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Quia Web. You can do all of the following with QUIA…

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1 Quia Web


3 You can do all of the following with QUIA…

4 Instructors get in the zone!

5 Create a class WebPage. Keep it simple… Or Jazz it up!

6 Create 16 types of games and learning activities including: MatchingJumbled Words ConcentrationOrdered List Word SearchPicture Perfect Flash CardsPop-Ups Challenge BoardScavenger Hunt ColumnsCloze HangmanRags to Riches PatternsBattleship

7 Matching

8 Lets look at a Matching example from Renton Technical College

9 Flash cards

10 Jane Vanderhill has also made a sample Flash Card set

11 Concentration

12 Jane has also made a Concentration game with the same wordlist

13 Word Search

14 Battleship

15 Challenge Board

16 Columns

17 Hangman

18 Patterns

19 Ordered list

20 Picture Perfect

21 Jumbled Words

22 Scavenger Hunt

23 Alice Keeler has also created a Scavenger Hunt

24 Pop-Ups

25 Cloze

26 Rags to Riches

27 Check out how Donna Palmer used the Rags to Riches program html

28 Here you will find a sampling of activities in more than 150 TOPICS! These activities have been created by Quia's subscribers. If you are a Quia subscriber, you may search through the entire collection of activities by keyword, category, or textbook. You can copy and customize them to suit your own needs, as well as add a few of your favorites for others to use! Quia Shared Activities Lets take a look!

29 Quia Shared Activities

30 Lets try it:

31 Other uses for Quia: Calendar Survey Tests

32 Maintain An Online Schedule & Calendar

33 Create a survey!

34 Quia Surveys used by Renton Technical College: html html html html

35 Multiple choiceFill-in True-falseInitial answer Pop-upShort answer Multiple correctEssay Create quizzes with 8 types of questions:

36 Quiz

37 Track Quiz Results

38 Question By Question Summary of Quiz Results

39 Student By Student Summary of Quiz Results

40 Question Details Report

41 How students access your activities

42 Students get in the zone!

43 Student Quiz Results

44 Detailed View With Teacher Comments!

45 To sign up for a free 30-day trial please visit

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