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Methods of Development Strategies for Relevance and Readability.

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1 Methods of Development Strategies for Relevance and Readability

2 Methods of Development Assist in organizing technical information appropriately for various purposes May be designed entirely to suit a particular audience and purpose –A definition, for example, may be different from that appearing in the dictionary if the class and differences used are more familiar or pertinent to the audience and purpose Help to keep entire documents relevant and readable

3 Three Classes of Methods of Development Definitions Within a Text Document-Length Definitions Research-Related Methods of Development

4 Part I: Definitions Within a Text Formal Sentence Definitions Informal Definitions Extended Definitions

5 Formal Sentence Definition {Term defined} is {class under which the thing may be included - genus} that or of {differences between the defined thing and the other things of the class - differentia} Some technical terms are formed this way –Linguitis is {an inflammation of the lining - itis} of {the tongue - lingua} For other terms, do not repeat any elements of the term in the definition –A file separator is a device that separates files

6 Informal Definition A noun phrase or other part of a sentence inserted in brackets after the term –Linguitis (an inflammation of the lining of the tongue) A formal definition without the elements that would make it a complete sentence

7 Extended Definition An entire paragraph devoted to defining a term First sentence - a formal sentence definition Succeeding sentences - appearance to the senses Last sentence or two - a list of essential parts and processes

8 Part II: Document-Length Definitions Descriptions Classifications/Divisions

9 Description An entire document devoted to defining a technical term Introduction = extended definition Body sections = descriptions of major parts or processes composed of paragraph extended definitions of minor parts or processes Conclusion = treatment of defined thing as a part of a wider phenomenon or process

10 Classification/Division Simultaneous definitions of higher- and lower-order groupings of technical objects of study –Although computer could be the object of a definition, so could personal computer, Macintosh, and iMac, for example Classification - from particular to general terms; division - from general to particular

11 Part III: Research-Related Methods of Development Analysis Comparison/Contrast Argument

12 Analysis Unlike definitions, an analysis seeks conclusions not already drawn or generally known about the object of study The points or criteria of an analysis answer a particular research purpose beyond general familiarity with the object of study Otherwise, analysis is similar to description –A critique is actually an analysis, in this sense, of anothers work

13 Comparison/Contrast Analysis : Comparison/Contrast :: Description : Classification/Division (sort of) A comparison/contrast analyzes more than one object of study with the application of the same criteria or points of analysis (also in the same order from one object to the next in the document)

14 Argument May or may not use any or all other methods of development Regardless of combination of methods of development used: –Begins each paragraph with a topic sentence –Derives main finding as a deductive inference from the combination of paragraph topic sentences

15 Conclusion The technique for creating definitions - classes and differences relevant to a documents audience and purpose - is common to all methods of development Every technical document as a whole is an argument Methods of development help documents to inform or persuade their readers and listeners

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