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MERRY CHRISTMAS from the students of Nea Vyssa Junior High school,Greece.

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1 MERRY CHRISTMAS from the students of Nea Vyssa Junior High school,Greece

2 Do you want to learn more about: The local Santa Claus.. …Christmas Carols.. Our traditional food.. Local Christmas dish, and ….desert?

3 Agios Vasileios

4 Agios Vasileios, the Greek equivalent to Santa Claus, was born in 330 in the Neokesareia kapadokias. He had nine other siblings. He was the Archbishop of Caesaria, a leading theologian fourth century and one of the three Ieraechs, Saints- protectors of education. He was also a great philanthropist. His life

5 Tempelekia Our local Christmas Carols!

6 Since 1940 the lads of New Vyssa sang the traditonal carols organized into "Tsetis", groups of 12 persons, which symbolize the 12 apostles of Christ. With "Tsetis" always came the "Kamilaris. The "Kamilaris" was a disguised lad, dressed with animal skins and handmade fabric mask, so as not to be recognized. Their belly was belted with bells; this way they wanted to announce the message of the birth of Christ and the kamilaris was carrying a large wooden "stick". History of Tempelekia

7 The costume The participants in "Tempelekia" apart from the "Kamilari", who wears a special costume, wear the following outfit: - A suit (pants, jacket, shirt). - A cap on their heads. - The pallikarisios scarf draped on their backs, around the neck with both edge falling in front of their chests. - A green sprig of ivy, pinned on the jacket in front of their hearts, which is said to symbolize fertility. The leaves of the ivy was painted gold, "varakomena" as they are known in N. Vyssa

8 The Traditional Boumbari is a local dish served on Christmas Eve Ingredients: 1) Pork intestine (thick). 2) Pork liver (white). 3) A cup of rice. 4) A teaspoon of salt. 5) A tablespoon of oregano. 6) A half teaspoon of black pepper. 7) A half teaspoon of red pepper. 8) A half pound of ground beef or pork.

9 …have a very happy Christmas holiday! Greetings from… Valanto, Vasso, Zoe, Stefanos, Iliana, Eleftherios, Irene, Christina, Thanasis, Maria, Katerina, Sotiris, Stefanos, Konstantinos, Yannis and Stefanos!

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