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(079) 2644 1396 (079) 6523 0227

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1 (079) 2644 1396 (079) 6523 0227


3 Employee Profile & Self Services Reports & Graphical Analysis Attendance capturing & Analysis Loan & Leave Management Dynamic Salary Structure PF, ESIC, TDS, PT, Gratuity, Factory Act calculation & Report Recruitment & Employee Track History Appraisal & Evaluation Analysis

4 Fully automated, hassle free and a complete suit of solution to provide HR policies and needs for your esteem organization. Just install the HRMS software on your companys server or a web server to setup an online HRMS system over the internet. All your branches, factories, sales offices, ware houses, projects etc. can work on the HRMS system. Multi level approval for different function or task, You can define users rights by standard functionality roll and roll wise rights can be pass to users group or rights can be pass individually. You can connect to HRMS any where from the word and apply for leaves, get online sanction leaves, email alerts for holiday, pay slip, interview call, joining alerts and SMS etc. Flexible method for salary calculation for regular employee, workers, daily wages or contract wages. Manage employees track from the time they are recruited till they leave the Organization, Graphical report for HR & management to view companys scenario. INTRODUCTION

5 Manpower planning and employee performance, Reduce the work load of HR, users, managers management in relation of HRMS. Interface with attendance machine, Flexible attendance input, Flexible pay structure, Shift duty, Over Time & C-Off management. Multi Level appraisal generation, One click Organization chart with employee profile status, Tour & Outdoor duty management. Function provides to export report or statement into Excel or PDF. Synapse Payroll & HRMS is a simple, effective, result oriented and flexible for an organizations needs. Easy to install, implement and understand by providing live training. INTRODUCTION

6 Approve for new job vacancy Publish advertise for vacancy Raise new job opening, vacancy Collect the resume Generate resume log for vacancy Pre pare & approve list for an interview Prepare schedule for an interview Schedule-1 Call for an interview as per schedule Schedule-2 Schedule-3 Interview Analysis, selection procedure Courier Consultant Email Web Server On Hold Selected Rejected Past carrier comment from staff member GoodBad Authority Offer for candidate Accept Joining Procedure Candidate Registration Training Other criteria Probation Job Confirmation Refused Promotion Increment Resignation Termination Retired Accept Not Accept Full & Final Job contin ue Human Resource Flow Diagram

7 ORGANIZATION CHART User can view organization chart by clicking one button and can highlight employee profile. ABC COMPANY LIMITED Organization Chart - 2011

8 1. Maintain branch wise Employee data with authorization level. 2. Flexibility to any number of Leave and Allowance details. 3. Leave Management. 4. On Duty & On Tour Management. 5. Capture data from any time attendance machine. 6. User can also manually enter attendance with authorization. 7. Dynamic Attendance Monitoring. 8. One click attendance generation. 9. Shift and W/off change. 10. Auto overtime and c-off calculation and authorization. 11. Maintain loan and advances. 12. Facility to add / deduct days in salary calculation. 13. Facility to adjust any extra addition or deduction in salary or calculate separately. 14. TDS Entry and its calculation. 15. One click Payroll generation. 16. Bank Statement to transfer salary to bank. HRMS FEATURES

9 17. Cash statement to give cheque or cash. 18. Employee can view daily attendance, leave balance, salary slip, on duty and on tour application. 19. Manage inter branch and department employee transfer. 20. Manage increment, promotion. 21. Facility to give aeries in salary from increment effective date. 22. Employee Sales & Self appraisal. 23. Employee evaluation with appraisal. 24. Career Progression Report. 25. Monthly Attendance Report. 26. Overtime Calculation Report. 27. Leave Balance Report. 28. Pay Slip Report. 29. Monthly Salary Register Report. 30. Comparative Salary statement for 2 months for each employee. 31. Employee wise yearly Salary Report. 32. Loan Statement Report. HRMS FEATURES

10 33. All Statutory Reports of Professional TAX, P.F., ESIC, Gratuity, Bonus, TDS, Labour Welfare. 34. All Statutory Reports as per Factory Act including CNV. 33. All challan reports in excel format for online return facility. 34. Branch, Department and Position wise employee requirement and its approval by authority. 35. Employee interview details with resume attachment facility. 36. Hiring Resource wise recruitment analysis Report. 37. Employee Attrition Report. 38. CTC Calculator. 39. Messenger for inter branch or department wise communication and File transfer. HRMS FEATURES

11 Server Requirements Intel® Xeon® 5410 (Quad Core), 2.33GHz & 12MB Cache, 333MHz FSB and 4GB RAM, 146GB SAS 15k rpm & 3.5" Hot Swap with windows 2003 server and latest service pack. Software Require on Server DOT NET Framework 3.5 with service pack, MS SQL 2008 Enterprise Server MS Office 2003 or 2007. and IE 8.0 Client PIV 2.6 GHZ or above, 1 GB RAM, Windows XP operating system and latest service pack. Software Require: IE 8.0 Development Tools and O.S. Software developed by using DOT.NET, MSSQL 2008 database, and Crystal Report 10.5. O.S must be Windows. TECHNICAL INFORMATION

12 Recruitment Generate job vacancy, Approval, Publishing advertise, Resume Log, Interview call schedule, Selection log, Offer generation, Recruitment procedure, Carrier track full & final settlements etc. Salary structure You can define your own salary structure for earning head and deduction head with calculation based formula such as PF, ESIC, PT, Gratuity, Bonus, Loan, TDS, Advance, Factory Act. Leaves Leaves can be organized by leave policy such as Leave application, Leave balance, Leave approval, Leave carry- forward, Leave cancellation, Leave encashment etc. Loan Loan can be define by Loan type master, Loan application, Loan approval, Loan payment, Loan recovery etc. Tour & Out-Door Duty Tour and out door duty claim can be organized as per defined organizations policy. FLEXIBLE FUNCTIONALITY

13 Manpower strengthManpower gender wise strength Department wise manpower GRAPHICAL INFORMATION ( Manpower )

14 Location wise salary expencesSix month salary analysis with last year Periodic attendance position GRAPHICAL INFORMATION ( Salary & Attendance )

15 HRMS SOFTWARE MENU ( Entry Level ) City, State, Department, Designation, Shift, Holiday, Leave, Allowance, Food Allowance, Employee, Templates Leave Application, On Duty, On Tour, Employee Time Entry, Daily Attendance Register, Shift / Weekly off Change, Over Time, C-Off Loan (Register, Skip/Modify Install), Salary Advance, Addition / Deduction, Employee TDS, Salary Adjustment, En-Cash Leave, Payroll Generation, Employee Transfer, Employee Increment, Full & Final Appraisal Setting, Sales (A B C D), Supervisor Evaluation (A B C D), Emp. Evolution (A B C D) Self ( A B C D Master Time Office Payroll Appraisal Recruitment Appraisal Setting, Sales (A B C D), Supervisor Evaluation (A B C D), Emp. Evolution (A B C D) Self ( A B C D

16 HRMS SOFTWARE MENU ( Report Level ) Time OfficePayroll Monthly Attendance Register Extra Hour Register Leave Card Leave Balance C-Off Records Monthly Shift Leave Application Employee I-Card Employee Att. Abstract Employee Time Change Employee Punch Card Pay Slip Salary Register Emp. wise Salary Statement Bank Statement Salary Bank Statement Over Time Loan Register Monthly Loan Register Advance Salary Register Branch wise Statement Employee Master Detail Employee Actual Salary Employee T.D.S. Templates Carrier Progression Report Yearly Loan Statement Professional Tax Details Labor Welfare Funds Form 5 Form 10 Statement Challan Form 12A Form 6A Form 7 Reconciliation of Remittance Account Register Nominee Form 2 Form 3A Provident Fund

17 HRMS SOFTWARE MENU ( Report Level ) ESIC Statement Challan Form 3 Form 6 Form 1 Form 7 ESIC Non Covered Employee ESIC Return Declaration Bonus Register Form C Form D Fines Overtime Register Accident Register Health Register Lime Washing Register Contractor Register Accident Form 21 Accident Report Form 14 Contractor Annual Return Leave With Wages Form 18 Consolidated Annual Return Accident Form 15 Accident Form 16 BonusFactory Act

18 HRMS SOFTWARE MENU ( Report Level ) C.N.V. Employee Education Pattern ER I ER II Notification Half Yearly Report Sales Appraisal Form Employee Performance Evaluation Superior Performance Evaluation Form F Payment Details Payment Summary Organization Chart Salary Analysis AppraisalGratuityMIS ( HR )

19 (079) 2644 1396 (079) 6523 0227

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