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Resolving Consumer Problems

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1 Resolving Consumer Problems
Section 1.5 Notes

2 Registering a Complaint
Must State problem clearly Know what you want the outcome to be Money back, other types of redress Gather all receipts or info. on product

3 Contacting the Merchant
Complaint on Service Talk to person who did the service Complaint on Item Salesperson that helped you Customer Service Purchase over the Internet Contact merchant through or phone Follow up if not resolved over a certain period of time

4 Always be Polite Problem always has a better chance of being resolved if you are polite

5 Letter of Complaint Write to manager or customer service dept
Short, to the point, honest Include copies of receipts Make copy for your records If nothing happens, write another letter to a higher level Send copy to the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

6 Dispute resolution Mediation – two parties try to resolve a dispute with the help of neutral party Mediator = neutral party Two sides don’t have to agree to mediator’s suggestion Arbitration – neutral party listens to both sides and makes a decision Binding Arbitration – parties agree arbitrators decision is final

7 Small Claims Court Small claims court
Resolved by a judge for sums under a certain amount Usually $1,000 - $5,000 Don’t need a lawyer

8 Lawsuit Hire a Lawyer For amounts higher than $5,000 Can be expensive
Should be last resort

9 Class Action Suit Lawsuit filed for a group of people w/same complaint
Example: Car has a bad part and company won’t fix it. The group of consumers who have been affected by this file a Class Action Suit

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