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France By Michael Turner.

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1 France By Michael Turner

2 Counting up in French 15-Quinze 16-Seize 17-Dix-sept 18-Dix-huit
19-Dix-neuf 20-Vingt 0-Zéro 1-Un, Une 2-Deux 3-Trois 4-Quatre 5-Cinq 6-Six 7-Sept 8-Huit 9-Neuf 10-Dix 11-Onze 12-Douze 13-Treize 14-Quatorze

3 Map of France

4 Months of the Year Fevrier Mai Aout Novembre Mars Juin Septembre Decembre Avril Janvier Juillet Octobre

5 Le Traín à Grande Vítesse (T.G.V)
France has a very succesful network of trains. Trains that link the main towns and cities are called T.G.V. They are the fastest trains in the world and they can reach a speed of over 300 kilometres per hour. In English, they are called High Speed Trains.

6 Napoléon Napoléon was born in 1769 and died in He was born in Corsica, which is a French island situated in the Mediterranean sea. Napoléon became Emperor of the French in 1804, after the many tormented years of the French Revolution. Napoléon had great qualities as an administrator and a military general. However, he became too ambitious and was eventually defeated by the English.

7 Animals in French Le cochon La souris Le mouton douillet
Le lapin joyeux Le cheval de trait

8 This presentation has come to an end, but here are some helpful french words:
Ça va= I’m fine Ça va bien=I’m well Ça va mal=I’m not so good Comme ci comme ça= I’m Half and half Au revoir!

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