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J OB S EARCHING FOR T EACHERS Presented by: Kim Meredith, LPC, NCC Assistant Director, Career Counselor (678) 547-6584

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1 J OB S EARCHING FOR T EACHERS Presented by: Kim Meredith, LPC, NCC Assistant Director, Career Counselor (678)


3 SUNDAY, MARCH 23, 2014 MERCER ATLANTA CAMPUS AACC BUILDING 1:00 – 4:30 P.M. SIGN-UP IS NOT REQUIRED *This event is open to the public. Mercer participants are given a chance to talk to recruiters first, from 1:00-1:30, before the event opens to the public at 1:30 p.m. Optional Event

4 Resumes A Marketing & Sales Tool.

5 Your Résumé Must Be: Crisp Concise Compelling High Impact

6 Resumes Should showcase your achievements or contributions, not just list your past jobs Should tell the results or impact of your work Should consider the needs of the employer (from researching) and tailor what you have to offer around their needs Should use educational jargon

7 What is a High-Q / HQ Teacher? Teachers are considered to be highly qualified if they have: 1)a bachelors degree 2) full State certification 3) demonstrated competence in subject knowledge teaching skills From the Georgia Professional Standards

8 TOP of your resume: List Your Bachelors Degree Name of Degree Expected Month/Year Name of Granting Institution: Mercer University GPA (if above 3.0) Honors / Societies Not Certified Yet, But List these: Passed GACE Content Exam, Month/Year T4 Early Childhood T4 Middle Grades: Math & Science Sell Your Competence! Consider these sections: Qualifications Strengths Profile High-Q Definition a Bachelors Degree Full State Certification demonstrated competence in… subject knowledge And teaching skills Resumes Should Stress That You Are High-Q!

9 Mercer A. Student 1001 Atlanta Drive Atlanta, GA SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER Passion and proven track record for teaching SWD to excel! QUALIFICATIONS Experience in teaching collaborative classes during my student teaching which included students with EBD, SLD, ADHD, and OHI Focused teaching strategies to meet the needs of SWD - resulted in a 30% increase in mastery of GP standards in writing during student teaching Researched effective strategies to teach writing and reading comprehension to SWD for my Adolescent Development and Learning, Teaching Exceptional Learners, and Research classes at Mercer University Awarded Teacher of the Month during student teaching for my commitment to helping students achieve mastery of GP standards for reading comprehension and writing Received the following praise for my Analysis of Student Learning: This is one of the best Analysis of Student Learning that I have ever received. You were very thorough with supporting details and you actually learned from the experience. Fantastic job. Somebody Here, University Supervisor Georgia T4 Teaching Certificate - Expected May 2011 Early Childhood and Special Education General Curriculum Consultative (P-12) EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Education (BSED)Expected May 2011 Mercer University, Atlanta, GAGPA: 3.71 Sample Top ½ of a Resume - Shows Critical Selling Points!

10 Classic Clichés to Avoid on Your Resume Planned, created, and instructed lessons Assisted in the classroom instruction Took attendance roll Met with parents in conferences These are too VAGUE!

11 Two Ways to Customize Your Teacher Résumé! (and avoid those clichés!) 1.Use the PSRV exercise to help you write your contributions and achievements 2.Deconstruct the job description and use language from it to capture the reader

12 How to… Get to Your Contributions/Achievements PSRV Exercise: (just an exercise to get your thoughts rolling) Problem/Issue/Challenge/Situation Solution Result Value Lets Try PSRV Now!

13 How to… Consider the Needs of the Employer Deconstruct the Job Description (JD) This means analyze the JD thoroughly. Highlight key words and phrases. Make a list of the top three things that the employer is looking for. Some JDs are short and not very informative Dig deeper.

14 You Must Study the Employers Web Site! Learn enough that you could deliver a thoughtful, fact-filled presentation to the employer, about themselves. Its just not optional… If you want to compete.

15 Lets think of some Educational Jargon … Heres a great web site to help you create powerful phrases using educational jargon:

16 Which Style Resume? C ONSERVATIVE C REATIVE

17 Move Education to Top


19 Resumes Tips for C AREER C HANGERS Use the Rule of Relevance to decide whether to include the experience in your resume First, determine if your experience is in the Education field or outside the field (non-education) Ask yourself if the experience in your past is relevant to your new teaching career. Relevant EDUCATION Experience Relevant Not Relevant NON- EDUCATION Experience Yes! Sell this in your resume! List in the employment history, but de-emphasize it by shortening the content.

20 #1 Turn-off for recruiters… Poor writing skills. Poorly written to the recruiter Mistakes in grammar or typos in any of your communication Unprofessional looking in format Being informal – use of lowercase, jargon, chat/text talk, etc. You will be disqualified!

21 Your Job Search A positive outlook!

22 Job Outlook for Teachers Source: O Net web site

23 currently has 270 openings posted. Elementary Teachers Middle School Teachers

24 100 Best Jobs of 2013 (U.S. News & World Report) School Pyschologist - #13 Speech-Language Pathologist - #28 High School Teacher - #38 Elementary School Teacher - #45 Middle School Teacher - #52 Pre-School Teacher - #55 School Counselor - #59

25 Leverage Your Job Search by Becoming Involved in a Professional Organization ! GAEGAE – Georgia Association of Educators PAGE PAGE – Professional Association of Georgia Educators

26 References Select your people wisely. Ask their permission and keep them abreast of your search at all times! A reference thats not strong can hurt you. (Despite having superior quality resume, cover letter and appearance.)

27 References List Should match font and overall look of Résumé 3 people is enough Only those who can attest to your strengths as a Teacher! Separate document from Résumé Usually not needed at a fair

28 References FORM Required by School System

29 A web-based resource tool for educators in Georgia Apply for teaching jobs in Georgia school systems in one place Announces job fairs, information sessions and upcoming events Georgias Official Recruitment Clearinghouse EACH G EORGIA. ORG Set up a profile today!

30 Be attentive to the fact that some counties prefer their own application system rather than the TeachGA application.

31 What the Recruiters Say For ECSP graduates: they are very interested in your dual certification! For MIGR graduates: Math and Science are highly sought! For all: Special Education Teachers are needed! Principals have access to search through the applicants They can see your resume, references, cover letters…everything! Human Resources professionals are usually not knowledgeable about LiveText But, principals might be. You MUST Build Relationships with People! Network! Student teaching in the county is seen as a plus

32 Job Search Resources Check out the articles below: 50 Great Questions for Teacher Interviews 50 Great Questions for Teacher Interviews The questions principals ask during interviews are key to drawing out the personalities of applicants and selecting the right people. Prepare for your next interview by learning the questions principals might ask! The Interview: Principals Share 30 Favorite Questions for Future Teachers The Interview: Principals Share 30 Favorite Questions for Future Teachers Education World's "Principal Files" principals share 30 of their favorite questions to ask applicants. Character(istics) Count! -- What Principals Look for When Hiring New Teachers Character(istics) Count! -- What Principals Look for When Hiring New Teachers A recent article on Teaching for Excellence discusses what school principals look for in the new teachers they hire. Which of 15 "can-do" characteristics is most important? Education World asks the Principal Files principals. From the Principal Files: Principals Offer Advice to Job Seekers From the Principal Files: Principals Offer Advice to Job Seekers Have a plan, a portfolio, and a good attitude! That's just some of the advice Education World's Principal Files principals have for soon-to-be college grads looking for their first teaching positions. Are You Ready for That Job Interview? Are You Ready for That Job Interview? It's that time of year -- school districts are recruiting for fall teaching vacancies. If you dread the interview process, here are some tips that can help you prepare and boost your self-assurance. What Qualities Do Principals Look for in a New Teacher? What Qualities Do Principals Look for in a New Teacher? What do school principals look for in the new teachers they hire? Principals' responses to that question might help others -- principals and teaching candidates -- as they focus their thoughts on the interviews ahead.

33 Consider Relocating!

34 Consider Other Employment! Certified Teachers are needed by other employers. Develop a List of non-School System Target Employers For a list of ideas, see document entitled Alternate Employment for Certified Teachers (provided by Career Counselor)

35 Job Search Advice Job search through Google For example, this site was found: Search professional organizations When using engines, use keywords other than teacher Education Adolescent Mentor/tutor Coach Training Continuing Education Curriculum Advisor Instruction or Instructor


37 Can your attire hurt your teaching career? Hello Recruiter, My name is…

38 Wear an interview suit to recruitment fairs! (and interviews) What do I wear?

39 Teachers Are Professionals Showing up at the Recruitment Fair looking like a polished professional will empower you and give you confidence!

40 Women Matching two-piece suit (pant or skirt suit) Tailored fit (not too tight) Color: navy, grey, taupe, dark brown, tan, olive or black Skirt should be knee-length with no inappropriate slits Wear hosiery with a skirt! Interview Suit

41 These are all great!

42 NO! These are unsuitable for career wear.

43 Interview Shoes for Women Do not wear worn-out shoes

44 NOT These Shoes! Heel too high.

45 Cleavage is Not Appropriate. No!

46 Interview Suit Men A two piece matched suit Solid or pin-striped Tailored fit, including pants length. Navy, dark grey, dark brown, olive or black Briefcase or portfolio instead of backpack


48 Crisp Neat Clean Well- Pressed Sloppy Lack of Neatness

49 Interview Shoes for Men Not:

50 Details of Grooming

51 Career Fairs Yes, they are still effective.

52 Talking to Recruiters at Fairs Be prepared with your WOW elevator speech Practice it BEFORE the event Try speaking to a recruiter at a county thats not one of your top choices, FIRST Listen to people in front of you or at other tables Know your strengths and weaknesses Dont get chatty, but dont feel rushed Close your conversation by asking for their business card

53 Nervous? Having well-thought-out questions ready to ask can calm you. Puts the ball back in their court

54 When To Use Your Elevator Speech Career Fairs When responding to Tell me about yourself Informational Interviewing Networking Interviewing Happenstance meeting with a new person Any social situation

55 Invest in a Pad-Folio $10 - $50 Can Be Used At: Career Fairs Interviews Meetings Conferences

56 What to bring to the fair Mercer name badge & Mercer ID (Bearcard) Several crisp copies of your resume Enough for employers you want to speak to + 3 Extra copies cannot be made at an event Paper and pen Breath mints Reference sheet Lists at least three professional references See more info, include an example by clicking herehere Sample of your work (just in case, not reqd) Career portfolio Sample lesson plan Do Not Bring Large Tote Bags and Heavy Outerwear.

57 After the Fair Follow up with recruiters within 48 hours with a thank-you letter/ . See sample.See sample. Stay organized and keep track of who you spoke with, their contact information as well as materials you may have collected.

58 Student Login Link go to: ERCER P ROFESSIONAL. ORG View list of participating employers in your BEARlink account! Password for establishing a new BEARlink account: toby

59 To download this PowerPoint (to access live links) or to access other career related documents pertaining to the teaching profession, Go To: Click: Your Major Then Click:Education

60 To-Do List Mark your calendar for 2/13/14 -- MERCER TEACHER FAIR! Identify your teaching strengths…brainstorm and list them! Research prospective employers Draft your resume Draft your cover letter Get resume and cover letter critiqued Purchase an interview suit Identify your reference people and talk to them Polish your resume & cover letter and tailor to specific employer Complete and submit online employment applications Write your elevator speech Practice your elevator speech and handshake

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