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Miss. Black & Gold Informational

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1 Miss. Black & Gold Informational
Mu Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Miss. Black & Gold Informational Coordinator’s Information Johnathan Roberts, Chairman C – (478) 737– 7538 E – mail Felicia Williams, Miss Black & Gold 2011 C – (229) 630 –7745 E – mail

2 Are You the Next Miss Black and Gold?
MAKING A DIFFERENCE Many of the young women who enter this pageant feel they can make a difference in this country. The Miss Black and Gold Pageant requires each contestant to adopt a cause. The contestant’s adopted cause stems from an idea that is important to her and supported by her local sponsors. It is called her “platform.”

3 To compete in the Miss Black and Gold competition, a young woman must:
REQUIREMENTS To compete in the Miss Black and Gold competition, a young woman must: Be between the ages of 18 and 25. Attend the college/university where the pageant is held. Meet character criteria as set forth by the National Organization. Be in reasonably good health to meet the job requirements. Be able to meet the time commitment and job responsibilities as set forth by the local program in which she competes. Any young woman who competes in a Miss Black and Gold Pageant will sign an agreement which outlines details of these and other eligibility requirements.

 What is the commitment if I want to compete? The competition will require about 30 hours of rehearsal and group preparation time. We spread that time out over a number of weeks. On the District, Regional, and National levels, there is less time for rehearsals. Is there an entry fee? The Miss Black and Gold Pageant does not charge an entrance fee to contestants. However, via advertisements, you are required to raise at least $200 by 20 January Please note that you will receive 1/2 the add money back at the conclusion of the pageant. What do I have to buy? Local competitions on the college and university levels try to minimize the costs for the contestants. You are encouraged to wear outfits purchased for previous engagements. Review the categories of the competition and determine if there is a need for additional wardrobe expenses.

5 FAQ In what categories will I be judged?
The Miss Black and Gold National judging system is carried from the grassroots all the way up to the Miss Black and Gold National Pageant. They are as follows: Scholarship (GPA), Interview and Platform, Opening Fanfare, Talent, Swimwear, Evening Wear and Extemporaneous Speaking. Are there any other awards? Yes. We have Miss. Black and we have Miss. Gold. Also we will feature the People’s Choice Award. Additional awards include Miss Congeniality (voted on by contestants), Talent Award (based on judges’ scores) and several other awards.

6 Scoring Guidelines and Criteria
SCHOLARSHIP …………………………… Maximum Points (30) Scholarship is evaluated on the overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of the contestant and the previous semester GPA. JUDGES’ INTERVIEW …………………… Maximum Points (15) The Judges’ will evaluate each contestant on the overall demeanor of the contestant as she responds to questions and general conversation. The interview segment will be in a relaxed atmosphere and questions will be of a general nature to ease the contestant prior to the pageant. Judges will listen to answer quality, knowledge of subject, confidence shown, and articulation.

7 Scoring Guidelines and Criteria
OPENING FANFARE ……………………………………. Maximum Points (10) The opening fanfare will be evaluated on overall attractiveness, poise, personality, and expression as the contestant introduces herself to the audience. Points will not be awarded on the dance routine itself; however, each contestant wants the judges to see them full of energy and enjoying her participation in this segment of the competition. SWIMWEAR COMPETITION ………………………….. Maximum Points (10) Swimwear competition will be evaluated on the overall self confidence shown, style of the swim suit as it compliments the figure, dignity of self and color coordination. The swim suit does not have to be black or gold. Swim suits can be two piece suits (not a bikini). Points will be deducted for over exposure.

8 Scoring Guidelines and Criteria
TALENT COMPETITION …………………………………Maximum Points (15) The talent segment of the competition will be evaluated on originality, technical skills, talent ability, and appearance / costume. The talent of each contestant should not exceed three (3) minutes. Make sure that props are readily available and easy to move and music properly cued. EVENING GOWN COMPETITION …………………….Maximum Points (10) The evening gown competition will be evaluated on poise, style of gown, movement, as well as how the gown compliments the contestant. EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING ……………………. Maximum Points (10) The extemporaneous speaking competition will be evaluated on the quality of the answer given, self confidence shown, articulation, and subject knowledge.

9 Also remember that you get into all ALPHA WEEK events for free.
Deadline You are required to notify either Ryan Brown or Felecia Williams by December 31, that you are going to participate in the pageant. Also remember that you get into all ALPHA WEEK events for free.

10 Conclusion Please read the documents on the website for further details. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Felecia or Johnathan. For the informational packets please visit the Miss Black & Gold App

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