set of activities in which a person travels often long distance or across the border to avail medical services with direct or indirect engagement in leisure, business or other purpose.( by Medical Tourism Association). Medical tourism is the practice of a patient "outsourcing" healthcare services to an area outside of his/her home country.

5 Slide 5 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! Contd… SOME STATISTICS OF MEDICAL TOURISM India is rated amongst the worlds must see top ten destination by Conde Naste (international magazine) Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) sponsored Mc Kinsey & Co. study.–Healthcare in India: The Road Ahead report:- 1.3 million medical tourists visit Asia / year Nos. of US patients seeking cheaper care abroad - grew to 7,10,000 / year Over 1, 50000 medical tourists travelled to India in 2002 bringing in earnings of $ 300 million, 2006-07 > 3,00000 A forecast by Deloitte Consulting published in August 2008 projected that medical tourism originating in the US could jump by a factor of ten over the next decade An estimated 750,000 Americans went abroad for health care in 2007, and the report estimated that a million and a half would seek health care outside the US in 2008. The time spent waiting for a procedure such as a hip replacement can be a year or more in Britain and Canada; however, in New Zealand, Costa Rica, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cuba, Colombia, Philippines or India, a patient could feasibly have an operation the day after their arrival. In Canada, the number of procedures in 2005 for which people were waiting was 782,936. With global revenues of approximately US$ 20 Billion (2005), the medical tourism industry is one of the world's largest industries. India's cost effective treatment makes it an important player in this industry Growing Medical tourism in India will be one of the major sources for foreign exchange. With increasing number of non-insured population in western countries and increasing healthcare expenditure to GDP resulting in people opting for treatment choices outside their country.

6 Slide 6 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! Contd… Medical Tourism in India – The Current Scenario Medical Tourism is poised to be the next Indian success story after Information Technology. According to a Mckinsey-CII study the industrys earning potential estimated at Rs.5000-10000 Crores by 2012. Cost Competitiveness – The Key driver: The main reason for Indias emergence as a preferred destination is the inherent advantage of its healthcare industry. Today Indian healthcare is perceived to be on par with global standards. Some of the top Indian hospitals and doctors have strong international reputation. But the most important factor that drives medical tourism to India is its low cost advantage. Majority of foreign patients visit India primarily to avail of First World Service at Third World Cost. Market players: Most of the hospitals offering medical tourism service are private hospitals located in metropolitan cities except some government institutions like AIIMS. Among the private players are Apollo hospitals, Max hospitals, Fortis group of hospitals, Escort hospital, Wockhardt hospitals, Asian Heart Institute, etc. The services are combined into a package which includes transportation, accommodation, treatment and leisure activities which are mediated through various health facilitators.

7 Slide 7 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! Contd… Wellness tourism Alternative systems of medicine Cosmetic surgery Advanced and life saving healthcare Services offered Spas, Stress relief, Rejuvenatio n centers. Ayurvedic treatment, Siddha treatment, Homoeopathy treatment, Yoga. Plastic Surgery, Breast enhancement, Tummy reduction, Skin treatment.etc. Cardio vascular,IVF, Organ transplant, Orthopaedics etc. Profit margin Low MediumHigh Key competitors Thailand, South Africa-------- Thailand, South Africa, Cuba,Brazil,Costa rica Singapore,Thailan d,Malaysia Indias strength LowHighLowHigh Types of services

8 Slide 8 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! Contd… GroupDescriptionCountriesDemand drivers INRISAll over the world Low cost with trip back home. II Patients from under-developed countries SAARC Countries, Africa, Middle-east countries. High quality and affordable health care. IIIPatients from developed countries U.S.A,Canada,U.K. Low cost, no waiting period. Consumer profile Tourism is only accessory part and offers additional attraction to patients travelling for less complicated and cosmetic surgery.

9 Slide 9 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! ROLE OF MED TOUR PAL Med Tour Pal Patient Travel industry Hospital Hotel industry Contd…

10 Slide 10 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! INDIVIDUAL PATIENT/GROUP IN NEED OF MEDICAL/COSMETIC/DENTAL/WELLNESS TREATMENT MED TOUR PAL NETWORK CALL MED TOUR PAL E-MAIL MED TOUR PAL WEBSITE QUOTE FORM HOSPITAL/W ELLNESS/CO SMETIC /DENTAL CENTRE MTP helps in selecting type of treatment, hospital, doctor, in varied destinations and forwards the cost estimate suited to individual. TRAVEL AND TOURISM PARTNERS MTP also make arrangements for patients travel to destination along with any need of patient for tourism at destination. Thus MTP forms a one point contact for individual patient/groups for their health requirement and provides a complete package of medical treatment, travel and tourism, wellness etc. to suit individuals need and budget. Core activity of Med Tour Pal

11 Slide 11 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! OPERATIONS OF THE BUSINESS: Organization structure of the Med Tour Pal Chairman Directors Operations manager BPO Business and Medical Consultant IT consultant HR Consultant Case managers Legal Expert Packaging and Costing Marketing

12 Slide 12 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! KEY PERSONNEL OF THE COMPANY Our Management Team 1 )S. P Kulkarni MA /Eco / AFII Chairperson Experience: worked for 32 years in a PSU Insurance Company as a Manager in their Corporate Officer, pioneer in designing insurance policies for his company. He was the Manager in their Corporate Officer. He was the Manager HR in their Corporate Officer. He has also served in the Indian Air Force for 9 years. Currently he is heading our company. 2) Meena Kulkarni MA (Marathi) Dip. Yogic Sci Director 3) Neha N Kulkarni Director Experience: 5 years experience in IT industry. 4) Suresh Mohite B Com L.L.B Human Resource and Corporate Administration Consultant Experience: Working in Human Resource and labor laws for the past 25 years. Key Operation Team 1) Nikhil Kulkarni Director Experience: working for the past 8 years in Insurance and Healthcare Sales.

13 Slide 13 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! KEY PERSONNEL OF THE COMPANY 2) Dr Smit Thakkar BDS, MBA – Healthcare Management (Medical Tourism) 3) Amruta Mayekar BHSc, P.G.D. Dietetics, MBA Healthcare (Medical Tourism) 4) Akeshwar Prasad Shukla B Pharm, MBA Healthcare (Medical Tourism) 5) Vinay Kurup BSc, Biotech, P.G Diploma in Pharmaceutical Business Management, MBA Healthcare (Medical Tourism) 6) Monica Sharma MBA Healthcare (Medical Tourism) Our Overseas Associates 1) Rita Bhanap (London,UK) Bcom,MCM, Msc Experience: working in Mauritius for 10years in IT industry. 2) Udo Ritschal (Cologne, Germany) Dipt – Volkswirt Experience: worked for more than 10 years in Reinsurance Companies in areas of Health, Life and Accident Reinsurance. Currently working as an Independent Consultant in the Financial Services Sector in Europe and Overseas, with a special emphasis on Life and Health Reinsurance Business. Also currently he is working on Human Resources and Recruitment Sector

14 Slide 14 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! Heard about Medical Tourism Visit MED TOUR PAL Website Call Quer y Form Select Destination, City, Medical procedure country & Hospital Category. Also fill Medical Record Form or send your Medical records Get feedback on availability of treatment and Hospitals to suit your needs Based on your information, we suggest you hospitals providing the treatment, pictures of hospital, CV of doctor Get Free Quote & Finalize your Medical Care Decide Hospital, Treatment based on the information provided and arrange video conferencing if needed and address if any concerns. Brief Description of Actual Operation of the Process: I] Initiating contact, Informing/sending your Medical requirements, exploring various treatment options, Free Quotation and Finalizing your Medical Care Enqui ry /Mail m

15 Slide 15 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! II] Exploring Travel options, deciding Pre/Post surgery recuperation,review package & itinerary & Departure to Destination. Patient selects Travel & Tour options that suit their needs Patient s payment after reviewing complete package and quotation made for the same. MTP provides you Travel, Tour & other services Checklist options. Patient has to select their travel request like airport facilities, In flight services etc. MTP facilitate in choosing Wellness/leisure tour, as per your requirements. Based on Patients request, MTP forwards your Medical trip package with quotation. Patient has to finalize the package after reviewing quotation and Terms & Conditions. Trip Preparation & Final Itinerary Once your package is finalized, MTP sends detailed itinerary of your trip. MTP also provides you with Travelling Tips & assistance in your travel. Departure – Airport to Medical Tourism Destination MTP wishes you Happy Journey & welcomes you to Destination

16 Slide 16 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! III] Arrival at Destination, undergo Medical Procedure, Recuperate, Departure for Tourism, Fly back home, Follow up. Patient arrives at Destination Get pre surgical consultation & pre treatment tests done, admission to hospital MTP will arrange for your pre surgical consultation and pre tests & assists in your hospital admission. Undergo medical procedure/ treatment as per plan. MTP will be in continuous communication with you & hospital Recuperation Stay at hotel/ hospital depending on physician s guidance. Want to go for Wellness/Leisure Tourism? MTP will guide you for Tourism/ Wellness through reputed Tourism Excursion Company Yes No Fly back Home MTP wishes you Happy Journey & Health MTP available for 24/7 for any further query When you arrive at destination airport, you will be received by Destination Manager (DM)/Tour Escort, or Personal Care Manager [PCM], (if opted for). She/he helps you in hotel check in or any other assistance.

17 Slide 17 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! OUR KEY SERVICE PROVIDER PARTNERS 1. Hospitals 2. Wellness centers 3. Dental clinics 4. Travel and Tour operators 5. Online Payment Gateway provider Med Tour Pal can arrange medical Treatment for patients in various Hospitals: Mumbai: Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre Saifee Hospital Dr.L.H.Hiranandani Hospital Asian Heart Institute Hinduja Hospital Seven Hills Hospital Fortis Hospital Jaslok hospital Bangalore: Apollo Hospital Columbia Asia Hospital Fortis Hospital Wockhardt Hospitals Narayan Hrudayala Hospital Netradham Super specialty Eye Hospital Manipal Hospital Hyderabad: Apollo Hospital Medwin hospitals Kaminenr Yashoda Hospital Global Hospital Care hospitals Image Hospitals L.V.Prasad Eye Institute Seven Hills Hospital

18 Slide 18 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! OUR KEY SERVICE PROVIDER PARTNERS Chennai: Apollo Specialty Hospital Sankara Nethralaya Fortis Malar Hospital MIOT Hospital Global Hospital Kerala: Lake Shore Hospital Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) Al Shifa Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Trivandrum: Chaithanya Eye Hospital & Research Institute Trivandrum Sri Avittom Thirunal Hospital for Women and Children (SAT), Trivandrum Kerala Institute of Medical Science, Trivandrum Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Trivandrum Regional Institute of Ophthalmology (RIO), Trivandrum Cosmopolitan Hospitals, Trivandrum Credence Hospital Delhi: Fortis (Escort)Healthcare Intraprastha Apollo hosp Max Super Specialty Artemis Hospital Chandigarh: Fortis Heart Institute Indus Super Specialty Hospital Haryana: Artemis hospital Escort Hospital Medanta Hospital Ahmedabad: Sterling hospital Krishna Heart Institute Apollo Hospital

19 Slide 19 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! OUR KEY SERVICE PROVIDER PARTNERS Pune: Jehangir Hospital Sancheti Institute For Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Aditya Birla Hospital Kolkata : Apollo Hospital Wockhardt Hospital AMRI CMRI Ruby General Hospital Columbia Asia B.M.Birla Heart Institute Also Med Tour Pal can make arrangements for other hospitals as and when requested. Med Tour Pal can also facilitate patients in obtaining traditional medical treatment through following centers: Birla Kerala Vaidyashala Ananda spa Kairali Ayurvedic health Resort The AyurvedaGram Health Resort Somatheeram Ayurvedic health Resort etc. Med Tour Pal also has network of Reputed Dentists and Cosmetic surgeons to cater to patients. Med Tour Pal has reputed tour operators as their partner for travel and tourism solutions

20 Slide 20 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! OUR KEY SERVICE PROVIDER PARTNERS Along with core clinical services, Med Tour Pal also facilitates the following clinical and non-clinical services: MedicalOthers Air and road ambulance assistanceTravel arrangements Assistance in admission in hospitalsAirport transfers Get reports on progress of recuperating patients during stay in India. Internet facilities. Coordination for doctor appointmentsCellular phone prepaid Follow ups in home countries. Assistance in communicating back home Video conferencing (wherever required)Providing escorts for tours. Assistance for differently able patients.Travel insurance. VISA and foreign exchange assistance. Interpretation assistance and bilingual assistance/ language options/ translator. Video conferencing for communicating back home and pre-travel consultation. Med Tour Pal strives to provide customized solutions and service any request within its reach.

21 Slide 21 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! MARKETING PLAN Product Description Med Tour Pal will facilitate the following products: I) Medical Product Medical treatments -Diagnostic -Surgical Dentistry Cosmetic Surgery Ayurveda, Yoga and traditional Indian medicine Spa treatments and Rejuvenation therapies. Complementary Alternative Medical Systems Organ Transplants etc. II) Tourism and travel Product III) Other value added services as mentioned above in operations part. IV) Designing and implementation of various Health Insurance policies and products in which organization has vast experience. In spite of this, we will provide customized packages to suit individuals need.

22 Slide 22 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! Contd… TARGET MARKET Entire population of a country(s) GOAL OF THE MARKETING PLAN Facilitating secondary and tertiary Healthcare services MARKETING & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES Web marketing. Using MTA Network to reach potential partners. Tie up with medical travel companies in target market. Tie up with Health and Medical Tourism insurance companies. Affiliations with Indian embassy in target markets. Tie up with individual Doctors to send referral patients. Affiliations with Government Agencies.

23 Slide 23 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! Contd… Our affiliations U.S.A based non-profit organization with common goal of promoting the highest level of quality of healthcare to patients in a global environment India based no profit organization which operates under the guidance of advisory board comprising members from Hospital, Healthcare, Academia, IT, Travel and Tourism industry and Overseas Corporate, Insurance and Facilitation service providers.

24 Slide 24 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! Key benefits of choosing Med Tour Pal: Accredited by IMTA and applied for accreditation by MTA Team of healthcare professionals specialized in medical tourism to assist patients. Individualized Case Manager to facilitate an integrated quality medical care. Wide network of JCI, NABH accredited and quality non - accredited hospitals. Customized packages for medical, accommodation and travel services to suit patients budget. 24 x 7 support services. Facilitator of wellness and alternative medicine solutions. Prompt response to grievances by special manager.

25 Slide 25 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default!

26 Slide 26 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default! Contact Details: Contact person: 1) Dr.Smit Thakkar 2) Vinay Kurup Contact Number:9167393081/82 URL: E-mail:,,vinay

27 Slide 27 A Free sample background from © 2006 By Default!

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