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Swiss Knowledge Management Forum (SKMF) Roundtable 10 March 2011, EPFL, Lausanne Dr. Deasún Ó Conchúir PMP

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1 Swiss Knowledge Management Forum (SKMF) Roundtable 10 March 2011, EPFL, Lausanne Dr. Deasún Ó Conchúir PMP +41 79 692 4735

2 To simulate and discuss Knowledge Management Processes in Virtual Teams © Scatterwork GmbH 20102

3 Personal Introduction What are Virtual Teams? Application Examples Knowledge Management Benefits Challenges Simulation of Virtual Team Plenary Discussion Knowledge Management Enablers in Virtual Teams © Scatterwork GmbH 20113

4 Dr. Deasún Ó Conchúir PMP Project Troubleshooter, Coach & Trainer Keynote Speaker & Author Active in projects throughout his entire career, he has been Manager, Project Manager, Consultant and Trainer for scores of clients globally, including: Novartis, Swiss Re, Nestlé, Ericsson, EU Commission, Zurich Financial Services, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Bausch & Lomb etc. Author of "Overview of the PMBOK® Guide, Springer-Verlag."Overview of the PMBOK® Guide © Scatterwork GmbH 20114

5 Telecommuting? Flexible Working? Virtual Office? Collaboration? Other? © Scatterwork GmbH 20115

6 Minimum Scenario Traditional working environment Some time and geographic discretion Maximum Scenario The team participants: Rarely (or never) meet Are in different countries and time zones Work for organisations which have: different legal status such as public, private etc different economic strengths, resulting in unbalanced teams Multicultural environments © Scatterwork GmbH 20116 e.g. 1 day a week working at home or anything in between

7 Global Procurements Finance &V Management Consulting New Business Consortia during the early stages of formation Company Merger Teams, together with their advisers such as consultancy firms and banks Clinical Trials for pharmaceutical companies Industry and Professional Associations involving members in different companies Industry Sectoral Task Groups charged with assignments such as registration of the use of chemicals etc © Scatterwork GmbH 2011 Your experience? 7

8 Started in 1995 by two friends who knew each other well: one in Finland, the other in Sweden. Next addition to the team was in Germany, 4 th in Yugoslavia. Team growth was slow, about 3 persons per year for the early years. Source: personal interview with the founder Monty: Michael Widenius, 7 March 2011 © Scatterwork GmbH 20118

9 Very High Productivity Working hours selected to suit personal rhythm Lack of interruptions, which suits the problem solving Very long working hours commonplace Experience is not lost when someone moves (e.g. spouse). Huge choice of skills from global talent pool No workspace needed; rapid recruitment. Productive time not wasted by commuting or generating greenhouse gases. Minimal direct costs for team member, which is equivalent to a salary increase. Employees are owners and treated equally. © Scatterwork GmbH 20119

10 People still need to know each other: Twice yearly meetings in exotic and exciting places. The cost of the meetings offsets the lack of cost for offices: Not a cheap solution. Essential to track each persons activities: What have you done in the last week? What do you plan to do next week? Team members can leave very easily; You are training them for the competition. To be fair and create trust, everyone has the same working conditions (notice, holidays etc) Based on typical Finnish employment contracts. © Scatterwork GmbH 201110

11 1. The Wonder Drug Corporation of Orrville, Ohio has will organise a stand at the forthcoming ChemWorld Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany from 27 to 29 April 2011. 2. The CEO has decided that all the subsidiary locations should also participate in the preparations: Johannesburg, South Africa Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia São Paulo, Brazil Osaka, Japan 3. To maintain the green image, all organisation will take place without travel. 4. Discussions must be confidential at each location (in the local language) and only communicated by the confidential e-mail system. Turn your flip charts so that they are not visible to other locations. 5. Only one selected person at each location has access to the confidential e-mail between subsidiaries. 6. E-mail will be transported electronically, by Gil & Véronique. © Scatterwork GmbH 201111

12 1. Prepare and agree the Project Charter for the ChemWorld Exhibition. 2. This document will give authority to the Project Manager (Paul, the owners son) to plan and implement the project. 3. Detailed planning is out of scope: this will be done on 11 March 2011 by the contact person at each location on the basis of the Charter. 4. The Charter must be ready within 45 minutes and contain the following information: Objective Identification and assignment of the Main Work Packages Outline schedule with milestones Overall Cost Budget Principal Resources and Skill Requirements (as basis for the HR plan) Any further management instructions which may be delivered. © Scatterwork GmbH 201112

13 Your experience? Your questions? © Scatterwork GmbH 201113

14 Establish Trust Be Aware of the People Check your Assumptions Agree Operational Guidelines Exploit Multiple Time Zones © Scatterwork GmbH 201114

15 The most important requirement for Virtual Project Teams Even a suspicion that trust is absent will have negative effects Project Manager must show: Show genuine concern for the individual team members, e.g. by active listening to team members and stakeholders Demonstrate competence for the work at hand Encourage individual responsibility Emphasize deliverables, not how to achieve them Ref: John SpenceJohn Spence © Scatterwork GmbH 201115

16 Presence Indicators: available, do not disturb, away etc. Mood Working hard, ready for a break, etc. Use "what are you doing now?" type messages Individual Local time Respect normal business hours Take account of weekends and local holidays Current Location. Country Location Exact Location from mobile phone/ GPS and displayed on a map. Share Professional and Personal Information Personal website, Facebook etc Team Building Communication, e.g. Cake Competition Virtual Day Out © Scatterwork GmbH 201116

17 Misunderstandings and bad decisions arise from incorrect assumptions Conscious Subconscious Examples: Assuming that message was received and understood correctly, just because it was sent No response" might mean that everything is all right OR that the question has not been read. Hold a group brainstorm during project initiation to identify local/ cultural assumptions Use a collaborative Mindmap, e.g in parallel with voice © Scatterwork GmbH 201117

18 Implement immediately basic rules of behaviour, e.g. How we agree meeting times How literally we interpret the start and finish times How quickly can we expect replies to e-mail Whether we can always expect a reply Priority of Speech over Written Communication? Depends on: Time zones Competence in foreign languages (foreign from the individuals point of view) Respect local rest periods: weekends, nights and holidays Use a Wiki to negotiate and publish the Operational Guidelines © Scatterwork GmbH 201118

19 1. Reduce need for simultaneous availability Maximize the simultaneous business hours e.g. taking calls from home before travelling to work Improve the simultaneous communications for maximum effectiveness, e.g. IM 2. Increase the effectiveness of non- simultaneous communications e.g. Replace call by access to report database Document and agree the communications plan © Scatterwork GmbH 201119

20 Thank you for your participation! © Scatterwork GmbH 2011 E-mail: Tel: +41 79 692 4735 Info: http://www.scatterwork-consulting.com 20 Wanted: VOLUNTEERS! To participate in Virtual Team Interface project, based on Research at the ETH, Zürich

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